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  1. the game would be too easy without essences. plus its *ANOTHER* skill to level up! i say keep it! now stop winging
  2. Client Crash.....nice

    I am running linux and have been playing for a while. For some reason, when there are many objects on screen and the screen rate gets quite low, the client crashes saying: rc134.c: assertion 't' failed! (the filename isnt correct but it is something similar). I have updated openal (even though i cant use sound) and have the latest versions of SDL etc... Anyone else had this? Any ideas?
  3. Client Crash.....nice

    thanks for that ill give it a try... p.s:nice pic
  4. arrogant ungrateful fucks? Entropy?

    I must have read this thread about 10 times.....i love reading it because its absolutely hilarious............especially when people make huge mistakes like 'i hope the other moderators arnt like you'.....great show!
  5. Guild commands

    how about a #who command to see who is online in ur guild.....its frustrating when people are afk... please?
  6. Missing Char Textures

    hey...i look quite sexy
  7. ...

    sorry it was I that created the thread. it was a reply to a help me topic.......nice to see it moved here......hmmm........nice....... .......... ...........im bored at work......
  8. Do you sleep naked?

    i wear suspenders.... :lol: ....no just boxers
  9. 'administrator' banned

    or, like a previous post, just have a list of names that are illegal, and everytime you try and create a char with an illegal name, it says: 'Invalid name, choose another'. Even better, have names generated from a database (or the name sites that are posted on the el front page), that way we dont get names like: tonyhawk664 (random) or mynamesbob. ...
  10. It can get quite frustrating when you need to know who's online in your clan, but dont want to visit the website online. Is there anyway of implementing a command such as '#who' for guilds (and non-guild players) to see a list of who is online in the guild, or online in total? Just a suggestion.
  11. Guild Commands

    What exactly is your point? :shock: