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  1. Downhill Mountain Biking.

    soz left comment in wrong thing
  2. Im Confusled

    The screen goes black for 2 seconds then the cursor appears (EL cursor) then after another 2 seconds it just closes like nothing happened. Cnhagenow
  3. Im Confusled

    I all ready knew that Piper, but thanks anyways I've tried updating the driver but still nothing And on the screen shot side, you cant get a screen shot of a black screen and a curser... (if you find that offending im sorry) Remember, if you have this problem also, please leave a comment. Will be greatly apreaciated. Cnhagenow
  4. Im Confusled

    Never mind, cant get photos. To describe at the best I'd say you click play (shortcut) then screan gets big, EL cursar shows up, then it all shuts down (game) and goes back to normal. Please if you have the same problem, just leave a comment. I want to know if I'm the only one with this, or if there are others. Cnhagenow
  5. Im Confusled

    Well i downloaded/installed it but when i goto start it up, it just goes big, blank, then acts like nothing happened back to normal... Ill get photos tomorrow, to tired today Night All Cnhagenow
  6. Im Confusled

    Ok, to summarize what happens, i start the game and then the screan gets big and all but then it just goes back to normal like nothing happened??? Someone help me please! cnhagenow -Edit: My charactor name is Cnhagenow
  7. Why i am Banned?

    I have got to say, You are one of the best mods I've seen in this game for a long time. Great job at handling the problem. I'm going to give some advice to Doctorr, Rule breaking is a horrible offense and there is no need for it. Rules are there for a reason and if those rules are broken then there has to be a punishment. You have been spared many of times and Aislinn has been very nice. And again Aislinn, you did a great job 5/5
  8. Looking For A Guild

    <_< then i cant
  9. Looking For A Guild

    Any Guild is fine i just want to join 1 :lol:
  10. Comon

    when i downloaded the game it said "you are banned". so plz add me to the whitelist. my caractor name is cnhagenow.
  11. Comon

    my caractor name is cnhagenow and in the game. can you help? if you can please do. i will be if you can.
  12. Comon

    ive been banned for more then a year why did i get banned?
  13. Black listed ISPs list

    ur ISP is probably banned what do i do about it?
  14. Black listed ISPs list

    I got banned when i downloaded the game. It said "you were banned"i dono what it means help please.
  15. Help

    come on i just need help i did nothing and i still got banned when i downloaded the game.