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  1. The Fall of Tirnym

    This is very good and I'll add it to the list tonight Either perspective will work fine, I think, just be very careful to be consistent in whichever approach you choose. Keep up the good work though! I'll be checking back, if you have any questions or want to bounce some ideas around post them here. I won't so any serious editing or suggest revisions until the piece is finished, but I'd be glad to be a sounding board for you. Thanks Chariste
  2. Is there a divine being

    Yes, I have seen a miracle or two in my time and while I cannot provide you with concrete evidence that they were wrought by the hand of God...neither can you provide me with proof that they were not. Ahhh, the great dilemna... "I stand amid the roar Of a surf-tormented shore, And I hold within my hand Grains of the golden sand-- How few! yet how they creep Through my fingers to the deep, While I weep--while I weep! O God! can I not grasp Them with a tighter clasp? O God! can I not save One from the pitiless wave? Is all that we see or seem But a dream within a dream?" --Edgar Allan Poe --always thought this a stylish verse --
  3. Storylines Discussions

    hehe ok, I got your other addresses, so I will get that emailed to you shortly. I lied and did not look up that other Vermor story(ies) but I will, I promise, tomorrow at work, I'll make a note...:s Yes, AOHell, but, one must wonder, who is the bigger idiot, the one that produces it or the one(s) that pay for it... Thnx, Chariste edit: As I read back over this I see some may take it wrong so for the record--I have AOL lol
  4. Desert Pines Canyon

    I think it's a great quest start! I'll run it past Roja, too, as we are getting closer (slowly ) to gearing up some new quests. I'm going to add this to the "queue" then, thanks for getting back so quick. Chariste
  5. Mythos

    What the mythos is mainly to be considered is a framework for the writers to them come in and flesh out. This is where the minor deities, other gods, and polytheism will come into play. I want them to create this history but based on certain points that are "set," in this way much of the confusion of who did what where and to whom will be avoided. In this way a writer could come in and say, ok, Aluwen and Mortos are engaged in this massive battle...what is Selain doing? How about we turn this little unimportant fairy guy over here into a hero...etc and thus an heroic epic is born. I never intended for the mythos to "be" the history, I want it to be the springboard for it. I have read Saii's work and love it, and intend to use as much of the work of the past writers as I can. As for Kayliana, however, I read her post asking for her histories to be pulled as she was going to use them for another reason so those I have not considered. As for the races, yes, at first it was just humans and perhaps elves that were "Aluwen's children." The others were created as companion races, servitor class you might say although with a much heavier lean toward ally rather than servant, but Mortos's "poison" infecting the land, they thereby gained free will and the ability to choose their own destinies. In this way they become equals in the struggle to survive in this utopia gone "bad" so to speak, hehe. And Aluwen, being a goddess of Life, makes them her own. No, I meant dragons in that last bit, I haven't approached the creation of the Draegoni yet. Due to Kayliana's request, I decided to cut the dragons from whole cloth, give them their start, and let the tales come as they would. Although I do have a few ideas for the Draegoni, they are just not ready yet. Thanks for your thoughts, I appreciate the help Chariste
  6. Storylines Discussions

    Wow, I'm going to send that thing certified, return receipt requested! lol No, I sent it again in a .txt format, but I will try again. That is the email address I used so.... Maybe AOL figures our lives are too easy and they're gonna spice it up for us I can't even stand going to insurance office, much less a school, hehe, so you have my sympathies. That sounds fantastic! Could you perhaps make an outline of events...there are some stories out there now that detail events in the Vermor line. Let me sort through some stuff tonight after the kiddies go to bed and see what might impact your history. Thanks Quin, Chariste
  7. Story Stats

    Thank you, Lyn, I appreciate that! I don't think they need too much, you do good work as always... Thnx, Chariste
  8. The Founding of Tirnwood.

    That's great, I'm going to go ahead and add it to the edit list. I'm going to go ahead and add "The Curse..." as well even though it's not quite worked out. Just bear with me... ty Chariste I love this story, btw, it's got such an aura of mystery about it, the dormant giant that can awaken at any moment, the sunny glade that holds such an amazing secret. This would make a great addition to a quest as well.
  9. Desert Pines Canyon

    I like the third person, it gives it a lot of scope and gives you more freedom to talk about how, maybe, the strike affected different people or what different explorers have done to find the core...plus, there has been some talk of new quests, this might make a great addition to that... thanks
  10. Platyna

    You know, Spam has a shelf life of at least 26 years...I heard that on a tv show on the Discovery Channel one night. (honey, btw, has been found to be edible after 3000 years, is that not the coolest?) Ravenod's alleged spam* thus far has a shelf life of almost a year which I consider quite praiseworthy. I say alleged because in his case it is a matter of opinion. Some would consider it (as I do) creative (perhaps even crazy hehe) advertisement since it was not merely traditional punctuation, capitalization, and in some cases grammar. I can see where those predisposed to easy aggravation, low tolerance, and quick disdain for anything they don't understand would consider it spam. So la la~~I have always enjoyed a public court of inquiry, so I'll grab some logs and see what floats to the surface. I don't really care that Ravenod is on the chopping block, so to speak, but the argument is so feeble, the jealousy so rampant, that it just promises to lend itself to a rare good time. Hell, I wish he were actually guilty of something worth mentioning, that would be fab! Oh, every time I read the posts of a particular forum participant, I get that old Don Henley song stuck in my head, the only lyric I can remember goes..."Got the bubble-headed bleach blonde, comes on at 5....She can tell you about the plane crash, with a gleam in her eye..." Anybody remember that song???
  11. Platyna

    Proof of Moonshadow's treachery please. I would be greatly interested in seeing the logs. I'm sure everyone else would too.
  12. Platyna

    LOL Neoses, you've hit the nail on the head if you've realized...this is exactly what Plat wants. She wants everyone at each other's throats, she thrives on strife and discord, especially when she can revel in the eye of the hurricane. And the lengths she's going to are incredible which I find laudable in a distinctly twisted and warped fashion. I'd say there are very few here that could remember Ravenod's "creative advertisements" from back in the day since they occurred oh...about 10 MONTHS ago when he was, in fact, a newbie and used such heinous tactics as alternating upper and lowercase letters to catch a buyer's eye in the market channel! But you know, Neoses, one thing he NEVER did? He never used smilies at the end of every line. :> And he has always disdained that 1337 stuff. But I cannot withhold credit where it is due! I would never ever have had the patience, nay, the intestinal fortitude! to dig for three hours to find some "juicy tidbit" about Ravenod's newbie malfeasances. But perhaps it did not take that long, that is just the time between the original post and the ubiquitous final (so far) edit of said post. He was not mentioned in the original post as a spammer. But, as some much more wise than I have noted, the truth most often lies somewhere in the middle. As to her exhaustive listing of each mod/dev/NH's and their almost innumerable faults (although I'm sure she did her best to find ALL of them), I can totally appreciate a good showing of wag the dog. So, don't worry about it. People will rail back and forth but eventually it will die down and drift away. Heck, the only thing that drew me in was my own twisted amusement at the fact that Ravenod had been pinged and the villainous nature of his misconduct! Eh, in the end I have the most sympathy for Leeloo and Roja. They are both very sincere and very concerned but both have been drawn into this ridiculous maelstrom and have both said things that if they do not regret it now, they should. But now what truth there was has been shredded and thrown to the wayside. Of course what is done is done and I truly admire Leeloo's tenacity but regret that it does little more than fuel Plat's psychological, perhaps even pathological, obsession for dissension. This too shall pass, I read that in a good book once... I should note that a good friend of mine has pretty well charted Plat's entire course one step ahead of her. It has been very amusing though saddening to see her trace her route so precisely. Kudos to said friend. Sincerely, Chariste P.S. Can't wait to see what nasty skeletons are hiding in my closet! P.S.S. Just to note: I could care less about Plat in either a good way or bad way, so do not presume to ascribe me to any one position. I am rarely ingame anymore since I am waiting for the beautiful new changes coming our way. This is merely an observation on human psychology and op-ed piece on the deranged number of people/posts (myself humbly included hee hee!) that this delicious melodrama has provoked. Cheers!
  13. Gods And Religions

    Yes, it's a lot of work but it's very fun too. I'll keep that in mind about Saii, especially since I can't seem to get a hold of him. It's so much work though, that whatever this morphs into, I'm going to try and keep as much of it as I can. Right now, I'm going through the backlog and trying to get caught up. Any suggestions or ideas you have are always appreciated! Stop by anytime you get a moment Thanks! Chariste
  14. Desert Pines Canyon

    Oh, I see, that will be great! So you and Connor were the same? I have "him" listed as a possibility so can I just combine yours and his stories then as far as that goes and mark you both active? Thanks Chariste
  15. Story Stats

    Hey there, I did get your PM and I thought I had replied, I will check on that. I did email you the story attached as a .txt file so evidently I am a statistic But I will get that sent back out to you tonight. And yes, I saw your post but I quite frankly lost it in the shuffle and never responded. Sorry about that, but I will also do that tonight if I can. Thanks for your patience...