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  1. 1.9.0 RC2

    i just tryed rc2 on my pc in a empty folder called Eternal lands on drive c program files when i ran it i got this screen. then it went blank what am i doing wrong? im running windows vista home premium intel quad2 cpu q8300 4gb ram error log
  2. first game you ever played?

    blue meanies (space invaders clone by big red software) on the Commodore VIC-20
  3. Drums of War part 4

    ty very much for the great invaision it was good that the under 40 a/d was on a none multi combat map . i had a great time killing skellies ,goblins and gargoyles (as the_bull)
  4. Find the new NPC contest

    ncp Patrick named after Patrick McGoohan who played the prisoner the prisoner was a iron maiden song on the cd The Number Of The Beast
  5. How Did You Get Your EL Name?

    bomwan bowman is my last name and is always taken in games so i swaped the w and m around dieyou was my fighter player but hes now a tradebot dieyou was a play on words as tailoring had just came in to el when i made him
  6. Stolen Bot !

    Chimothy is back where it used to be and under the control of tokie and taini bomwan a fellow member of #nu Pounding you
  7. Bag Jumping

    your alt was not band from #nu bot dieyou , only 4 players band from him who ever your alt is
  8. Eternal Limericks!

    here is my go at limericks the grud There once was monster called the grue He was eating players from the shadows Then he met a player called the_grud Who Sliped in the mud Grud fell on the grue now hes burred in mud TOKIE There once was a player calles tokie Who had a big smokie Tokie tryed the smokie And he had a big chokie So now he sticks to coffee
  9. Bot payments

    Congratulations . your payment was sent Transaction ID: 1CB986410S425770X dieyou trade bot payed for 2010 by bomwan
  10. Screenshot Thread

    nice pic paulb but i dont think we needed to see your choice of music on winamp
  11. Removal Stones - where did you find one?

    i found a will removel stone in the sunflowers in desret pines i found a magic removel stone in the yarrow in tarsengaard yay 2 stones in 24 hours
  12. Screenshot Thread

    some old situ pictuers i found on my old laptop i think there from around august 2008 situ birthday party dewenchs leaving party woo and fyrefoxes wedding old me when i had a iron set i use augmented leather now all official EL clothes as far as i know as i do not have the unoffical clothes on my laptop
  13. landmines

    or you can adopt a mine field to clear it http://www.landmines.org/Page.aspx?pid=374
  14. landmines

    The use of land mines is controversial because they are indiscriminate weapons, harming friend , enemy or fluffy bunny alike. A magic sword you choose who to kill. a mine you dont you kill the first thing that walks past. I think if you dont want mines in game just dont make or use them . Just be carful as i keep walking into desert pines storeage and get the warning. entered range of mine 1 entered range of mine 2
  15. Boycott Learner

    I am amazed , i have 65 hp and havest titanum , try to fight feran with aug leather armor and a bone for a wepon . you dont need steel armor to harvest or fight strange looking animals, try using body restoration potions and healh essences to heal yourself. rostos are nice but you can play with out them. This game is great, the prices may go up and down but thats more fun trying to find what you want at the price you are willing to pay . You can allways use the el shop if its to hard without a rosto .