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  1. Disclosure of the rate changes

    Not voting, I don't think it matters. The issue is not whether people keep them because there might be fluctuations in the market, it's the game mechanics that allow them to do so. Generation of such rare items should be dependent on how many are in the game globally, and then on random factors. Fix that, and you won't need to disclose this information. Edit; i'm grammar obsessed.
  2. EL not running on Mandriva Linux

    Do what Grum said, I don't use KDE. FYI, `cd directory` is a command in a shell (like cmd/Command Prompt on Windows) to change directory, in EL's case, you would `cd el_install` if you downloaded and extracted 'el_linux_install.zip'. 'chmod' is a command to change file access permissions. In the above case `chmod +x el.x86.linux.bin` would give executable permissions to el.x86.linux.bin (which is the EL binary).
  3. EL not running on Mandriva Linux

    Have you extracted the download somewhere? If so, change to the directory in a shell (cd directory_name) and chmod +x el.x86.linux.bin If you don't know WTF any of this means, say so.
  4. Time Zones

    Actually, you're living in GMT+1 now, aren't you?
  5. What was your first guild?

    I think it might've been before that?
  6. What was your first guild?

    I briefly joined 'GOD' (I think that was its name), and then left them for LNX, and have been in there ever since....
  7. Selection in text_field

    Bug! (Or just a limitation/shit feature of the EL widgets/windowing code) In console mode, open the Encyclopedia (CTRL+E). With the mouse over the ency. window, click and drag (like you were selecting text in the enyc.); and move the mouse cursor (whilst still dragging) outside of encyc. window, over the console text and watch as you highlight the text under the window (you can also drag back over the ency. window)! HTH!
  8. Current CVS errors

    Those variables are exported in sky.h, a new file. Please check that it's there, and that your makefile includes it, and your global.h includes it (the .o and .h, respectively). Unless you've edited either of these files, it should be happening already. The C option to cvs forces overwrite of locally modified files (with clean copies from the repository). So even if they were changed by me, it wouldn't matter. After another `cvs up -dPCA` and using the repo's Makefile, i've successfully compiled. Thanks for the suggestions. Edit Holy crap, FPV & the Sky rocks!
  9. Current CVS errors

    After a `cvs up -dPCA` yesterday and a `cvs up -d` today, I receive these errors when SKY_FPV_CURSOR is enabled in make.conf. It doesn't happen when it's disabled/commented out - client compiles cleanly. Compile options:
  10. A great person...

    Some how the use of the acronym 'BJ' didn't seem right there. Congrats to you, however.
  11. Some pics of "cute Knut"

    'kutn'? What's wrong with that?...
  12. Couldn't you disable the ability (clientside) to map walk on maps that loads the defaultmap.bmp? That way both sides of this argument are catered for
  13. Are you on crack? Sage_Of_Heroes: as Piper suggested, update your graphics drivers. If this doesn't help, try enabling poor_man in el.ini (which is located in the Eternal Lands installation folder, usually C:\Program Files\Eternal Lands on Windows).
  14. Help me with your knowledge :)

    Other: buy either and install Linux
  15. Old style PK vote

    Voted for SK and 1 second cooldown. I don't think it makes the slightest bit of sense to use two different systems. As for the choice of map, I like SK as a map and it's relatively close to storage (DP and Nordcarn). May cause issues for those wishing to train in Carmien Manor though, which is why i'm happy with SK or RoT. EDIT Isn't there a quest that uses RoT or the outer map as the location for one of its tasks?
  16. got killed by nothing?

  17. God Mode'd Mortos should not PK anymore

    Get over it, it's a spelling mistake Anyhow, it's easy to make mistakes in such a situation. Running invasions is not easy. What with running commands, replying to PMs, teleporting and attempting to Roleplay, and anything else that comes along. Whilst I think Entropy definitely made the right decision on this, I can sympathise with those involved. All's well that ends well [EDIT] Grammar >.<
  18. Client crash using Ubuntu

    Update your drivers too...
  19. question about floating xp pts

    Any of this related to the increased zoom out boundary? I noticed from CVS a day or two ago that you can zoom much further out now...
  20. PK points

    I meant it's just a little too clinical that's all. Players viewing a text file for something related in-game? It just isn't very game-like. Hopefully this would be a limited exploit with diminishing returns. As they hack away at the fallguy, their "PK points" increase, while the fallguys' decrease; so the gain each kill decreases. With several characters using the same fallguy, he will gain negative PK value faster then each "trainer" gains postive PK (assuming this is still approximately a zero-sum game). Since the fallguy spends more time fighting (and dying) he may gain A/D faster than the other characters (assuming this is all they are doing), which may partially offset his negative PK points when combat rating is used. This needs to be considered when formulating the system. You have me convinced
  21. PK points

    You have to be joking. People checking a text file for something totally ingame related?! Talk about ruin the atmosphere! Makes a lot of sense to me, except couldn't those with lower A/D just abuse the system as much as those could with higher A/D on the symmetrical system - Someone with higher A/D stays as the fall guy whilst the newbs hack away for ages? - or is that not possible? I think it's important to understand that you'll never get a failsafe system, free from abuse. It might be easier to allow some abuses and leave it up to the community to deal with it?
  22. PK points

    What about a title system too? 10 PK Points = "Chancer Placid" 20 PK Points = "Brute Placid" 40 PK Points = "Assassin Placid" 80 PK Points = "Executioner Placid" etc. (OK, this idea was lifted wholesale from Anarchy Online, but believe me it's an addictive system...)
  23. Change Windows on top behaviour?

    You and me both... I very much doubt ALT+W was here when I started playing. Furthermore, lots of the shortcuts are badly documented, so it's really just a matter of knowing where to look, not necessarily playing for x years. Who said it was a big problem? Not me...Day in day out I have to deal with the user-developer perspective, and I think if you were to read the majority of my posts from the past, you'll see that i've remained impartial and as objective as possible. WTF are you talking about? You asked for opinions, and I gave you mine. WTF do you want me to say? "Ohh your idea's great, here have a cookie!" even though I don't think so? Again: you asked for opinions, so I gave you mine. Look: I don't think it makes sense to change the windows-on-top behaviour just for the map. I think it'd be nice to have a tooltip or another way of notifying the user (perhaps even a button) how they can 'hide windows'. However, I don't like your suggestion, but that's just me. Anyhow, what i'm saying has very little bearing on the final decision. So instead of taking my negativity to heart, just tally it on the 'Against' column and continue - OK? I will not post any further on this subject, thanks for reading. Love you.
  24. Pawn scripts

    Don't start that argument. You could say the same for Python and loads of other scripting languages. The server uses PAWN for its scripting too, so it makes sense to keep it the same.
  25. Change Windows on top behaviour?

    I agree it's not a big problem (it never was), but: And 95% of the time the spot you want to click on the map is covered when having storage, inventory and mix window open, therefore it renders the map pretty useless in that configuration. This is more a question of principles if double alt-d works; I am pretty sure that only a minority of EL users know about that shortcut, but it will lessen the effort for those who know considerably. After getting used to using ALT+W (which is what i've been looking for now for a while), I can't see why your suggestion would be worth it at all. People can just use ALT+W, no?