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  1. Taking a vacation

    have a fun time in the old country!! wait a sec, kat's gonna borrow the car?!? i'm glad i'm not driving around there anytime soon....well, truth be told, i'm not driving anywhere, but i'm esp glad i wont be driving up there
  2. bagjumped by fire_ant

    i was mining coal in DP and hit a tele nexus...went to get back on my bag and he was already there. atfirst refused that the bag was even mine -,- then when i said i could prove it form logs, he got off but took picks, HE and some pots...no big deal, just wanted ppl to know, so they can be on their guard when he's around
  3. The gargoyle

    Great story! I saw only one teeny little problem...iirc, its King Vermor's crypt, in the bowels of vermor castle, not Lord Vermor's.
  4. Books: Demons Dont Dream

    I have all the xanth books, up to the dastard, and i agree, they started going downhill... anotherfairly good, pun-oreinted series is the Myth, Inc. collection...havent read any of the newer ones, but the first couple were pretty funny.
  5. Bob the Gob

    i've often told newbies in ch 1 that the gob who just killed him/her was named Bob, a poor, misunderstood goblin cursed to wander Portland. I'm working on a backstory for him, it'll be posted eventually (i'm having small porblems with POV, hold your horses ). that being said, i'm with those who prefer him to remain officially unnamed, but known as BoB the Gob to the community.
  6. The Pk'er

    both of your poems are quite good, but i think they'd fit better in the "Story and Ideas" section of the forum
  7. Do cloaks get destroyed?

    AFAIK, anything that is worn while fighting can be destroyed; armor, weapons (higher level ones degrade, first), medallions, cloaks/capes....

    actually, ratioanlity is what is important, not will :-P there ARE some ppl who have put pp into reasoning...
  9. The Gems of Destiny

    ((what happened, everyone lose interest? well, once more into the breach....)) As the group set out, Regar watched the skies. He wished he could've shown the bandit's note to Kat or Nicae before they had left, but he'd try to do so on the journey. I still can't believe a griffen rider attacked us. Griffens are usually ridden by goodly folk and that rider... Regar shuddered. There was nothing good about him. And yet his armor looked very familiar. Where have i seen that style before? Regar watches the sky as he rides, yet also maintains a wary watch on the woods. the gargoyles may be stone right now, but theres no guarantee we're safe...
  10. new armor

    :looks around for a bawwel: and they don't look like mohawks, they simply look like horse-hair helms, typical, as has been mentioned, of many greco-roman forces, eg. spartans, greeks, and legionaires. i feel they fit with the game quite fine, since most of Irilion is basically an empire, or has been (read the storylines, specifially the founding of Sedicolis ;-)...the "new" armor could simply just be new to Seridia, they're old hat back in Idaloran
  11. xfire

    AMEN! i'd love to see EL on xfire...
  12. Your perks

    I have no perks; at one point I had MM, ICD, exc, and godless. I reset over a yr ago to get rid of them all and I've refused to succumb to the temptation to get any since
  13. New manufacturable weapons coming today

    :hides his thermal behind his back: umm, that's not what they're meant for? j/k buying mine was JusT a way to support the game and its mainly used for screenies
  14. crosis

    my items were returned, when they logged back on.
  15. Connection Problems

    :goes to sleep: i'll check on any damage when I wake up g'nite all!