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  1. unbanned me pls

    Beacuse he is my neighbour.....lol... And almost my the best friend.... HammerFall
  2. unbanned me pls

    Hi,I know one way if u can unbanned me. Deleted my all stuffs but nothing more ok? PLS. HammerFall
  3. unbanned me pls

    ohhhh im sorry i didnt know that was a rule im really sorry can i get him unlocked pls i will only use 1 char from now on i promise i honestly didnt know about the multi rule SORRY please
  4. unbanned me pls

    Listen,me pls. Aislinn Eternal Lands game is for funny and not for :'(. I'm very sorry what i did. And if u have just small,mall,small good, in ur body u will unbanned me:). It is long time what u banned my char. This long time change me,and now I'm good boy. And i realy please u,unbanned my char. If i will break the rulles,u can give me ban on all the time. But now I very please u,UNBANNED HammerFall PLEASE! Asislinn be nice pls:) HammerFall.
  5. unbanned me pls

    i dont have char hammerfall istn joskics char i am hammerfall and he is joskic we are just friends no,one player play with 2 chars pls give me last chance pls i will never dont do it again plsssss
  6. unbanned me pls

    But,hammerfall isnt joskic's char. pls unbanned me i will never dont do itnit nis long time when i did it and now i am really good boy:)
  7. unbanned me pls

    Please Unbanned me I will never dont play multi. pls trust me and pls unbanned me
  8. unbanned me pls

    Hi,I am HammerFall and i had ban,i played multi. But 2nd char what play multi too,is now unbanned. You forgot unbanned me. Pls unbanned me:) Thx. Ps:unbanned me:) Mr.HammerFall