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  1. Client wishlist

    option to show/hide FPS. fps counter is not needed all the time.
  2. Too dark night

    gamma correction - yes, as i suggest before... (i dont like change monitor settings too)
  3. sorry that i dont understand your joke. is not easy for me reading and writing is english language. i im n00b in english, so almost all jokes are out of my sight
  4. GM is normal in online games. try ultima online. no one ask GMs 'what mean gm'. only newbies. and only 1 time. and another advantage; u see in chat that someone is GM or not. so u dont need to check nick colour, just read and u know all.
  5. maybe good idea, but not with colours. just put GM before name like 'GM Entropy' or 'GM Roja' etc.
  6. Time

    faster day/night cycle is solution for that, roja.
  7. Horses

    'follow' is good idea. 'cos when u go in party, u safe clicks and u can talk (like in RealLife)
  8. add 'V-synch' option to synchronize max FPS in client with frequency of monitor.
  9. Bone Powder exp

    i agree too. 1exp or at least 0.25exp.
  10. Combat Exp-New Approach

    ent: u plan to add NUKE? wow
  11. Player Ruled Bussinesses

    this will be easy to implement, when 'players house' will be here. and this NPC selling and buying stuff will be only close to this player's house.
  12. torches

    :arrow: http://eternal-lands.com/phpBB2/viewtopic.php?t=91
  13. Player Owned Houses

    'beam me up' will be disabled later but some kind of teleport spell is good for that.
  14. i agree with the zoom. not unzooming due to other problems with server and connectivity etc, but zoom is not hard to implement imho. (in map editor too ) STB: ad details: is not easy to implement level of detail setting. that will be need complete remodeling of ALL objects in game in at least 2 set of detail for each object (hig res and low res). but maybe better idea is texture details in game; is easy to convert all textures to lower res roja?