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    2Pac, Cradle of Filth, Dying Fetus, Pain, Babylon 5, Sports, Games, Design, Web
  1. Suomi Finland Perkele

    Morjens, Heppuli
  2. Selling

    Ok, catch me ingame.
  3. Selling

    200 White Rabbit Fur 8 gc each 5000 Health Essences 7 gc each SOLD 105 Deer Antlers 6 gc each SOLD 500 Leather 6 gc each SOLD 500 Creature Food 70 gc each SOLD 1 Vitality Removal Stone 20k gc SOLD
  4. Suomi Finland Perkele

    Jos kerran ollaan sukupuuton partaalla, niin kaiketi täytyy ilmoittautua suomalaiseksi (tosin en pelaa enää hirveesti, ellei ole tietynlaista 'motivaattoria' käden ulottuvilla.. Tuo harvaus kun on kohtalaisen tylsää...)
  5. New Gossip Translation Feature in Beta

    I'll help with Finnish.
  6. Some game!

    I R there 2; http://leoniusboc.mybrute.com
  7. Universal hood

    I'll buy that too for 80k. EDIT; Thank you
  8. Universal hood

    I'll buy it for 80k
  9. Selling: 10k Silver Bars & 1 Will Removal Stone

    Okay, catch me ingame
  10. Selling 10k Silver Bars - 37 gc each SOLD Will Removal Stone - 50k gc SOLD Post here, or PM me in-game.
  11. I can't type the @ and # symbol ingame

    Press CTRL+ALT to get the character. For example, CTRL+ALT+2 is @ (guess that varies on keyboards).
  12. Azerty -> Qwerty

    I have the same problem. Can't say anything about Azerty -> Qwerty, as I use qwerty.
  13. Selling stuff &buying iron ore

    I'll buy the 215 White rabbit furs, if you still have them. PM me ingame. I'll be online later tonight
  14. Forum registration

    Could you please approve ArchFundy? Thank you
  15. The Bruise Brothers Harvest Group

    Leonius - 2k Sulfur - 4k gc Thanks