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  1. Hey guys and Gals! Pride here So I won't try to write a whole essay trying to convince all of you, but I will do it very concisely. I just graduated last June from the high school I transferred to after my freshman year. Metropolitan Arts and Technology is a project-based charter school located in San Francisco. The staff is just wonderful, and the student body is also very inviting. This prompted me to join the Student Leadership Council (think student government) and while I was working there as Director of Activities, I saw just how much everyone loved the school. No cliques, no harassment, everyone got along. There was always someone willing to help out with the school, and because we strive away from the traditional bookwork that most schools have, we are not part of our city's school district. They technically have no jurisdiction over us, but this leaves us without their funding and instead, we rely on other private organizations (Bill and Melinda Gates foundation, for one). We have also been moving around a lot, as we have no campus to call our own. The district has been jerking us around and many of us believe that they feel threatened by our way of doing things. Group projects and hands on learning over sitting in a room for hours, reading out of a text book. They have tried many times to shut us down, but we managed to stay alive because of our results. Over 90% of our graduates go on to college, and if you look at the numbers for other school, it is definitely impressive. I don't know how many of you will actually take the time to vote, but I have seen the compassion and kindness many of you in this community have shown. From concern to issues in real life, to setting up raffles for in-game items in exchange for a small donation to cancer organizations. This may not mean much to too many, but our educational system needs some adjusting, and my school is one of the few in my city to try something different. Here is the link. It does require you to like Kohl's page. You do get to vote up to 5 times for a school, so please do that: http://apps.facebook.com/KohlsCares/school...are&ref=mf# If the link doesn't work, please look up Kohls and then find our school through the search feature. Metropolitan Arts and Technology High school located in San Francisco. Afterwards, just leave a reply, telling them that Walter told you about the school, and that you support us or feel free to just share a though. We're a very small school (~200 people), and the bigger schools with decent funding outnumber us greatly so any support is great :] Voted: hobobob38 KoDdy
  2. Help my school win $500,000

    contest ends sep 3 so I guess around september 4th or 5th? (I'mma hafta download and install EL on my lappy)
  3. Help my school win $500,000

    oh and please post both your facebook name and ingame name here after voting and posting. @Aislinn or a mod: can I get this moved to events please?
  4. Help my school win $500,000

    Voters, please mention my real name Walter in the suggestion box after you vote (only way to tell which are EL players) and you'll be entered in a raffle to win a rosto and a couple of other items worth over 50k total Edit: please don't just leave my name in the suggestion corner. If you can, try to genuinely give a suggestion on how the school can spend the money.
  5. Kilaran Fields

  6. if you find any chars can you let me know through PM?
  7. I know not everyone has an army of alts, but some did I dunno about now, but yeah I'mma see if I can pop by the server and give it a go

    Elect's is sexeh
  9. I agree with the cooldown thing that Handy mentioned. No cooldown on food, but regular cd on other items. I was there with a bunch of people on the opening day of the PK server, waiting for it to get started and having our chars wiped. The PK was really good for a bit but then people started leaving when it slowed down :[ I remember Sistema and I were the only ones left in MASH ;_; I don't know if the alliance of some of the guilds was a reason, but it didn't seem like much people attacked each other. I dunno how it's like now, but perhaps erasing the #set_ally_guild command might bring things up a bit. And another issue I had was that I couldn't afford to pay for like 5 alts so I had to work slowly while lots of people kinda sped along. Perhaps if you paid once for the PK server, you get an extra 2 or 3 characters free of charge?D: btw, I'm interested in the PK server if anyone has a char(s) they don't need.
  10. Laugh Out Loud(LoL!)

    Oh no, Pride's back again, with a new guild tag! D: well guess what? This name's to stay. For those of you that remember, Laughing out Loud(LoL) was a guild me and my good friend Lightspeed created. We grew big, and we were good for a long while, but I wanted something more PK oriented, so I gave up my portion of leadership and created my own guild. Lighspeed has long left EL, but I'm back and this guild is made in remembrance of all those fun times. LoL! is looking for anyone that's mature and up for having fun. Only requirements: -min. lvl 20 in one skill -a positive attitude -willingness to chat on #GM If you're interested, PM me (Pride) for more info or do a quick #guild_info LoL! (not LoL remember to add the exclamation mark) -Pride Forum URL: http://lolguild.forumotion.com
  11. Laugh Out Loud(LoL!)

    awww thanks Elect
  12. Laugh Out Loud(LoL!)

    Still recruiting anyone that needs an active guild as long as you haven't scammed anyone before and have a skill @ 20+ Really in need of: -Archers -Mages -Engineers -Manuers -Tailors In need of people from: US/Canada/whatever else country has same time ranges- Most members are in this zone Brazil: we have 1 member, need more to keep company in the early hours Poland: also 1 member from PL Australia: multiple people from here. Would like some company for them too when us US peeps are asleep <3 Pride
  13. I Summoned


    Who are you to say that his siggys are "half-baked"? Meche puts 110% into all of his work. He's just trying to say his skill isn't equal to yours or forever's atm. I personally like the work he does. Keep the crap off this thread. BUMP
  15. small sto sale

    203 bear furs @ 15 ea?

    Merry Xmas again, from LoL!
  17. Laugh Out Loud(LoL!)

    After hearing cycro out and confirming that he was completely against BJing,Scamming,Macroing,etc. and getting input from other members, I have decided to give him one chance at this. To be honest, Cycrosism has been nothing but helpful in the guild, especially to the newer players. I'm pretty sure has changed and is willing to contribute positively from here on out. I don't know what kind of beef the community as a whole has against him (I don't think I was around for it), but I'm willing to give him this shot. Any more broken rules and it's a removal from the guild. -Pride P.S. I hope you're fine with this, Paul
  18. Trading/Selling

    Selling Red dragon torso-115k Red dragon cuisses-SOLD Damaged red dragon greaves-SOLD PM me p.s I reserve the right to change my mind >
  19. Trading/Selling

    or trading the torso for a full steel set D:
  20. Laugh Out Loud(LoL!)

    added forum URL
  21. Mini storage sale

    If the item doesn't have a price, make an offer please *doesn't mean I'll accept* NOTE: I will not sell for under bot prices ;/ I reserve the right not to make a sale if I don't feel like I'm getting a decent deal :3 Armor: Full steel set (torso,cuisses,greaves) Used Red dragon torso- accepting trades also Flowers: 1 Black Rose 288 White Asiatic Lilly 682 Chrysanthemum 2021 Mullein 125 Red Rose 716 Toadstool 3249 Sunflower Ores: 15k iron ore- 3.3 ea. 2000 silver ore Minerals: 1 Emerald 105 Sulfur 4 Gypsum 20 Blue Quartz 640 Quartz 3 Diamond 510 Rose Quartz 336 Coal Magic: 8 ring of power 1 conjurer cloak 7 a/d indicator Animal: 2000 wolf fur- 5.3 ea 444 rat tails 50 snow leopard fur 43 feran horn 400 deer fur- 5.2 ea
  22. Mini storage sale

    added more iron ore and lowered price
  23. Mini storage sale

    added used dragon torso
  24. Mini storage sale

    sorry I had to leave so didn't get to edit the thread. I only have wolf fur left. Would you like them?