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  1. Screenshot Thread

  2. Ban

    Okay, thank you for your time.
  3. Ban

    Yeh i did have alts after i got banned but i never traded between them.. really the only thing i have done wrong in this game is use inappropriate language and i got banned for that and this was a couple years ago i havnt done anything wrong since
  4. Ban

    None of those characters were banned for illegal multi and i didnt get raider23 banned i was scammed (cant remeber by who) and that person got raider23 locked
  5. Ban

    i havent played on kilaran in a couple weeks i gave it back to quizzel (previous owner, i think he gave it to a freind) before i made barosiha, and that was my first time being banned for illegal multi, and i told you this but you probrably dont remember, the only reason i did illegal multi was because trading my char an i thought i was going to get scammed(and i did)
  6. Ban

    Margoth was banned for illegal multi 7-8months ago and i would like to know how long the bann was for and if i can have my character back. I am sorry for what i did.I have had characters banned before(lifetime) but i was hoping this time could be different since it before i was caught and explained the situation to aislinn.
  7. a mace introduction ?

    i think lasher liquid or TooMass had it
  8. Team PK "instance"

    i dont know if this will make programing a litle easier but, maybe the opponets can see the others inv(either by actually seeing the inventory or getting a list of items) and just choose the items they cant use.. and maybe there can be a betting system for spectators, either the winning spectators get all or a portion of the money or the fighter gets some of the gc the spectators bet or just the gc he and the opponent 'bet' and this way people can pk/spectate for gc instead of harving manu etc. but if this were to happen there would have to be item restrictions so that a player cant just use a bod or DMG rings and get rich EDIT: another idea is more 'mini games' like were there is someone who bets gc that you cant kill Xmonster with Yitems in Ztime. ofc there will be limitation so you cant bet 1milgc that a nub cant kill a drag.
  9. Dragon Great Swords

    maybe a sword/axe that does high dmg but lowers you defence or does dmg to you too? it could be a double edge sword or something like that
  10. Bapk is now recruiting

    pm Knight werkhausen or time4u2die to join -Knight
  11. Buying CoL bones and iron greaves

    Im buying 1 CoL 3kbones and 1iron greave Ingame name -Knight
  12. Buying iron cuises and bones

    im also buying a degraded col
  13. DPA King Contest

    can i film it^^ -knight
  14. **Generation X**Harvesting** - the 3rd Degree

    on que 3/9/08 transfered job to DibClark