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  1. DooM Recruiting

    Good luck!
  2. TAG!

    Nice idea
  3. newhope's mine tutorial

    Very nice! Thanks for demonstration.
  4. Have the warning be in some alert text, like yellow, orange, or red.
  5. Thank you for your post, Aislinn I think you're right, some of us do forget it's a game. Not bashing anyone here really,I too am at fault for it
  6. Wait... what? They are agreeing with the OP.
  7. best pk drop ever

    Awww, that's a cute story
  8. Maybe it's another player with the name?

    Why not? It's been shown those who are jackasses are still rewarded, sooo??? Anyway, the main issue in this lesson to know your guild enemies, and perhaps if you are a guild LEADER you should make sure your members know who are dangerous people and who are not, after all, what are guilds for?
  10. Favorite, Least and Most

    Least favorite: Any crafting polished gem. I have no idea how those crafters do it, but I certain do not want to become one. Favorite: Anything with high exp, I like matter conglams and seridium bars, but I have switched to hydro bars Most mixed: Fire Essences with Earth Ess being 2nd (there was a time where I had mixed more Earth Ess than anything).
  11. GEN X Harvesters

    To be honest, I am surprised it has lasted so long. The prices are fair too. <3 GENX
  12. What type of player are you?

    Socializer here. I don't really make goals, I hate exploring, and fighting (killing) I have never learned to master nor really enjoy, I hate "chasing" down creatures, and I am not fast enough to heal in time. I am sure I would find a way to die even if I had full mana and no fail restore . Which brings me to a question, how the HELL you fighters keep your mana bar full? That's a real bitch, ya know. Pretty much I alch (or harvest to get the items I need for alching) and chat to whoever will talk to me at the given time