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  1. *Remember When*

    I too was a Grand Dragon Coucil member, xD I remember Dragburn but not Ace? Where is Grum?
  2. EL quiz

    What was the price of a Masters Cape?
  3. Three word story

    Untill tragety struck.
  4. Free Signatures!

    Ahh admit it, it was funny, that was your sig for a while. Muhaha I guess you can have the old one back. [EDIT] Refering to this picture..That he linked from my photobucket. So I changed it.
  5. Free Signatures!

    Yeah, don't thank me but go ahead and use it.
  6. Three word story

    An albino bigfoot.
  7. brush request

    Also for renders if you may need, www.planetrenders.net And tutorials - www.good-tutorials.com
  8. brush request

    Brushes/fonts - www.deviantart.com Fonts - www.dafonts.com
  9. Free Signatures!

    Since Beorn has been making quite a few, thought I would help out with these. Ahh, I didn't look at your first post just the one where you only said black text, if you want anything changed or something tell me.
  10. EL Essay

    I'm a D english student..... Just writting whatever comes up, not organized.. I was introduced to EL around the begining of March 2004. I was playing a text absed game, never played graphical mmorpgs before. That text based game "Space Crime" kept hounding me to vote for their smeggy game, I went to a voting site, seen EL at number one. I was like smeg I have to check this out. So there my joruney began untill about July 2004, I had just picked up the greatest training partner anyone could ask for, Mihaim. We were getting millions of experience a day. Funny thing is I kept thinking to myself, It would suck if we had to start over for some reason. Oh guess what... We did. Thats when I found my physchic powers. The old EL was the funnest game ever. Since I left, I have never found a game to keep my interest as EL did. I have tryed every free game ever made. From 2D to 3D, MMORPG to FPS. Everytime I try to come back to EL there are more updates and more reason to keep me from playing. There was just so much to do back then, you could train skills and not worry about having below average phys/choord. As the pickpoints take that away from you. When you had to train all the skills to be able to wear capes that are now perks. When your levels acually meant something, not how many negative perks you can put up with. There is no well rounded player anymore, the player puts all the pickpoints in nexus so he can use skills. Thus making him behind in phys coord compared to other players. I guess now you just have to pick what you specialize in and smegz0rz the rest of the skills. Maybe it was unbalanced at the time, but everysince server change to pickpoints EL has went on a downward spiral in my opinion. In the begging, when the game was really unbalanced ofcourse. Money wasn't a problem because you could sell beaver fur for 5k a peice. The higher levels would buy them so they could raise other attributes. I beleive the quests for attributes was best. I sat around all day killing beavers untill I was like 20/20/20 (Attack/Defence/Combat) Then I finally did the quests to find out they were acually fun. I thought I would never quit playing EL. At the time EL was a mature community, rarley did anyone act stupid or scam players. I had dial up at the time EL was the only thing I had to do. When I should of been out having fun in real life I wasted many hours on EL to see my hard work come to an end. I have had tons of great memories on EL with my old friends. Contests were the best. I remember a high level player taking me under his wing when I started, Torek. McMantis was also another one. he helped me with everything. Adivice was essential, now its like all the high levels are jerks who can't take the time to help anyone. Mods are obsessed with their powers. Example, I walk in a tavern where there is 50 summoned gargoyles. I accidently click one trying to reach the NPC, I kill one and get sent to Newbie Helper. Wasn't warned or anything. They were having some kind of gay celebration or something. Yes this writting will be going from the past to present, what can I say I hate writting. I care not to organize it, I just want to be heard. Still to this day when people ask me what is the best mmorpg out there I respond with the old EL, but don't bother its forever gone. With every update EL loses a peice of what was once the best mmorpg ever made! When I try to come back, to this totally differant game. I get flammed in market channel when asking questions, because I was an smeghole/drunk one night and got denoobed. With such responses as " lke askz in teh#jc1 noob Lmoa" Hell I don't know what a smegging orange cape is....I'm stuck in the past. I always think of how much EL used to mean to me.
  11. Free Signatures!

    Nice work. I too was inspired to finally make a new one. xD
  12. Whats your favorate band?

  13. New gfx.

  14. New gfx.

    Yeah, but these were for other forums, I am not active enough on el forums.
  15. New gfx.

    What are EL allowed sig sizes? Btw thats a sword? Looks like something from legos.