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  1. =P CO Lair was Raided

    Yes, secret. Even if 100 ppl already knows that, there's still few thousand who don't. So it's still secret for majority of players.
  2. Guilds

    Best in general: Brotherhood of Bane ... duh!
  3. Godless, great deal or horrible mistake?

    That is correct. The bonus for Summoning is Ratio/2 (lowered down).
  4. wahoo dp storage can manu

    you can manu at Storil too
  5. Bandwidth usage

    Actually it's 1 / 10 000 without and 1 / 5 000 with artificier perk
  6. what happen?

    your game (well character) is saved everytime you log in/off and also everytime server is shut down (properly) today server crashed without saving characters' statuses so everyone was rolled back to the last time they logged in/off before the crash
  7. WS-Nordcarn

    indeed, please delete this thread then !!!
  8. new update

    all creatures weaker than ogre wasn't attacking at certain lvl even before the update first of all lazy ppl can be honest 2nd - more like 20 times multipled by thousands of ogres my computer is good enough. i'm talking about internet connection. i have cable modem and it still gets little bit slower when there are 400 players on, what about ppl with dial-ups? i'm not sure if they're minority. from what i hear from ppl lag is common problem
  9. i wonder which monser ..

    that's my point lol they are too strong to afk
  10. Hello All

    i didn't play RS, but i like EL very much because there are nice people playing it it also has nice graphics and offers various skills to develop. about the crash - game is still under development, we had an update today and probably it wasn't tested good enough so it made server crash. luckily it happens very rare. to avoid consequences of such crashes log off and on from time to time - it will "save" the game.
  11. new update

    Neoses, answers are in Bofred's post and point 4 of my first post and i encourage developers to check my logs so it will be clear
  12. new update

    i'm not pissed off. i just think there aren't enough reasons to do that or that there are reasons to not do it. notice that in most cases monsters stop attacking players when they reach levels on which they can kill those monsters very easily and they get poor xp anyways. for me it was always a sign that i should move up to the stronger creature soon when my current training monster stopped attacking me. ogres still are threat to me and i get quite good xp, so why would they not attack ?
  13. new update

    but changes were made only to ogres, so my point is valid like i said this update won't affect macroers, only honest players. macroers will just change their macros that's your best point. i agree on what's more important, but still players enjoyment *is* important. and there were many updates which made game harder implemented "to make game more realistic" so why it has to be changed now? you must be kidding about those 3 secs. maybe in Vermor secret room. but on all other spawns ogres keep running away even when they don't auto attack. sometimes they stop after 10, 15 seconds. and with bad connection (lag - doesn't depend on computer capabilities, but network capabilities) it's possible that you won't manage to attack before they start running again when they auto attack you still have to chase them, but you have *possibility* that they will attack when you just get close. no, i wouldn't play that game. the only thing i do afk (or rather half-afk) is harvest. and that's only because of auto harv system.
  14. i wonder which monser ..

    updated: ogres don't attack after certain lvl (lower than 68) comments about afk-fighting are not on place. try to afk ogres before saying that
  15. new update

    1) as Bofred mentioned there's only one person afking ogres 2) as Lobonar said macroers would come up with something which would able them to aafk fight, while honest players will suffer. (but i don't think anyone is/was macroing on ogres. Kajjak doesn't use any automation) 3) this is Role Playing Game. Ogres are supposed to be fierce monsters, very agressive and too dumb to run away from stronger fighters. Besides, in EL Encyclopedia it's written that they attack all humanoids on sight. 4) It's so annoying when you have to run after creature for miles trying to click on them. especially with laggy connection. you think you got it, but it turns back, passes you and runs in other direction. Please reconsider this