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  1. blast from the past!

    LOL Roja that ghost thingy rules, I want one.
  2. http://valleywag.com/tech/breakdowns/a-dru...bout-282021.php Yeah I found the above link via ./.. Rumour has it a drunk idiot went berserk, but apparently that's not true. Sites such as Technorati and LiveJournal's blogging were affected. Entropy: you posted the wrong link, it seems
  3. Yeah i'm with you on this. Entropy specifically said: (emphasis mine) The bolded section is the important part here. Your post is implying that the link documents a 'big site' had a power outage, however it does nothing of the sort - just explains how RedEnvelope use 365 main for their datacentres and how they've had 2 years 100% uptime.
  4. joker

    In the (nearly) four years i've been involved in this game, I have never found joker. I almost found him once when I was annoying scarr in RoT whilst he was training on Chims, but scarr stole it
  5. Shop closed between July 26 and August 10

    I sure as hell will. CAN U GET ME SUM RITALIN PLZ!!11?
  6. can you do this little test for me plz

    I managed to click the buttons that were moving but nothing happened
  7. harvestor med test

    I think the profit margin is proportional to the harvester's level and choice of item harvested.
  8. Disclosure of the rate changes

    Prices are fixed by the NPC buy/sell prices. Set an NPC buy price and nobody sells for less than that. Set an NPC sell price and nobody sells for more than that. It's not very hard to fix prices in this game. The reason there has been such bad deflation is because we have more items coming in than gold coins. I rest my case.
  9. do you harvest dung?

    It took me 3 minutes and 6 seconds to harvest one dung Tree Mushrooms it is
  10. Client crash using Ubuntu

    What version drivers are you running and how did you install and update them?
  11. Weep with me, O Draia!

    LOL nicely put. Good luck!
  12. Current CVS errors

    It should be fixed now. Thanks for reporting. :-) All works, cheers!
  13. Disclosure of the rate changes

    People have totally missed my point with regards to a dynamic system controlling item input (I probably should've been clearer). I didn't mean it JUST for rare items, I intended it for all types - rare or not. More importantly are the harvestable items that shouldn't be unlimited in supply. Having an unlimited supply of flowers, ores and other 'harvestable' items is perhaps the root cause of this all. I'd very much like to see this change, and see how it affects the market (and indeed make the game more enjoyable).
  14. Selection in text_field

    I was going to let you do that, until I just used text highlighting in the notepad and because of the (awful) mouse-over handling of widget focus, it is even more apparent :| Sorry, but it's kinda nasty to use right now... EDIT; grammar...
  15. Disclosure of the rate changes

    How is that going to help?It'll make the numbers more appropriate. Compare number of EFE that would be in-game if it was based on the number of total accounts, vs if it were based on the number of accounts that are being played at least once a week.While the lower level players may produce a number of EFE, they aren't going to be (or shouldn't be, considering the people who've used iron plate to hunt beavers and such) the people who consume them (as the mixer or user of the item). When you want to consider how many people are likely to use something, you have to exclude those who won't from the total set To me, that just sounds like making the maximum amount available equal to the amount of active players.
  16. Disclosure of the rate changes

    How is that going to help?
  17. Disclosure of the rate changes

    Remember the global limits would be on all things. Harvesting resources would be limited too, so in the end, people would be forced to trade. I also think it's highly unlikely that people would be successful in doing this, as not everyone sells their EFEs or enrichment stones - although i'm well aware of the fact that if something can be abused, it almost certainly will.
  18. Current CVS errors

    I can confirm this. I've noticed it for a while - teleport effects work, but restoration doesn't. IIRC, it happened around the time SKY_FPV_CURSOR was first implement and I managed to get it to compile.
  19. Who is your arch enemy?

    My enemies are scarr, MN and Walt_Her. xD
  20. Disclosure of the rate changes

    I think the optimal amount of a particular item is proportionate to its uses. EFEs can be used in many more situations compared to a Nexi Removal Stone. Could uses (literally meaning, the amount of recipes/formulas it is used in) be factored in to Trollson's formula?
  21. Disclosure of the rate changes

    I don't know what the server's capable of. If you can obtain the CURRENT_ITEM_COUNT from recent creations (a period of say, the last week at runtime), then perhaps you have a fair way of identifying that value. In my post, I assumed that MAX_ITEM_COUNT would be the count of ALL instances of that particular item in-game (not so good, as it would include those from inactive players) If you don't like this, can you tell us what the server's capable of (either now or with changes) with regards to counting items, so we can get an accurate take on things?
  22. Disclosure of the rate changes

    LOL, I had a chat with Trollson, so here goes: chance = (item.MAX_ITEM_COUNT - item.CURRENT_ITEM_COUNT)/item.MAX_ITEM_COUNT if(chance > 0) chance = chance * rand() Example: chance = (10000 - 9050)/10000 (chance is 0.95, i.e. very high) is chance > 0? chance = 0.95 * 1.435362 chance is 0.13635939 (i.e. very low) Probably too basic, but it gives a general idea.
  23. Disclosure of the rate changes

    And perhaps you will be kind enough to provide a formula for their rarity? Hmm, i'm not a mathematician nor am I a statistics guru. I suggest you speak to Trollson, whose excellent suggestions are too often ignored. I'll give it a try though: I know there are others who could give a more accurate view of how it should work, so I think it should be those who write it
  24. Disclosure of the rate changes

    The 'global maximum' value would determine the rarity of an item, which would also need adjustment to ensure fairness, so unless this is changeable at runtime, it would probably need server updates too. Their accounts should be pruned after a certain amount of time. Also, storage shouldn't be so guaranteed. Item theft, rotting and perhaps even taxation (yeah i'm British - sue me) should weigh in on Storages, to act as a sink for items. If you have to pay, it means you have to play, which means those who leave would lose their items too...