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  1. Python Binding

    What protocol issues are you having?
  2. Do you know your blades?

    I got 8, but I guessed all but two. Gandalf's sword (whose name I didn't know entirely, just seeing the name) and Excalibur. Edit: 4 hours sleep is not good >.<
  3. Multiplayer cheating

    I can't believe this suggestion has been taken so seriously. It's fundamentally flawed.
  4. Desktop Pics!

    I think I may have less clutter: That's dwm running with a slightly modified configuration and default colour scheme. Though you can't see them, Firefox is running maximized under the 'web' tag and Pidgin IM is running on #rubinius (floating instead of tiled) under the 'chat' tag. Though it's not very pretty, and doesn't support some of the rarer atoms some clients tend to request, it's a godsend for development, especially debugging (in this case, rubinius), and saves me a _lot_ of hunting around for windows when I need a manpage, gdb session, and a split vim session running to refer to at the same time. Of course, I fire up Openbox 3 instead if I feel like playing games, or sometimes just run them in floating mode instead. How similar is dwm to wmii? WMII is great for Vi addicts (such as myself), although I love & prefer XFCE4 and use it on any PC I own.
  5. Multiplayer cheating

    Yes, that's right. Everyone who finds faults in your suggestion is a cheater
  6. Multiplayer cheating

    I must be very tired, very stupid or neither of those. WTF? Where would this list be defined? At which point would it be queried? OS level or Application level? (best have good reasons for the latter) How would this stop users on more than one machine? I can't begin to comprehend how bizarre this suggestion is.
  7. Get out the vote!

    I don't see how that shows evidence google is still using the meta tags? All the keywords you gave can be found on those pages in the text. Google do use the Meta tags, but they're a very small factor in their ranking system. In fact, they're read more for robots.txt-esque control of what's indexed. Read Google Webmaster Guidelines for more information.
  8. Help me compile the client!

    http://el.beplacid.com/dev/win-libs/ now provides the above DevPaks.
  9. Do you forget to harvest?

    There's a client feature for this, ya know...
  10. Vacation

    Durka durka!
  11. Possible fix for mouse click away bug

    Thanks, he bug seems to be fixed my end. Although i'm still having to press CTRL twice when trying to CTRL+CLICK (drop all) from the quickbar. Is this related?
  12. Skybox discussion

    If 'snap back' were configurable, it'd cater for those who want my previously described functionality (highly annoying to me). Mouse-grab is just being anal, this isn't Google Maps
  13. Skybox discussion

    Uhm. Do you mean ctrl+o->sky&cam->follow camera? I know it needs tuning and you have to play with the numbers, but it generally works (when in follow cam mode, spinning camera adjusts the offset from forwards of your character, which may be unintuitive to players for a while, but is useful) Sorry, I meant "Follow Camera". As for the rest of what you said, please read me again. I was referring to a 'snap back' ability, that centres back behind the character after you've let go of the middle mouse button to rotate the camera. That way, you can see alternative views, and not have to worry about readjusting the camera to work with 'Follow Cam'.
  14. Skybox discussion

    I stopped using FPV after I was sick of wanting to use the keyboard. Click movement is age-old as it is - it'd be really nice to have freeform movement using the keyboard instead of click-click-click-click, crap missed the rabbit, click-click-click...I won't go into that here though What I did notice with 'Follow Cursor', is the need for it to have a 'snap back' option, that allows the player to move/rotate the camera without having to readjust the view to behind the character (as it'll automatically move back to the back-view). Otherwise, you end up clicking to move instead of rotating the camera because you don't want to have to keep readjusting the view to behind the char... (Well, at least I do...)
  15. You can select the video mode & resolution in EL.ini. Perhaps enabling poor_man, as well as ensuring the data_dir is set correctly; is the first place to start.
  16. Garage sale

    I buy da thred plz
  17. joker

    I can't be arsed to reply.
  18. Do you mean a flaming ass? 'Arse' please, you're British!
  19. can you do this little test for me plz

    I prefer to be more rational. I know i'm a winner.
  20. Operating System

    LOL, cutting edge! I'm on Debian Etch and Ubuntu Feisty here on two separate PCs.
  21. Possible fix for mouse click away bug

    I've been fighting with this too. Since I play with EL displayed in a window (non-fullscreen) I frequently have to move the mouse out of the client and back in to get it to actually take focus. So far, the problem only manifests with the EL client. Using bluap's steps I can reproduce this 100% of the time. Running: Debian Etch, with Openbox v3.2 as my window manager. I've been getting this too! I thought it might be just me (drivers etc), but i'm glad i'm not the only one. Whenever I alt-tab out of the client (I run it in windowed mode), moving I have to hover over something outside EL (such as the XFCE taskbar) to gain mouse control in EL (funnily enough, I can still see the animated X when clicking to move, but no movement)...
  22. Neighbouring rooms on inside maps

    Grum, I logged out in EVTR, so the crash I was receiving could be just the same as Florian's. I'll recompile and logout somewhere else.
  23. LOL I knew I was right And the correct link was?
  24. No, he didn't, read over it again I see nothing on Ent's link (http://www.earthtimes.org/articles/show/news_press_release,144666.shtml) that talks of the datacentre losing power.
  25. Neighbouring rooms on inside maps

    Segfault :\ Right after login, on map load (progress bar reaches ~90%) the following happens: I'm not posting the whole lot because it's huge. Tell me if you need more and i'll post the whole lot. Compile options are: FEATURES += AFK_FIX # fixes afk messages to count only PM's, and store and count local messages if the option is selected FEATURES += ALPHA_ACTORS # Enable Alpha Blending of actor models if an alpha blended item is worn FEATURES += ATI_9200_FIX # flickering fix for ATI 92xx FEATURES += AUTO_UPDATE # enable minor automatic file updating FEATURES += CLICKABLE_CONTINENT_MAP # Enables you to click on the continent map to view maps FEATURES += CLUSTER_INSIDES # Group objects into separate clusters for clipping on inside maps FEATURES += COUNTERS # enables kill/production/etc counters in the client FEATURES += CUSTOM_LOOK # allows you to customize your look. FEATURES += CUSTOM_UPDATE # allows autoupdating of custom look information FEATURES += EYE_CANDY # (undocumented) FEATURES += FONTS_FIX # dynamically loads all fonts with the filename in the format font*.bmp, and makes them accessable in the options FEATURES += FUZZY_PATHS # Makes Tab Map walking not always follow exaclty the same path FEATURES += IDLE_FIX # Fix for idle animations being stuck in one sequence FEATURES += MASKING # Allow for item masking on Actors, example, can allow for short sleeves FEATURES += MINIMAP # Enable the minimap window support (alt+m) (unfinished, but usable) FEATURES += NEW_ACTOR_ANIMATION # (undocumented) FEATURES += NEW_TEX # use new texture coordinates for enhanced actors FEATURES += NOTEPAD # enable in-game notepad FEATURES += OPTIONS_I18N # make option labels & descriptions translatable FEATURES += PNG_SCREENSHOT # make screenshots in W3C's PNG format in game, requires libpng FEATURES += SFX # experimental visual spell effects FEATURES += SIMPLE_LOD # enable a simplistic distance culling to improve performance FEATURES += SKY_FPV_CURSOR # Use skybox with clouds/stars/etc, enable first person view, coloured cursors, and other misc changes from Emajekral (Experimental) Extract http://users.on.net/~gingerman/sky_cursor-textures.zip into datadir/textures/ FEATURES += USE_INLINE # enable some optimizations to use inline functions instead of pure function calls FEATURES += X86_64 # Compile for a computer with 64-bit memory addresses FEATURES += ZLIB # Enables being able to read gzip compressed files, requires -lzlib/-lz