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  1. more xp in magic school

    But what about the Tarsengaard Magic School? There are some monsters there, as well as a PK area. I wouldn't want to go in there without some HEs on me! But if that were true, magic would become a skill like all the rest. I prefer it being a more difficult skill than most, and, as a mage myself, I like being a maverick! > Unfortunately, I must agree that the magic schools at present are not very useful as far as exp is concerned. But I still enjoy them as places of mystery and beauty.
  2. Forum Section

    Here's my idea: Skills Fighting Mixing and Harvesting Magical (Magic and summoning Other (overlap, misc) Each skill could have subcategories, like armor or monsters under fighting. Great idea, Chosen!
  3. Esperanto medallion

    Good idea. We can call it the SuckUp med and it would work like this.. You're Anti and you put on the medallion, thus quelling the bodily odors that give you this unfortunate perk in the first place. You go up to the NPC and, though he seems to make a bit of a face when you come near, the trade is still successful. The same goes with other NPCs, though some of them actually ask you "Do you smell something?" But by now, your medallion's perfume is wearing down, and the next NPC you meet, a discerning female, realizes the nature of your disguise. "Get out of my shop, you stinking spawn of a half-troll!" she yells. And with that, she whacks you on the head with a frying pan and loots your unconscious body. I think it would be interesting if the medallion was made with 'perfume'. Perfume Mortar and Pestle Good-smelling flowers (type 1) Good-smelling flowers (type 2) Good-smelling flowers (type 3) And so on.. (I realize that this is a suggestion in itself, if the mods wish me to repost, I will.)
  4. Whats your reason?

    Draegox (dray-GOCKS) is my RP-type name and is not related to the following: Dragon, Draegoni, or any other dragon-related words! And my online name is Zyrxae (ZEER-ksay) because I like sound of it and because it's so strange that nobody else would take it.
  5. You know yoy play EL too much when...

    I was looking at this trivia thing of random questions and it said something about gnomes being guardians of metal deep inside the earth. My first thought was, "No, way, gnomes: 1) are engineers. 2) are NOT mythical. 3) make great roasts.
  6. Time Zones

    The title speaks for itself
  7. Esperanto medallion

    I like it, but only if the cooldown is pretty long. And if it isn't high-level, there is room for potential abuse
  8. Damage from Heat

    But I do agree that maps like DP should have some sort of heat damage. And, apparently, if the devs set the map heat damage to zero, people wearing heavy armor with negative heat protection would lose health. And, imho, they would deserve this small penalty, because I do not think that people should walk around wearing swords and armor everywhere!
  9. New use for leather boots

    Yep, nice idea, especially about needing soles.
  10. bear drop

    I really don't care if it's a drop or a bag; I just love the idea. It adds something to the game, and it's funny, too!
  11. P2p Races

    Cat People, Shadows (semitransparent), Snake People, Eagle People, Forest Dwellers, ect… Another neat thing would be a race of only one gender, like the Amazons. Only females could be those. ;D
  12. Who is your arch enemy?

    I do not like the fact that this (thread, forum, game, world, life, whatever!!!) is so full of hate. There is absolutely no player AT ALL in this game who I hate. People have been mean to me, insulted me, but I only feel sorry for them. But I do understand that this can never be a perfect world (which is a situation I would absolutely abhor anyways) and that people will be people. So I accept that people will hate each other and that wishing this were otherwise is foolish. So. I hate nobody. I pity those who hate. But I accept them and understand their hatred. And I am happy. And I am not Zen or something like that. I love gnomes. And I don't even mind markuswreck! And as for mother nature…WHAT KIND OF <insert profanity here> MOTHER IS SHE?!!
  13. Disclosure of the rate changes

    Exactly. This should be more about what people think things are worth, not what they are worth. The same happens to be true with the stock market in RL.
  14. Wands

    I did a search, but nothing turned up, so here goes… When the wand is equipped, it increases spell potency. It might (it's a suggestion, okay?) increase your magic level, or raise your ethereal points in some way (max or atm). I don't want to give numbers, because they would be disputed.
  15. Macintosh User Group [MUG] Client 1.3 Poll

    Hi, I'm draegox, I have an iMac G5 on OS 10.3.9, and a zillion thanks to 0ctane for allowing us Mac users to play such a great game.
  16. The EL Gala--Final Details!

    Wow! That was the best party I've ever been to in EL! I took plenty of pictures, especially of the fireworks. Here's the gala: a documentary on photobucket. Click Me to see the whole album.
  17. Virtue Points

    I am rather surprised that this has not been suggested yet, but here goes… Whenever you do a virtuous thing, like giving something away for free, you get a point. If you kill someone you lose two points. If you kill an animal, you lose one because they aren't human. Bots would probably count as people (merciless ant haters ) for programming reasons. And if you engage in combat with a player, but you don't kill them, you are okay. This may be difficult to implement, but PK points are here, so…who knows? P.S.: I realize some people will not like this idea. Just don't get very flamey or worked-up, please. tyvm.
  18. The First Annual High Society Gala!

    I checked the world clock, I think my math is right, but I wouldn't want to miss the gala just because of a timing mistake. CST (Midwestern North America)=1:00 to 4:00 PM. Correct?
  19. The Cadaver Calculater

    $5,700, but it'll obviously have changed by the time I die.
  20. High-perspective clickwalk

    I love this idea. I have frequently been annoyed by not being able to walk where I click, and I dearly hope the solution is implemented.
  21. Virtue Points

    No, there would be ways to prevent this sort of thing. Maybe the items would need to be of a certain value, to stop the n00b thing. As for the alt… I think this is a very interesting suggestion, especially the part with (honest) players awarding karma. This actually sounds better than my idea, as I will admit it has a lot of flaws. This is also thought-provoking. Maybe monster-slaying would not decrease karma (horrid beasts attacking villagers, ect.) And the part picking up drops, though possibly posing implementation challenges, is also very interesting. Although this idea isn't perfect, it is still somewhat of a possibility. I have heard some really great new takes on it that sound feasible indeed.
  22. Carry bag to raise capacity

    I actually love this idea, but… Search. Do you know how many times this has been suggested?! Again, I'm not saying it's a bad idea, just that a lot of people have suggested it before.
  23. The EL Gala--Final Details!

    So far there does not appear to be any schedule conflict, but I still am unsure whether or not I will be able to stay the entire time. I am willing to take screenies for when I am there, though.
  24. New Enterance :)

    Yes, but many of these kids, upon seeing that EL is so complex, will be discouraged and go off to play RunEscape or some other 'mindless' game. The ones who stick around are the ones that we want to stick around. IMO, IP is a great starting place. It keeps the more mature players in and turns many of the less mature players away. I think that most players would agree that this is a good system and does not need to be changed.
  25. Find Me contest

    Hmm.. 6 PM today? I hope to be there!