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  1. Suomi Finland Perkele

    Mittään muuta hienoo ookaa ku minä ja miiksuli.
  2. Suomi Finland Perkele

    Pojat, pojat. Eipä ny anneta keskustelun mennä liian syvälliseks.
  3. Invance Helping and Gear Poll

    Voted yes and yes. I do not support the idea of being a lazy ass leech, but it feels a bit pointless for me to grab my short bow and pretend to make any difference w/o AP when we only have those monsters left my a/d is useless against. Actually it's more likely I'd accidentally unpin a lil cute bld and cause someone else's death. Ofc I want to be as useful as possible and I believe most do, but if we start nitpicking here, it will just cause some unnecessary stress. Imo. I dunno, maybe this is a bigger problem in lower invances, but I haven't noticed alarming amounts of free riding in 120-200. And when it comes to gear, I think some minimum requirements are in place. Though, in my experience, in the long run it's cheaper to wear good armor anyway.
  4. What do you do while you harvest?

    I often read various forums or when bored enough, old chat logs. Sometimes I study. Freecell rocks, too.
  5. Suomi Finland Perkele

    Uhallanikin kirjotan, vaikka ei asiaa olekaan. Lällislää ja spämmm.
  6. Suomi Finland Perkele

    Teoriassa. Käytännössä... *jatkaa motivaation etsintöjä*
  7. Scary pictures

    LOL @ Raist. Here are my entries: Sacrifice Haunted
  8. Daily quests

    Haidir & Daritha always and forever. Xaquelina I visit only on Stakhanov's.
  9. 725kgc, PM me in-game. SOLD
  10. Laaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaggggg....

    Could be, but it doesn't explain why I get losses with the laptop too, right? The only difference between the two is with the first %. The first hop is the hop between your pc and your router. I really wouldn't normally expect to see any drops at that point at all. Once you've gone past this point you are on someone elses network, so really what i was referring to was in the realm of 'what you can physically do to try to solve the problem right now'. As you point out, the problem as a whole is still there, having swapped out and/or disabled as many things as possible at your end. So i'm afraid at this point your next option may have to be to talk to your ISP, since the problem (using the laptop at least) seems to be occurring upstream from your physical network. As an aside, even though the problem isn't fixed, is the lag as bad on the laptop, as it was on the original pc? Gotcha. So the next step is to threaten the ISP and possibly do something about the network card. Could Learner's proxy help with my problem? Ping in EL is just as bad with both computers, only the laptop is more laggy because it can't run EL as smoothly.
  11. Laaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaggggg....

    Could be, but it doesn't explain why I get losses with the laptop too, right? The only difference between the two is with the first %. Tried this, with no positive effect. Ty anyway.
  12. Laaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaggggg....

    Yup, made no difference. Did the same mtr thingy test with my laptop and the results are about the same, except for the loss at Nr 1 (was 0%).
  13. Laaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaggggg....

    Cable. And the loss was 14% before I resetted the modem.
  14. Laaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaggggg....

    I've been having irritating lag for about 2 months now. I've done pretty much everything one could imagine to try to fix it, with my poor knowledge of computers. Then I tried this fancy thingy and got these results: Wut does it meen? What should I do? Should I shoot the ISP? Should I shoot myself? I'm desperate here. Trices are enjoying my lag spikes a bit too much.
  15. Suomi Finland Perkele

    Voi ei, se meinaa loputtomasti kebabbia ja chilipähkinöitä.
  16. LoGG's PK Party

  17. Suomi Finland Perkele

    hei sinä, ja onnea tästä saavutuksesta
  18. Suomi Finland Perkele

    Miekii tykkään siusta.
  19. Suomi Finland Perkele

    Omg omg, joku uskaltautui kirjottelemaan tänne. Ei sitä kesällä niin jaksa spämmäillä mut näin talvella lämpimikseen sitä harrastaa ihan mielellään. Spämmäilyä siis. Ja hmm, vois deletoida tuon miun edellisen postauksen ettei kukaan avaudu siitä enää enempää.
  20. New critical damage

    Degraded a CoL on the 2nd trice I tried. Broke a steel shield and a MoL on 136 yeties. This may still fall into the 'normal' category or 'bad luck' at best. Didn't break anything on test server yesterday, but then again, didn't have a chance to fight many yeties/trices there. Can't really compare these results with any previous stats since I haven't trained on these creatures before. Only ever broke a steel shield before doing daily yeti tho.
  21. Extra critical chance

    Was, eh, interesting to get hit by an armed skelly for 19 dmg. Didn't notice any difference on mcw tho.
  22. Fighter or Mixer ? :)

    Total exp earned in EL: 634405263 (634.4M) Exp wasted on #resets: -2697477 (2.7M) (this means no resets and 2.7M extra gained on scholars) Attack+Defense exp vs other skills: 73.68% And no, I'm not a fighter.
  23. Small survey about EL and EL shop

    - How old are you? 25 - Where do you live? Finland - Are you studying or working etc.? internship - Do you have long history with computer games or is EL your "first love"? a very short history... I only played Neopets before I started playing EL 1. The most important reason you play EL? -friends, definitely 2. Is there any other reasons you play? -some kind of feeling of belonging, I guess 3. How did you find the game? -my husband found EL, and after a few months I gave up and started playing too 4. How often do you play? -every friggin day 5. Have you tried any other MMORPG's and do you still play them? Why have you stayed in EL? -a few, but EL is the most afk/chat friendly game I've tried and is now the only one I play 6. Have you ever bought from EL shop? -yes, bot blesses, p2p, rosts etc
  24. Trading silver for bones

    Already got what I wanted.
  25. Expiring bots

    Hi. Roope is my bot and got a blessing 8 November 2009. I believe that includes the yearly fee?