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  1. cant harvest

    Does it happen all the time? Are you able to harvest after a certain amount of time?
  2. Q: How do I draw text?

    Those screenshots are hilarious. I want that as a feature!
  3. NULL mutex debug output

    Isn't this the report?
  4. Proposal: Unit Testing in the client

    Adding tests for existing functionality/APIs does make sense.
  5. Proposal: Unit Testing in the client

    I've suggested both functional and unit testing for EL several times in the past. I cannot stress its usefulness in both code quality, thought process and confidence in code. Might it be worth adding a separate tree for unit tests that people can add and use if they want?
  6. The Gods ate their name!

    Logged this separately from this report: http://el.beplacid.net/bugs/view.php?id=24
  7. Bug tracking system

    The email issues were due to me moving the domain beplacid.com. The mail queue on the server has now cleared and things should be back to normal.
  8. Shader system alpha tester needed

    I have a quad-core CPU (Intel Core2) that I can test with. Lemme know.
  9. Bug tracking system

    The flow is thus: Reported Acknowledged Confirmed Assigned Resolved Closed Resolved declares that the developer who it was assigned to has fixed it. Only when someone (best it isn't the original dev, but I think we can let that slip) has confirmed it's fixed should it be set to closed. That's how I understand Mantis.
  10. Bug tracking system

    I like it. Feels more organised and easier to identify what needs doing and who's doing what. The only, minor downside is it's starting to feel more like proper work, I'm doing this for fun. Heh, that's a very good point. Maybe I'll put some flash games on the top just to make it a little less work-like
  11. Linux major performance reduction

    Is this in console mode or not?
  12. Bug tracking system

    The posting timestamps should now be fixed. I placed putenv("TZ=Europe/London"); in the config_inc.php page, and this seems to have changed things (check the date at the top of the page when viewing a bug). Thanks to Vegar for the fix.
  13. Bug tracking system

    I completely agree. A perfect example of why bug-tracking systems are so handy - they allow you to categorise bugs under releases, and make it a lot easier to track the status of a particular release (and great for historical information, too).
  14. Phantoms cause resync

    Logged here: http://el.beplacid.net/bugs/view.php?id=29
  15. Bug tracking system

    I kind of get that feeling too. I think it works best as just a developer oriented site, as it keeps the postings and notes purely on a technical level. I do keep an eye on both this and the Bug Reports forum, so it's just a matter of making sure things are in sync. What do others think?
  16. Bug tracking system

    I looked last night and I hadn't received anything. I remember upgrading postfix a day or two ago, so this may have caused some issues. I'll have a look tonight as a matter of urgency. Thanks to all who've reported the timestamp issue. I'm pretty sure it's just a display problem (albeit a rather crucial display), and I'm currently in a 3-day conversation with someone on #mantishelp. I'm not in screen 100% and the replies are somewhat delayed. Apart from the two issues above, how's this working for everyone? Do the developers feel it's something that's working and that could be used on a more permanent basis? Is there anything that you think needs changing?
  17. Bug tracking system

    Working fine for me too.
  18. Floating Point Exception

    That's because you should've set the 'arch' flag and added -DX86_64 to the compile options.
  19. Client crash while changing maps...

    Of course, testing where it's relevant. Doing: char[5] my_str = "hello"; if(my_str != NULL){ // some uber code } would be pointless. I meant in other cases, where it's not as clear (such as a function parameter or return value).
  20. New feature freeze (after 1.5.0)

    Thanks bluap. I'll leave them for someone who's able to investigate.
  21. Bug tracking system

    That was my gut feeling. I knew you worked on the code, I knew you'd be notified immediately (email) and I knew you could ultimately reject it. I guess this comes down to standards of practice (I'm too used to corporate arrangements and 'ways of doing things'). I may continue to do it if I feel that I'm 100% right (like in the above case). The risk is that I may not have enough knowledge on the particular bug to be doing it in the first place - in this case, it can simply be left unassigned. [Edit] spelling errors...
  22. New feature freeze (after 1.5.0)

    Nice work, bluap. Do your fixes relate to any of the following bugs: http://el.beplacid.net/bugs/view.php?id=15 http://el.beplacid.net/bugs/view.php?id=12
  23. Bug tracking system

    As long as they're uploaded to the relevant bug listing on Mantis, you've done your bit I accidentally assigned a bug to AlvieBoy earlier (it was directly related to his client popup stuff) which probably isn't the best practice. I think it's best if people pickup bugs as and when they're working on them - that is, that they assign the bug to themself on Mantis and then code away - so we can keep the bug tracking ball rolling (and prove to Ent it's a Good Thing).
  24. Current CVS errors

    In this case, I'd say both. It could be related to bugs that have been fixed or are in resolution, which means it would be helpful to check the existing bugs list and see if it is related. If it isn't, then here's fine. If it is, then posting on that relevant bug listing on Mantis would be helpful. Even if a new bug was added for this, it's not hard to chase it down and close it if it's not really necessary.
  25. Client crash while changing maps...

    Offtopic - not helpful to bug I would've thought any programmer worth their salt would check for NULLs, just out of good practice.