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  1. Do you like Diamonds?

    If you can't see what i'm pointing out, look at the amount of Diamonds I have in my storage at the centre of the image.
  2. Gnomes

    I'm in agreement with scarr. Old joke. Move along, nothing to see here.
  3. Selection in text_field

    Interestingly, it does provide a function. The brown text (highlighted) is rather dark on my screen, so the text changing to white shows me what i'm not selecting. Moot point perhaps, but that bug is not all bad
  4. So how are they working now - Part 1

    Could there not be one on C2 as well? I only go to C1 for The Wraith and the occasional Mercury run for fun. Perhaps there could even be a slightly different lottery for C2, such as higher stakes/increased ticket cost, for a greater reward (not just GC, but items too).
  5. Do you like Diamonds?

    Like what? Diamonds are 3 emu, take a long time to harvest, require a decent level, and they are a good distance from storage. I think this is a pretty good design without having a hard limit on the amount harvested. Not the design flaws in Diamonds, you imbecile, but the flaws that allow unlimited harvesting, no dynamic market control such as limited NPC sale/purchases. The list goes on.
  6. Selection in text_field

    The dragging works as expected, nice one! I did notice the text colour change if you highlight one block in the notepad that's above another. The section that isn't being selected changes to white, which is not the same elsewhere in the client. Otherwise, it works well. Cheers!
  7. Do you like Diamonds?

    You're missing the point entirely. The suggestion isn't that I would offer that price all the time, but when competitors are attempting to make a sale selling at ~3GC. With millions of a product in stock, I can afford to offer them at those prices. I don't see your point there. Again, you're missing another vital point. It doesn't have to be one person! MrMind and RICH mass produced thousands of products (the details of which i've forgotten. I don't have MrMind's story URL around) for sale on the market, and reached this potential. It is not difficult, nor hard to organise. The more people you have, the quicker it becomes. You can never be sure that a theory will never become practice. Big mistake! This is exactly the sort of posts that I wanted to muster. The intention of this is to stir discussion (and wishfully thinking, change) about the market and the game's systematical design flaws. So thank you for your reply. This game is rapidly outgrowing itself and the shoddy design flaws need to stop being ignored and dealt with. Edit; here's the URL for those interested in MrMind's attempt at economic ruin: http://www.eternal-lands.com/forum/index.php?showtopic=24738
  8. Do you like Diamonds?

    With this amount of any (base) product, I have the power to force market prices down purely by selling them under their real value. It doesn't really cost that much to harvest this many of one thing (excluding the higher end harvestables that require additional items), except time and patience. I'm still making 2.4million GC by selling at 1GC each, and that's where the potential for ruining the market lies. I don't HAVE to sell at 3GC, and because any buyer with a gram of sense would come to me for their Diamond needs and not JoeBloggs selling his 1k at 3GC, it means I can control the market purely by adjusting my prices as and when I see fit. It should not be possible for one player to be able to control the entire market (where Diamonds are related). Herein lies my point. Drastic measures are needed to prevent this ability, because right now nothing is stopping me (apart from community-based efforts to ignore my offer of 1GC, although there will always be selfish buyers) from ruining the market purely because I can. Furthermore, if I were to go ahead with selling at 1GC, I could potentially force any competitors out of the market by virtue of freebies and even cutting the price per unit to .5GC. No loss to me. Afterall, there's plenty more where these came from... Do you get my point? Probably not. Good job I don't actually have 2.4 million Diamonds, otherwise I might be forced to prove my point...
  9. Do you like Diamonds?

    I'm intrigued as to why not one person has complained about the affects on the market such an offering could cause. Is noone concerned?
  10. Selection in text_field

    Great, i'll check it out (excuse the pun ) tonight.
  11. Do you like Diamonds?

    LOL, indeed. I wonder, what would people say if I offered the Diamonds at 1gc per unit, with a minimum order of 50000 units?
  12. Quote of the week submissions

    It has an else.
  13. Do you like Diamonds?

    6 million, give or take. Then why do you still have them? Because I like Diamonds. They are shiny.
  14. Do you like Diamonds?

    6 million, give or take.
  15. Do you like Diamonds?

    Why not?
  16. EL Premium Proxy

    The service Learner is offering is a proxy to the main EL server. This means it purely routes you through Learner's server to the main EL server. It is not about adding more game-servers. Point number one in Learner's post explains this:
  17. gone

    It's satire.
  18. What was your first guild?

    You're missing an 'e' in 'Groovey'!
  19. gone

    Cool video. I especially like the first few comments: To which you reply: Which is topped off by: Priceless.
  20. New client menu mock-up

    I always thought having submenus for the icons along the bottom would be great. This could potentially remove one or two Icons that are on that bar. I think Guild administration commands would be great to have in a GUI: set rank, accept, remove and set the short tag.
  21. I'll CVS up and see if it happens again.
  22. [1452995.478002] el.x86_64.linux[1167] general protection rip:2b193149aac4 rsp:4087a050 error:0 OUCH. This was from a CVS snapshot before your 'More bug fixes' post, and occured when changing map from SRI storage to SRI.
  23. auctioning human nexus removal stone

    I offer £0.05 pounds sterling (GBP).
  24. The Cadaver Calculater

    Congratulations, your dead body is worth $3390! Groovey
  25. Python Binding

    Well, read the protocol description. You need to parse the particular packets, making sure you take into account the LENGTH byte of each message (it's a stream, split into individual messages). Each message from the server has a defined TYPE, LENGTH and DATA section that you need to parse to be able to act upon it. Seriously, read http://wiki.beplacid.com/Eternal_Lands_Network_Protocol. It explains this.