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  1. Quote of the week submissions

    Haha awesome
  2. iPad/iPhone port request

    I must say, I recently purchased an iPod touch and I am really amazed by the 3d graphics and games that are available on it, and with the speed that they respond. I keep looking at all these different games, but I keep looking for one exactly like EL but it's not there With features like pinch zooming in and out, I think the smaller features such as chat would not be much of a problem to see, although from my understanding it might be easier to do the top down approach. I think in the long run though it would be very benificial to the EL brick economy, imaging buying some rosts or a thermal serp with your iTunes card - it would make it a lot easier for some people to be able to spend the RL $ on shop items available in game. I do see how it would require an initial investment for development, but the market available I think would make it worth the effort, and hands down it would beat any of the current games available for the iPod/iPad. That being said, I just reached 100 days smoke free, but am moving into a nicer house so haven't been on much, but I should be back and hopefully making some contributions in the very near future
  3. Contest, win 60 phoenix glyphs

    I started with the wrong side of the C2 map looks like :)
  4. Lower manu items sink

    Good question, I might add Tit Short Swords
  5. The Heath Care Bill

    haha welcome to Canada, you thought it was going to be the Amero for currency? no it will be the Wooden Canuck coin of even less value then your gold, no wait, silver, no wait, tinfoil coins that you can redeem for how much gold? none? Welcome to communism, only a bad word in the USA because they wanted it to be a bad word don't like that? ok call it socialism then like the EU, enjoy Audit the fed even? why? what they sell has no value either, not even 99.999% pure gold anymore, expensive spraypaint though... It only has value if you recognise it as such. And why does gold have such high value anyway? it's really not that usefull, just shiny... try oil/plastic if you want a commodity, or even mercury
  6. Itm Lst Function

    Indeed, I have especially been looking forward to this feature, and really like Bluaps interpretation of it, hoping it was just 'forgotten' maybe?
  7. God Theory

    Serious cat says that I am god. Prove serious cat wrong.
  8. Screenshot Thread

    Ohh shiny I want one
  9. AFK Fighting

    I always thought AFK fighting was against the rules, don't remember which one but I'll log on to see if I can find it. Edit: It looks like I misunderstood the details on AFK fighting. So not especially against the rules, I guess it falls more under the category of 'Community Rules' like bagjumping and spawn serping. In that case I would have to agree with Gilrain, if they are obviously afk just take the spawn. At times like that it makes you wish you could heal the mob still Edit: actually, sounds like you can heal the mob if you haven't attacked it or something to that effect, time for some more research
  10. I'm pretty sure the 'Rock Problem' pre-dates the 'Bot Problem' although for me personally all the bots there in their current locations hasn't seemed to be any inconvenience to me. In fact I find it handy as I play the pricing game with more distant bots a lot. Location, location, location
  11. its 2010 !

    Holy cow! It's 2010? when did this happen, why wasn't I notified?!
  12. I think I remember this being suggested years ago, don't recall why it didn't go through, maybe god modes looking above and laughing everytime someone starts to go through then the bear blocks the path over and over that's what I'd do with god mode anyway Edit: and yes I am easily amused
  13. PK server chars that are not being used

    Since this thread did seem to go off topic I'll use this one to thank you and leave the other one clear, I think the alt I had was named Orange, I still haven't been able to recall the password yet, but once I do figure it out again, I'll post in your other thread that it is available for donation to this cause
  14. I Summoned

    Wow 110 summoning, that is quite the achievement! gratz!