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  1. Current CVS errors

    Absolutely. I'd prefer this were to happen. -DNEW_FILE_IO was the cause of many problems, and for some reason it was not commented in make.defaults, which meant I wasn't aware I was compiling the client with it. Serious PITA.
  2. Current CVS errors

    My my, some serious issues compiling today... elconfig.c: In function ‘read_el_ini’: elconfig.c:1632: error: ‘fname’ undeclared (first use in this function) elconfig.c:1632: error: (Each undeclared identifier is reported only once elconfig.c:1632: error: for each function it appears in.) make: *** [elconfig.o] Error 1 Commenting that line fixes it. reflection.c: In function ‘draw_lake_tiles’: reflection.c:846: error: ‘blend_vec’ undeclared (first use in this function) reflection.c:846: error: (Each undeclared identifier is reported only once reflection.c:846: error: for each function it appears in.) reflection.c:917: error: expected expression before ‘else’ reflection.c:1160: error: expected declaration or statement at end of input reflection.c:703: warning: unused variable ‘cur_shader’ reflection.c:701: warning: unused variable ‘noise_scale’ make: *** [reflection.o] Error 1 Commenting the line helped, again. framebuffer.o: In function `make_color_framebuffer': /home/alex/el2_cvs/elc/framebuffer.c:303: undefined reference to `check_formats' reflection.o: In function `display_3d_reflection': /home/alex/el2_cvs/elc/reflection.c:528: undefined reference to `water_shader_quality' /home/alex/el2_cvs/elc/reflection.c:579: undefined reference to `water_shader_quality' reflection.o: In function `blend_reflection_fog': /home/alex/el2_cvs/elc/reflection.c:602: undefined reference to `water_shader_quality' update.o: In function `init_update': /home/alex/el2_cvs/elc/update.c:59: undefined reference to `file_update_clear_old' collect2: ld returned 1 exit status make: *** [el.x86.linux.bin] Error 1 No idea with this one. I had to initially disable NEW_FILE_IO, USE_SHADER and USE_TR1 because they were just a serious pain in the arse - errors all over the place. Reverting to cvs from 10 years ago, just to be safe...
  3. EL notepad

    Well, with the features of Office 2.0 ... Heh, indeed. I'm not sure I use even half of the features of Office when I use it. Text formating and perhaps the odd table and a architecture diagram at the most. Docs provides the the majority of that.
  4. Change Windows on top behaviour?

    Please read me properly. I did not say use another shortcut, I said a shortcut that when pressed twice would show the previously hidden windows again (that were hidden using the combo the first time). And yes, I meant ALT+D.
  5. EL notepad

    lol no But I like much what Google do Lots do. Google Docs is very good - especially the collaborative aspects. It's bizarre how well it all works; more reliable than Word IMO.
  6. Change Windows on top behaviour?

    I don't care, to be honest, but i'm sure i'm right Yeah, fair enough. Personally, i'm not sure it's the greatest idea to mix functionality like that - consistency makes sense to me. What might be nice however, is to have a key combination much like that of CTRL+D (hide all windows) that when pressed a second time would show the windows again. This would provide the functionality you're after, with the ease of continuing your original task once you've done what you need with the tab map.
  7. EL notepad

    Your name in RL is Sergey Brin, isn't it?
  8. Word-wrapping label

    Just in case: are you aware there is already the ability to filter marks in the tab map? If not, press CTRL+F and whilst in map-view and type some text.
  9. Change Windows on top behaviour?

    ... I don't think that misses the point. In fact, it's a direct answer - he gave a use for using windows while looking at the map. Anyhow, this should really be in suggestions - it's not directly related to programming, merely a suggestion.
  10. Today is a very sad day

    Damn that's a sad thing to lose...anyone have a Windoesn't box that comes remotely close to that sort of uptime? According to Wikipedia, the record uptime is: "The Uptime-Project, until 1st March 2007, collected data on uptimes from users, and the current record for longest uptime is 6 years, 98 days, 12 hours, 6 minutes and 44 seconds on a computer running SunOS 5.6." Out of interest, what are the specs of your LFS box (including kernel etc)?
  11. Desktop Pics!

    Here's a video of my desktop running Beryl: beplacid.com. I was so impressed with it, I actually blogged about it.
  12. Notepad

    This happened to me too, and it's been like that for a while. I'll post a screenie later on if one isn't provided (or if it's needed).
  13. When I started to play EL ...

    Oh I forgot...Newbie island \o/
  14. Significent other

    I'd suggest discussing this with Soldus or Aislinn ingame, especially when you're both online ingame - use #help_me.
  15. Meep_Meep goes Commercial Free

    And there's Scarr worrying about the reasons Meep_Meep wouldn't talk to him...
  16. Significent other

    POT. KETTLE. BLACK. Cilestiel: you have to be able to prove you're two people playing different clients at the same time. It's legal to play as you suggest, but be aware that you might be questioned from time to time
  17. When I started to play EL ...

    First or second client update was map walking...'nuff said.
  18. Linux Map Editor

    The Windows Map Editor has worked for me fine under AMD64 & Linux with Wine. Give that a try, not sure how successful it is with creating full-blown maps, but it at least runs.
  19. EL Network Protocol Documentation

    Great, thanks. We're in need of server to client messages so if you're able to do this i'd be grateful. I've also updated the Item Image IDs article to reflect the new items. Cheers!
  20. The Minimap

    It's because in key.ini, the mapping is to LCTRL (left control) m and not RCTRL m.
  21. Windows Compilation Guide

    Thanks for that Emajekral. I've now added the following to the server that were previously not available: png picture format library jpeg picture format library SDL image support SDL network support OpenAL sound library OpenAL sound library utilities glext.h
  22. Windows Compilation Guide

    Emajekral, could you please update the links in that post to point to http://el.beplacid.com/dev/win-libs as opposed to http://beplacid.com/~placid/elc-dev/win-libs? I've asked previously but nothing was changed, i'd like to clean up ~/ on my server but don't want 404s for those trying to download the Windows development libs.
  23. Laptop freeze when i open EL after update

    Considering you've done everything people have suggested, i'd be inclined to think it's an overheating issue. You may want to try other games and/or get your laptop looked at by someone who knows hardware (i'd suggesting going to a private PC repair shop).
  24. Lost no items when not useing rosto

    Yes, Monday or Tuesday IIRC.
  25. New Client

    Try enabling #poor_man in el.ini. Also, are there any errors in error_log.txt?