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  1. quick question?

    An unlock of Death_Merchant/MuffinTop would be much appreciated! Served my 3 day lock...unless it was 3 el days, in which case I shoulda been playing a while ago! Thank you!
  2. quick question?

    All resolved XD
  3. 20k mullein 4 sale

    I don't know what the market is for mullein or if people buy it but I have 20k for sale. post here or pm me in game. Also have a vitality removal stone for sale.
  4. spending pp?

    so on the orcs do i just leave everything where it's at or do you want me to use a potion to lower a/d? and like i said i have 9 pp's to spend so i could put it into will/vit now? or should i really wait until later?
  5. spending pp?

    Posted on mps topic with a couple questions but they never got answered so i figured i'd post my own topic lol. I'm 46/52/20/26/6/8 a/d/p/c/w/v. everyone told me different things i've heard that i should max my coord, that i should get more phys, i should get more vitality. I'm gonna focus on fighting and i have 9 pp's atm to spend and was wondering if i've already screwed up my build or wha? idk where to train at either i've heard different things from diff. people. use t/s pots, or w/e so idk.
  6. training guide

    Hey MP, or anyone willing to help these posts have been very helpful and informative but i'm worried i've screwed up my build. I've just come back from a long 2 year break and i reset and someone told me to put alot of my pp's in coord. atm i'm 46/52/20/26/6/8 a/d/p/c/w/v. I have 6 pps to spend? Should i reset yet again? or wha?
  7. When I started to play EL ...

    When I started playing a "high" a/d was 60-80, and kf was the only place people really fought at. I watched players like Street_Ghost and SirKillalot and flexo fight, serp sword was the best weapon and titanium chain was also the best armour I remember platinum coins aswell and paying 1000 plat coins = 1000000 gold which was when I spent 1000 to get my first serp lol I wasn't even 20 a/d yet w/ a serp XD ah good times ya and then I remember the giant reset, the one which caused everyones stats to be wiped, we lost alot of our general players then. That was when 40 a/d was high and doublek/Ratzorz or w/e "ownd" and then weasel_ninja and his scamming clan, everyone was always after him, gawd I miss that lol XD
  8. Russian

    Пей пиво I know russian, just don't know how to spell it out.
  9. Who remembers....

    I remember when Platinum coins were actually used in the game and I bought a serp for 1000 platinum coins or something. I also remeber Street_Ghost, Tropicano, Sir Kill Alot, Rya Shazzaam, but they aren't really that old. When you had to have a certain harvesting level before you actually got to harvest some type of flower. I remember mods being alot less uptight and the whole game being alot more laid back and easy going. I also remember when the "Secret Place" in the IP Tavern was actually secret and at one time no one was there. Wow it would be nice to have the game like that again, or atleast to have the old players who left back
  10. summoning

    wow something is definatley wrong. People have to come on the forums and ask if taking a bag of 12 gc is bag jumping. What are you people so affraid of. Even if you didn't tell him to stop killing your "pets" it wouldn't have mattered because 12 gc is nothing.
  11. Invisibility spell & guard-bots

    How much does it cost to buy a map???
  12. Honorable pking

    Wow, your saying if a player kills another player he becomes an outlaw? Just for killing another play? what is this game coming to. PK is a part of the game and because you get killed it shouldn't cause the pker to become an "outlaw". Wow pking was so much different 3 years ago when the older players were around. This is just sickening.
  13. Graphics or Video card?

    Which one will help me run the game better? Right now I can't even get into the game because my graphics card is such crap....Thanks
  14. Back in Time?

    Hey it's been a while....but someone helped me a year or 2 ago and told me like how to revert my computer back to an earlier date so that everything was changed back to the way it was on that day. Can anyone tell me how to do that? thanks
  15. New Card

    Yea my graphics card can't even run el....so i want to buy a new one that can actually handle it lol. I don't want like the cheapest one i can buy either....maybe like a step up from the basic for this game. Got any suggestions? thanks