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  1. very old players

    This is Rya_Shazzaam I might be considered old, I was the only one in game when I left that could compete with DonPedro in KF before there were fluffys, I summoned the first fluffy's in game played with "chance" he was my main man. hope he did well when I left. Even got advice from Radus wife on carputunnel i got from game from clicking lol. Back then I was on playing 12 hours a day and working. I left when he started using cooldowns on food before mushrooms or eating bones was part of game. I just joined RICH guild seems there trying to better themselfs which can help me get into game again as I now have 12hours a day again time to get my char back in shape. hope to see you soon Rya_Shazzaam
  2. Harvester Medallion break rate

    I think they have I have broken several this week including one harvest trip where i broke 3. Yes they can check it I broke 3 harvest medallions in less then 5 mins. I always carry 2 with me and i went to storage to get 2 more when those 2 broke and pow within 20 seconds the third broke. And to think i was there harvesting coal to make more then i said screw this and logged off. it takes awhile to harvest items for this product and to lose 3 takes alot of harvesting to replace them.
  3. Rya_Shazzaam

    Well sorry to hear this makes my ban a few extra days was looking forward to making amends. I guess i will just try to keep logging on untill unlocked. ty all and have a god day!
  4. Rya_Shazzaam

    Tried to log in today cannot. Please let me know when unlocked will check back after work that would be the 25th then. ty and my main is Rya_Shazzaam since 2002
  5. Rya_Shazzaam

    Hello Aislinn, Long time no see.. Well this is Rya_Shazzaam. Yes look at my forum join date you can see it is me... Well I came back to the game about a month ago could not remember my pw so created a char named BigBoned. Yes I did train him from a level 1 noob with no skills to where he is now. Well then Acelon asked me to try out some old passwords on Rya_Shazzaam and boom i remember the password i used years ago on him.. yeas i was shocked an old man like me remembered. Well now i was at a turning point in game went from super noob to mediocre noob with high lev skills. So I know about rule %5 on ip trading but firgured since Rya_Shazzaam and big boned were never logged on at the same time the whole time that a friend could get me the stuff off Big Boned I thought I earned re-learning the game for those three weeks. Well after trying to log on and cannot someone says i was banned. i was like omg no was i am against cheaters.. you can look up old post under Rya_Shazzaam and see.... but not knowing i had "multi" without realizing it until reading the post before this one by that bumbling guy violater. well I know what i did was wrong now and hope you change your mind after hearing why it was done. Remember Mix 1 part ignorance with 1 part understanding and you just might make an atom split. anyways hope I can log on later i sent you an email also.. i do have short term gamers memory loss and am hardcore so If i cannot get back in quickly will lose interest and start to game hop... but pls do not make me i need a slower paced game like el where i know things...and can play , relax and enjoy the people. ty Have a good one going to work...Rya_Shazzaam I apologize once again
  6. Help

    do i cook meat? hehe
  7. Hey.

    Are you a mage archer or warrior.. opps am i at the wrong place hehe
  8. This Is Great

    I log on in kf i see people so i go too kill them.. i get teleported to hell... then told there doing a contest.. well then i go roaming kf looking for people i walk by the contest and i heard pls teleport him again and req to leave so i did....end of story ? i got is if people wanna hold a pk contest why are mods there teleporting people these people should hold it at there own risk.. why this new rule they can teleport someone and tell them to leave the area...
  9. Omg i got a way to get gold outa game now for e 1.. since this is one of the reasons for the changes to much money...Charge to use storage.. everytime you put in something or take it out!!!!!1
  10. Harvesting is 'free money', well money is time and in my rl profession i can make $30 hr depending on my sales. Your not selling me on this
  11. Devolopement Team

    Will you just put back harvesting like it was before please or speed it up. Thank you very much from someone who really wants to have fun again.. On the other hand is there a possibility you would be willing to sell this game....If so please let me know I am sure I am not the only one interested at this point...
  12. Mmorpgamer

    El is lucky he wasnt here after this harvesting change and here all the flames or we woulda never made it. I hope they change cause people love our game for being fun and fun brings people in to play not this bs system we have now
  13. Hit By Wall

    omfg i said i got hit 2 fookin times for 20 and got 40 damage why be a smart ass
  14. Hit By Wall

    Omg you get alot more things happening it seems in same amount of time it used to take to harvest 200 ores. Also when something happens like your hit by a wall your harvesting stops why is this and wtf i got hit for 20 2 times it took 40 away??
  15. Ok C Ya

    Well i am back kinda i decided to flop around like a fish till my inventory is depleted i miss the community but not the new hassles