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  1. [patch] knowledge console command

    I'd love that! The knowledge window is a little....difficult shall we say
  2. EL Network Protocol Documentation

    Thanks for the feedback. Please add this to the Wiki or it's discussion page. I am assuming it's the colour of the text. The Wiki does need the client colours, so that's something i'll add to the discussion page. Cheers
  3. online_players.txt

    My post was a suggestion, not official. You should contact Entropy directly and ask him as he'll have the decision on that.
  4. online_players.txt

    I would say 5 minutes is the lowest you should poll it. There's ~21KB difference in the txt file compared to the HTML page but 5 minutes should suffice, it's not CRUCIAL that you know who's come online in the last five minutes now is it?
  5. Random Question: Ram :hehe:

    I suggest you take it to a professional.
  6. EL Network Protocol Documentation

    Note the URL has been updated to http://wiki.beplacid.com/EL_Protocol. Please update any bookmarks you may be using.
  7. JusT client available

    Topic closed; redundant.
  8. Very strange death in KF

    It is very easy to accidentally click on someone when in demigod, therefore this is the likely cause. Just walking and the icons not changing quick enough can cause it to happen
  9. Football: English Premiership 06/07

    Cool! We'll go with doubling it all then. Thanks!
  10. Bug under Linux/Unix

    Piper: Use the -sp command line switch, it allows you to specify the port before running (-sa for server address). Ttlanhil: The data dir needs writable permissions for auto update. If EL was packaged correctly such as .deb and .rpm (Debian, Red Hat), it may help. Right now EL doesn't work well with *NIX. The games group on most common distributions has writable permissions for various directories (for example /var/games); perhaps this could be used too.
  11. Top Players bug?

    Please provide a better title for your threads in future. 'r0ja' is stupid and totaly non-descriptive.
  12. Server Based multiple mix/manu change needed

    Good job bluap! Thanks for tolerating us
  13. EL Network Protocol Documentation

    word and dword are ambigous, depending on the machine architecture (64b procesors have different word and dword sizes). C is also like that, which is why the best idea is to use SDL types, such as uint32, sint16, etc. The data is in decimal in the protocol file. Making it hex would complicate things way too much and would be pointless. Feel free to join us robotbob: Vegar mentioned this to me, but I think it would be best to stick to more common terminology. By all means you can add a section describing the correlation or indeed just add '(or dword)' etc to the text wherever you see fit. Thanks for joining those who have
  14. EL Network Protocol Documentation

    As a tip (i've added a reply to the discussion page), edit the page by sections and not the whole page in it's entirety.
  15. EL Network Protocol Documentation

    I will add the wiki to an exclusion list to allow all browsers.
  16. EL Network Protocol Documentation

    Good to have you aboard, jump on over and create a username when you're free (I'd prefer to keep anonymous edits at a minimum) [EDIT] Anonymous edits are now disabled.
  17. My IP adress is bad?

    The message means (and what it says) is that either you or someone on that IP has previously broken the rules and been banned. Do you have dynamic IP (meaning your IP address changes each time you connect to the internet) or static IP?
  18. mainly posting for a friend to look at so..

    That means the symlink is invalid. Thus you don't have the libs or it isn't linking to the latest .so. If you're compiling yourself (which is what ttlanhil assumed thus his OPTION removal suggestion), you'll need to edit the Makefile that you're using to compile. In the OPTIONS section at the top you'll see several -DOPTION_NAME_HERE, remove -DPNG_SCREENSHOT and recompile. I'd install the libs anyhow, if you're not compiling the client you're trying to use needs the libs anyway.
  19. Server Based multiple mix/manu change needed

    That was one version. Indeed. My favourites are that and the spin-box only version. I think Learner or Entropy need to clear this up as afterall, they placed original request for a client change. Having everyone else give input (whilst all with good intent) has caused the issue to become clouded.
  20. Server Based multiple mix/manu change needed

    Both you and Piper have made valid points. If we could just have a 'Mix All' check box and if unchecked it would mix singularly then I think the job could be regarded as done. The simpler the interface the easier it is to use.
  21. Special effects

    Great videos thanks for reformatting them
  22. Pre-compiled Client for download

    ...then rename the original.
  23. mainly posting for a friend to look at so..

    There's a help me section for a reason. Make sure you have libpng installed. Install it using your package manager (apt-cache search lib png in Debian based distros such as Ubuntu).
  24. Apprentice shops

    I don't like this idea at all, hence I voted no. On the surface it's a novel idea, but in practice I feel it will only create more abuse. Why can't this be done by a few NPCs?