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  1. Newcomers, guilds and such..

    Isn't anybody realizing the degree to which this is turning into a flame war? Nobody's flaming, but I am seeing a lot of hatred and disgust around here. I'm no idealist, but please, can't people learn to live with opinions they don't share?! :/ Anyway, imho, if you want a change in the game, go for it! Don't you see people talking about all the changes ingame? If you want to have a small community of fun-loving players who understand this sort of thing, then make a whole guild of them! There's really a lot of great, kind, funny people in EL, and you only need to look around to find 'em. How is this not a community? It's a world we've all helped to shape, in all our own ways. We make friends, we fight, we share our stuff, we have all this in common. That's a community.
  2. I am always for more spells, and this seems like a great idea. (I am training to be a gray mage—a magic-user that can kill or heal in the blink of an eye—so I am especially interested in this sort of development.)But one thing I don't like about the current magic system is that all the high-level PKers can cast whatever spell they want; there's no choice to be made, no nexus to choose from, no attributes that boost a player's magical prowess. And in my humble opinion, that should change. And one more point about the magic stones, though: They need to be spells that you could cast on your own, that way a newb couldn't teleport to the Irilionian Portal Room whenever they wanted. But other than that, great idea!
  3. Good Comic

    VERY close to that line between funny and insulting, especially that one about Radu, but still on the laughter side. As they say, comedy is all about crossing that wiggly line between humor and rudeness..
  4. Waquan

    What about guildless people? Can they own/steal/enter other islands?
  5. Active Hyperbag "Treasure Hunts"

    Bagjumping is taking something that is in a bag you did not create. But There is nothing wrong with bagjumping, imho, if you don't know the owner.
  6. EL Premium Proxy

    Oh, okay. I didn't really get the whole proxy thing, I guess. So if I understand correctly, this also means that if there is a problem with the actual server, it won't help, right?
  7. Chat emoticons

    But I *like* things like ;p o> < :D 8) and such! It would take a lot of fun out of the game if we used forum smilies..
  8. El item stats

    101k?! How many of those are active within a given 72-hour period? Most people who are 'regular' players will have logged on in that time, I believe.
  9. How to make money

    I only make money when I really need it. More fun just to trade for stuff and sell only when you must. And please, if you want to be good at anything in life, you have to put a bit of effort into it. Money doesn't grow on trees, ripe for the picking. You have to mine the gold out of the ground and mold it.
  10. Wood Logs.

    It would be nice if all tools were moved under the engineering skill. (Mortar and Pestle stay under crafting because of their 'exceptional' ingredients, though.) I'd love to be able to make these kinds of things, but what would we cut them with? New item: Whittling Knife. (levels, igns, exp, knowledge, food goes here) Would be a good item
  11. Eternal Buzz

    What a great idea! I'll definitely listen in once it's completed. Just a few questions, though. How long will the show last? Five minutes, ten minutes, half-hour, hour? And will there be 'sections', like fighting, mixing, updates, developer stats, random people's PoV on the game? I can't wait to see, er, hear it!
  12. Hmm...It certainly would be interesting to harvest sap from trees, but I'm not sure if the game 'understands' the difference between a pine and a maple, eg. "You see a tree." But it would be really neat to be able to use pine sap as glue. {:DD
  13. Harry potter

    And I'm very glad she didn't. We already have too many good vs. evil stories, where the hero is a saint and can do nothing wrong. Grum the Brown - who likes the Harry Potter stories even though he's twice as old as the target audience and who'll now return to finish reading the Darksword trilogy. No, no. I didn't mean it that way. *knew someone would say this before she could edit her post.* I do, as a matter of fact, hate good vs evil stories. I don't even believe in good or evil! I love stories that make you think for a long time afterwards, about who is 'better' than whom, and whether an act should have been acted. And it doesn't need to be a violent story, either. In short, I don't like the Harry Potter books because it was just a story with semi-interesting characters and a very linear plot. Voldy kills Harry's parents, Harry grows up, Harry kills Voldy. Jeez.
  14. Pk maps not pk Oo?

    I love it, too! And it would make a lot more people use rings and ttpr spells. Maybe even ttr to get away from ebil PKers.. Funny, though. I heard rumors that this day was already implemented. Strange... Anyway, I love it!
  15. A very strange 'bug'

    For example: when I click the 'walk' button, the sigils window opens. I have managed to navigate a few maps this way, but it is not a pleasant experience. The problem seems to be this: wherever the mouse is moved, the game believes that I actually am trying to click somewhere to the right. I don't know if this is a client problem or what, but I do know that I have not modified the client. I'm not sure if I should try redownloading the client, or if the problem is in a preferences folder. Hmm...just found some sort of error log, here's what it says: Log started at 2007-08-21 08:06:56 localtime (CDT) [08:06:58] Error: Can't open file "./tmp/temp000.dat" [08:06:58] Error: Can't open file "commands.lst" Don't know if it means anything, but it's the only EL-related file that has been modified today (aside from the chat log, of course.) I don't think that the distance matters, I really have no idea what's going on. But it's gotta help to know that this is a mac problem. Thanks in advance for any help you can give me. <edit> Logged in later today, it works fine. Wonder what that was?
  16. If ur bored....

    It helps if you put you_are_lame_dot_com in the url. Back at ya, website! No, really, that should be one of the things it says: You put you_are_lame_dot_com in the URL to make you feel better.
  17. Harry potter

    I never really got why Harry was so much better that Voldemort. I mean, he curses people, he has lots of people willing to give their lives for him, he kills a man. Just because everyone thinks he's so great doesn't mean he is. I would personally prefer to see him die to Voldy and have everyone weeping over him. IMO, Rowling should have made more of a distinction between 'good' and 'evil'. Because that distinction really isn't there, I feel very little sympathy for Potter. And yet, this isn't a story that makes you wonder if Harry is better than Voldemort. You are just supposed to assume he is.
  18. EL Premium Proxy

    I'm worried about this game having too many servers. If there are a zillion servers like in many other games, people won't be able to see all their friends ingame. And one of the main reasons I play EL is because of its community. If only there was a way to allow people to talk to each other on different servers…*sighs* which is impossible.
  19. It's getting cold these days

    No, it was already forgotten before the came was created. Can't you see that the Isle itself is a forgotten memory? Anyway, it's probably my favorite map in the game.
  20. EMP weapon

    I love it. With a few tweaks, it won't kill PK at all. Destroying things like serps is an awful idea. But if it would just take away their magic, especially temporarily, most of us wouldn't have much of a problem. And likewise for other items (NMT-->temporarily generic cape, for example). Though that would be rather difficult to implement, it would definitely add to the game once it happened (assuming it would.) And as far as rostos are concerned, why not just make them into rocks? >
  21. P2p Races

    Well said Whoa, whoa. I did NOT mean anything about gender-based discrimination. They can be short, fat, old women who look like they can barely lift a sword! I'd love to see THAT ingame. But please just don't get the idea that I want hot-looking characters in EL. I don't.
  22. Multiplayer cheating

    The rules are there for a reason. So before you come and give us another idea about how to stop cheaters, please get a full translation and READ them. Thanks. :/
  23. Server down or my internet?

    So it started at about eight-thirty this morning and it's still going. Definitely not a server update. What could this possibly be that's blocking our dear server?! <
  24. Summoning

    Yes, I like it, but ONLY in the arenas. Most everything previously said about spam is true.
  25. Server down or my internet?

    Same here. No connection, but everything else looks all right. I'm guessing it's just an update.