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  1. Spelling And Grammar Errors

    According to my dictionary there is no such word as "breakages". The correct term is, as I originally coded it, "breaks". The spelling should be just breakage or breakage's http://dictionary.reference.com/search?r=2...;q=breakage%27s Grrr, why can't people get the apostrophe right?! It's breakages, as this is plural not possessive!
  2. #sto bug

    Can you elaborate please? Are you saying that using the 'storage' command stops harvesting?
  3. Macintosh OS X client 1.5.0 bugs thread

    0ctane, would you like a specific category setup on the trial EL bug tracker? It may assist you in development if Mac specific bugs were categorised.
  4. Bug tracking system

    Sorry, edited my post while you were writing yours. Assigned 000016. Thanks. Sure, I'm just trying to keep the flow going on the Mantis side of things. Half the point is being able to track who's working on what, so it makes sense for people to start taking the bugs that they're working on.
  5. Bug tracking system

    I'm working on crashes related to map changes and fighting. Though the scope keeps widening as the fixes ripple though the code. I might end up fixing other random crash like bugs at the same time. Can you take anything specific on Mantis?
  6. Bug tracking system

    I think we should start assigning bugs to developers. Anyone know what bug should go to who? Is anyone working on anything specific?
  7. Crashing

    Video card?
  8. Bug tracking system

    Good idea. The default page after login or switching project is the bug listing page. This is for both Anonymous and normal users.
  9. Bug in health bar length

    Logged here: http://el.beplacid.net/bugs/view.php?id=18
  10. Passed an NULL mutex

    Logged here: http://el.beplacid.net/bugs/view.php?id=15
  11. Priest dialogue stuck

    Logged here: http://el.beplacid.net/bugs/view.php?id=14
  12. Bug tracking system

    I've added Florian, AlvieBoy and bluap as developers to the Eternal Lands Client sub-project.
  13. Bug tracking system

    Yes, an anonymous reporter has been created so people can just report bugs.
  14. Bug tracking system

    http://el.beplacid.net/bugs Sign-up, and I'll give the relevant permissions. I'll also make a general chat post once Vegar and I have finished setting things up.
  15. Bug tracking system

    OK, good. I'll set it up ASAP and post the URL here.
  16. Bug tracking system

    I'd be happy to host Mantis on el.beplacid.net for the testing period (and perhaps afterwards). This needs to be announced, so that everyone has a chance of using it and so we can really see if it will work. Closing the Bug Reports forum and linking to Mantis would work, but I doubt you'd be up for doing that. Either way, it'd be great if we can really give this a proper try; with both devs, admins and users taking part. The offer's there...
  17. Bug tracking system

    Any bug tracking system can do this just as easily as a forum. If not better, because the content is relevant and you don't get as much clutter. Bug tracking is an integral part of software development, and making it easy for developers and users to work together is as important as writing good code in the first place. I think EL would benefit greatly if a bug manager was appointed, and something like Mantis was used. Forums are not meant for this; they're as flexible as a concrete wall.
  18. New feature freeze (after 1.5.0)

    That's noble, but how many Linux users actually need the Windows stuff? I'd bet very few do. Actually, if that's the case, why are there two separate Zips?
  19. New feature freeze (after 1.5.0)

    Software with 1000+ active users is not a small project. Bug tracking software isn't for 'big projects', it's for sane (and semi-organised) developers and project leaders who like to minimise stress and make it easier on themselves and their team. Regardless of the amount of bugs, it makes a lot of sense to use a bug tracking for ELC IMO. Can I also take this opportunity to ask why the Linux client has the DLLs and Windows executables distributed with it? There's 6MB (~14% of the total download) in the Linux zip that is a complete waste. It's unnecessary.
  20. PHP Help?

  21. help

    If you're using an NVidia GPU, and it is supported by the latest drivers, run this in a shell sudo m-a auto-install nvidia Change 'nv' in /etc/X11/xorg.conf and restart X (CTRL+ALT+BACKSPACE or /etc/init.d/gdm restart) Bob's your uncle
  22. Guess the movie

    Reminds me of 'The Kingdom', but I don't think it's that.
  23. EL Network Protocol Documentation

    Not at all, all contributions are welcome! Thanks! In code I've written for the EL protocol, the '<' char was used in the pack/unpack calls. As Grum said, the protocol is specifically little-endian. Cheers!
  24. newsletter

    There's also an orange RSS button at the bottom left of each page. Click on it and a menu will appear, listing all available RSS feeds (which happens to just be one). Edit: 5000th post! Hooray for spamming!
  25. Signature size

    He's a Robot There's a 'Forum Rules' link at the top of the page (under the main title image and on the same line as 'Help', 'Search', 'Members', 'Calendar'). [EDIT] Oooh, 4 thousand, 9 hundred and 99th post!