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  1. Invasion

    I agree pretty much with Lywar. High-level invasions, while they are fun for those who are able to fight in them, are just a nuisance for low-levels who cannot get their work done in the map where the invasion is occurring. (Although I have had a great time dodging chimmys in VotD and cyclops in the Gold Mine!) If there was an invasion in two places at once, low-levels like me could stand a chance fighting three wolves at a time in DP, while HLFs could be batting thirty chimerans at a time in GP. Everyone could take part in this kind of invasion, and newbies would be more excited about the game. Thumbs up to Gryflet for a great idea!
  2. Birthday contest

    67. Happy birthday from the Proud to be Guildless!
  3. The First Annual High Society Gala!

    I'll come if possible. This sounds like a really great event! Thumbs up to everyone involved! This would be an interesting idea…
  4. Quote of the week submissions

    I feel sorry for that poor bunny
  5. 2 new things

    I hope he meant that these would be like normal spells, in that you can't bypass required levels. Comment if I am wrong, please, Sir_Exeus. (Just a hint: you're gonna have a lot of angry players on your hands if you did not intend it this way!)
  6. 2 new things

    I agree with this, and am one of the people who really wants this to happen. There is a big opportunity in elemental spells, and other spell effects which may not be used just for fighting... But realistically there seems to be more important things the devs are working on at the mo (engineering/archery/c3). So lets just hope I agree completely with this post. But later, once most of the fuss over engineering and all the other new additions have died down, then the devs might look into some battle spells.
  7. ehhh ehhh Latex Gloves O.o

    I like it! I always thought it was a bit strange that you needed to wear leather gloves to harvest cactus, but not to mix it. (I'm not even gonna mention saltpeter.) This suggestion would make the game more realistic (although I don't know about the latex) and add another item for newbs to make. Of course, you could just stick with leather gloves, or "coated" leather, but, all in all, i think this is a nice suggestion.
  8. Things you hate!

    Stupid people. It covers a lot—from the politicians in charge of the country to the people you meet every day who cannot even think straight. It covers big corporations, drunken idiots, stuck-up morons, anybody who has played a part in war except for some honest soldiers, noobs who ask questions that you just answered, and all other manner of humans and sub-humans who think about things which they are far too stupid to attempt to comprehend. I do, however, admire those with ideas and intelligence who can hold an interesting, engaging, and funny conversation, as well as every single person who has really, truly changed the world for the better. And I guess I must say that I agree with pretty much everyone who has posted before me on this topic except for a few select people. Why is there not a "Things you love!" topic?
  9. The Impossible Quiz

    I can't pass that one, but I haven't tried very much.
  10. The Impossible Quiz

    And I'M stuck on lowly little 24.
  11. A few ideas

    Well, I searched and didn't see them previously mentioned, so here goes: Idea #1 After a long day of training, most people would get pretty tired. Maybe they just need to mix a few things together and talk with friends. My suggestion is that after training one skill for a while, levels start to go down a bit, and you have to do something else. In reality, people can't just do one thing for hours on end; their bodies get stressed and they have to relax. I know it's just a game, and it doesn't have to mirror reality, but I think it would be interesting. Idea #2 Imagine fighting a regular wolf, when suddenly a message appears on your screen. "You have been bitten by a werewolf." As soon as it became night, 3:30 ingame, say, you would take on the shape of a wolf, lose some of your a/d/p/c, get a red name, and lose control of your char until you attacked, maybe, five people. Then you become your regular self and are immune to werewolf-ness for the rest of the night. The chance for this would be very low, less than one in a million per hit. This could also work with vampires/undead. Idea #3 Why can't we make wooden handles out of logs? We could use a knife with a log and make one for manu/engineering exp. The knife would most likely be manu, made from a few metal bars and maybe something else. And pickaxes could be made from one pickaxe head (metal again) and a handle. I know some of these will be controversial, and might take a lot of programming, but please don't get rude about it. It's just an idea.
  12. A few ideas

    Did you use the "search" function, or just browse the titles of the first page? I used the search function; I never would do it any other way. Guess the keywords were a little off, or something like that. And even if it HAS been mentioned before, if nobody says it's a bad idea, it's sometimes okay to mentoin a different version of it again. Besides,
  13. What is your opinion about multiplaying?

    I voted NO. The Antisocial perk is one reason, server space is another, and morality is another. But most of all, it's the economy that I'm worried about. If everyone can make an alt, mule with it, train on it, and use it to level up their main char, it would hurt EVERYBODY. I understand that there are ways to circumvent the current ban, but as it is now, it's much harder to get away with it. Besides, I think a lot of the caring, helpful people, and the friends I've made, would leave the game. As would I.
  14. Post your T-shirt ideas!

    I'm using Firefox, but I still can't get any of the images. I do see all text, though.
  15. Strehgthen your weapons!

    This kind of thing has been suggested before, and I have never been opposed to it. However, HLFs keep complaining about how this will ruin PK—stronger weapons keep making it harder. Also, each unique item in storage takes up one slot, and fighters will have even fewer slots to spare. I would be fine with this idea only if it were changed so that the poison was a one-time thing; the stuff rubs off after you jab it into your enemy, right? Also, the price is waaaaay to high if it isn't permanent. Anyway, that's just my opinion. <edit> You seem to be ignoring my point about storage slots. If it is kept the way you suggested it, slots will be filled very quickly. In fact, it seems like every single idea I've seen in this forum that includes some way to make items more unique has been turned down for that reason or another. And as for the lightning, I think that that would be better as a spell. (I _know_ I'm a bit biased because I am a mage-in-training, but still...)
  16. City building

    I do not belong to a guild, and do not plan to. I would, however, want these things to be allowed to people in my position. I realize that not everything I ask for can be fufilled. I am just stating what I hope will be possible. 1. Being allowed to visit other people's maps. I understand if they will be like guild maps and are reserved for guildies only. I only ask this because I would like to see what kinds of maps others make. 2. Being able to edit my own maps. At the moment, the map editor is not available for Macs, and I am hopeful that this new attention toward city-building will put this closer to the top of the programmers' to-do lists. 3. Be able to own, not rent, a small map of my own, designed by me, for GC. Whether this will be allowed, I do not yet know. 4. Being able to edit the map (I'm not asking for harvables and spawns in my backyard) just changing the landscape and things like that. Whatever is possible, I won't complain. I will understand if none of these things is possible!
  17. Wild Dragon

    I love this! Added danger like this is always welcome! I have died several times to the drag, and I know how it feels to lose your precious items, but I still think it would be worth it for the adrenaline rush. Besides, its would encourage teamwork, with harvesters/whoever doing what they needed on the map and fighters protecting them. I am fervently hoping for the devs to consider this. And as for being common, it would be a pretty rare event, maybe once or twice every EL month? Enough to make people beware, but rare enough for people to go there a lot and run the risk. Oh, and it should be somewhere with no tele spells, telerings, #beam me, or anything of the kind to make it more risky. I am also considering sacrifices. Sacrifice a certain summoned (no stones) animal to the dragon, and it ignores you until it gets hungry again. This could add a reason for people to train summoning, a skill that I understand is not as practiced as some of the others are.
  18. Some of this I really like; I always thought that MP and magic levels should be more closely related, for example. But other parts like potioning/exp and crafting/research don't make much sense. The a/d should DEFINITELY not be implemented, imo, because it would help out high-leveled fighters even more. But some of it sounds good, and should be looked into.
  19. Lightning

    Interesting idea. The energy essences I especially like. Other ideas: It gives you back some mana (energizes your spirit, or something to that effect.) It allows you to cast some sort of lightning harm spell on someone. The same kind of thing could happen with radon puches; you get hit, you might be able to give someone radiation sickness. It paralyses you. You can't walk for a certain amount of time, although you can teleport, #beam me, and #suicide. This is a very intriguing idea, especially because it can happen to anyone on a rainy map, no matter what they are doing.
  20. Ring of WTF?!

    This is why I suggest a poll. I've heard opinons for this idea and against it. If it turns out that more people vote against it, then there's no chance of it being implemtented. And even more people vote for it than against, I realize it still might end up ingame. All I'm asking is that, if most people like it, that the devs would seriously consider it and think about the people who would actually use it. (And no, I'm just crazy by nature. None of that smeg for me, thank you!)
  21. Ring of WTF?!

    I think this is a really great idea, but it would need to have more doable and less negative effects. So many WTF?! ideas have been added that no one would really use it. It would probably work best if it were simply a combination of already existing features, plus a few easy-to-implement new things (ttlanhil's color change idea, for example, could be part of it.) The only problem with this ring is that there are so many impossible, though hilarious, possibilities that the devs would be unwilling to implement it. But why don't we have a poll or something to ask how many people would use it? I _know_ that this is a really old topic, but I love to revive things that I think could do with a little reviving.
  22. spell range

    I may be a bit biased, since I am training as a mage myself, but I think that spells should not require aiming. (Roleplay: The magic can find its way to the target no matter what is in the way, because the magic allows it to bypass physical constraints.) I also think that both range and potency should be affected by magic level. After all, a high leveled mage should learn how to send ranged spells farther than they would have on their first cast. And, to revisit an ancient argument, there needs, for mage characters to have any kind of power in fights, to be a way to break magic immunity. If this does not happen, mages will never be able to be viewed as equals by fighters, as all classes of players should be.
  23. A new spell

    There are two ways I could see this working: 1. The clones are illusions; they look like regular characters but they cannot fight. They are models that follow the leader and do what the leader does as far as wearing items is concerned, but not much else. They would have effects on them, such as appearing to be healed when the leader casts the "heal" spell, but they would serve only to confuse PKers about what to fight, not to fight for the leader. They might also act as 'pets' if they ended up this way. 2. The clones are real; you can fight them. They will vanish like summons if you kill them. If you walk onto a PK map surrounded by these clones, they could a) attack the first person in their viewing range, like regular summons, attack only if they have been attacked, or c) attack if they, another clone, or the leader has been attacked. They could be programmed to fight as a team or as separate entities. There is, however, a definite problem with this: two friends in warring guilds that duplicate themselves in a PVP arena for the EXP. Any suggestions for preventing this situation are welcome. This is just an idea for something that may or may not be implemented. You are welcome to look for mistakes in my ideas; I am still learning how everything works and fits together. So, watcha think?
  24. A new spell

    I think it's a good idea, but maybe it should act a bit more like a summon. It might actually be under the summon skill instead of being a spell. It may or may not lose health as time goes on, but there's always the remote heal/heal summoned spell. I am wondering, though, what would happen if two friends duplicated themselves just for the exp. Would there be a way to stop that?