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  1. perks

    I eat dead people - because I'm impatient and hate waiting for cooldown and poisoning myself with them mushrooms power hungry - because I needed some pps Considering getting antisocial when I become desperate
  2. RC 2

    I can now play with the all the sky & cam options without crashing including all other options turned on - eye candy etc
  3. EL 170 Pre RC

    Crashes as soon as I log on, I think the file is installed into the right place, I've turned off eye candy and turned on poor man but no result EDIT: doesnt matter works now just can't run the program when the moons and suns are turned on for some strange reason
  4. Post your video card info here

    Video card: Intel 945G Vendor ID: Intel OpenGL Version: 1.4.0 - Build No problems EDIT: Drivers intelĀ® 82945G Express Chipset Family - version
  5. In Memoriam

    I never really knew her personally but now I wish I had, from what people have said in this post she was a charismatic person and she will be missed. My condolences to her family. Rest in peace.
  6. christmas films songs

    Fav christmas movie - Muppets Christmas Carol Fav christmas song - Wizard "I wish it could be christmas everday"
  7. Ctrl+p

    Yeah I am running as the administrator user EDIT: I've sorted it out - thanks Torg had to turn off user account control
  8. Ctrl+p

    When I use Ctrl+p a screenshot folder wont appear in my el folder - what should I do? I have Windows vista Sorry I'm not sure what to put in since I'm not good with computers
  9. Super-massive invasion

    That was pure evilness what happened in hell and the portals!! Creating havoc The amounts of giants and cockatrices in the cemetary made me lag alot and didnt have the chance to teleport away but overall it provided great entertainment and even better was it happened on a no drop day which allowed people to join in and not be afraid of losing their stuff great job
  10. Cyprom's Whitestone Madness Invasion

    That was superb imo - I liked how you did spawns of low lvls with high lvl monsters giving players a choice of what to fight 10/10 (my first invasion that I actually took part in) ty
  11. Skeptic Perk

    I'm afraid to (due to unknown future changes).
  12. How fast r y00?

  13. Do you know your blades?

    You scored: 7 / 25 Total points: 70 The average score for this quiz: 9 / 25 I was completely baffled by every question so I guessed every single one