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  1. Clickable continent map

    I've tested this patch myself, it's excellent! I often have the urge to click the sections on the map only to remember it's not possible. Good for noobs too.
  2. bot owners...

    Add me please Bot: Volturin (currently under rewrite)
  3. Storebot errors

    That would be your download, i'd assume. It may have been corrupted during transfer. Try downloading again - these files have been on my webserver for months and there have never been any reported issues.
  4. Storebot errors

    Install them via your distribution's package manager (version 1.2) or if you're on Windows, use the links here: http://el.beplacid.com/dev/win-libs/
  5. Storebot errors

    Do you have the relevant SDL development libs? (libsdl-net etc)
  6. Storebot errors

    Post the errors.
  7. For the people with WIndows/Intel video cards

    Why are you so surprised?
  8. What good is a p2p race?

    Better than buying drugs LOL, what a smooth salesman
  9. Python Binding

    Yup, I noticed. Thanks a lot, they're much more readable now
  10. Python Binding

    Glad the Wiki helped! I must stress that it wasn't just me who wrote the article (though I did write large parts of it). Please see the acknowledgements section for a full list. If you could provide some Python examples, that'd be great. Python's becoming ever more popular now.
  11. Python Binding

    Thanks. Although you could've fixed the examples or provided your own. That's the idea of a Wiki I've never had much faith in those examples myself either, so i've decided to take them down. If you could provide some examples that you know work, i'd appreciate it. Also, i'd suggest reading http://wiki.beplacid.com/EL_Protocol, that's better written and much more descriptive of the protocol.
  12. EL Network Protocol Documentation

    I'll see what I can do.
  13. The Release Candidate is here!

    Placid's mirror worked great for me, it went on average of 140 kb/sec, lowest was low 120's. *waves to Placid* Hello you Thanks for the feedback on the mirror, 'tis good to know the max/min rates as i'm monitoring load.
  14. Python Binding

    Why do you need to bind to C? Learn the protocol (see here: http://wiki.beplacid.com/EL_Protocol). If you're desperate to bind, speak to Vegar - his bot has this exact ability. [Edit, damn auto-linking]
  15. Ubuntu compiling help [CLOSED]

    Try a: sudo apt-get install --reinstall libsdl-net1.2-dev libsdl1.2-dev
  16. City building

    I hope you're going to tax those who have houses in these new maps (I wouldn't be very British if I didn't suggest that, eh?) Whilst I prefer the safety of the latter idea, I don't like the process of one player having total control. What about a council board that decides on it? What if they were voted in, and they then vote on the new houses that are being built? (Each council member could be in charge or a district of the map...?)
  17. A modest proposal

    Eventually, the new port would be blocked too. Furthermore, I very much doubt Entropy would go through the hassle of changing the server and attempting to explain to everyone to change the game server port in el.ini, let alone repackaging the downloads to point to the new port by default. Plus, I think part of the idea is to make money from it
  18. Windows Compilation Guide

    Can someone update the following bits of emajekral's post to point to http://el.beplacid.com/dev/win-libs/ as opposed to http://beplacid.com/~placid/elc-dev/win-libs/ for the following links: * Cal3d and cal3d_extra * Internationalization support library * XML support library * SDL development package * Ogg Vorbis Been doing a bit of spring cleaning and would prefer the consistency Thanks!
  19. El item stats

    That was a typo, and typos are acceptable (to some extent). As for the "s/he", that is commonly used, and it does produce he or she. No, you're wrong; trust me. If you literally expand "s/he" it translates to "s" or "he". Apparently (according to Wikipedia) British troops during the Second World War used the slash to abbreviate words but in your case it would still be wrong (for "s/he" to be grammatically correct according to this usage, it would have to be "S/H" - still wrong, however). As for the item stats, I think it's great you've put some work into it. Knowing what amounts of items you have is a prerequisite to determining the state of the in-game economy.
  20. El item stats

    'Of' and 'off' are two very different words. Perhaps you should have checked your post before being so critical. Oh, by the way, you should learn that "s/he" does not produce he or she. Go refactor the server source please, "s/he" really pisses me off
  21. El item stats

    Jesus Christ Ghrae, do you realise you can develop schizophrenia from Hallucinogen abuse?! Firstly, a text file is a database. Therefore I assume you mean DBMS (Database Management System). Lastly, you are the first person on earth to find a DBMS faster than flat files. Grats.
  22. Oh dear: Had to change my looks due to the new models and this occured. Enjoy
  23. New playable race unveiled!

    This has to be the funniest thread i've read in a long time on these forums. Not only do those pics look HILARIOUS (not bad, but just funny), but Roja's replies seem totally out of the ordinary. Are you drunk, Roja?
  24. Vista

    It's not a monopoly any more because you can buy OS-free systems elsewhere. You can always reject the Windows EULA (don't boot in to Windows or accept) and return the sealed MS CDs and paraphernalia to Microsoft for a full refund...They'll be happy to do it too You can read up on it here.
  25. libstdc++

    .... I think this is because the version I have is newer. I did a "locate libstdc++" and found that mine is libstdc++.so.6 . Here's the output of my locate: [marcus@localhost Eternal Lands-1.33]$ locate libstdc++.so /home/marcus/Applications/google-earth/libstdc++.so.6 /usr/lib/libstdc++.so.6 /usr/lib/libstdc++.so.6.0.8 /usr/lib/gcc/i386-redhat-linux/4.1.1/libstdc++.so You don't have .so.5, which is what's required. You *could* try a symlink to so.6, but i'm no expert and it could cause further issues.