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  1. PK server started!

    It will, as the server thinks you're hacking by using sigils you dont own. (Ive had this problem with a bot in the past) The client saves the spell list localy. mayby worth having the client add the port into the quickspell filename?
  2. PK bot, peace day.

    :Totally agrees. $200 for a guild map. $100 per guardbot/ The look on your face as yuo try to invade our privacy on world peace day... Priceless. Get a grip. we paid u$d for our privacy. You enter our map and are not whitelisted by our bots, you get killed. No Christmas amnesty, nothing. We paid for our privacy, we didnt pay for our privacy to exclude christmas, new year, federal and bank holidays and whatever other lame excuses you want to throw to intrude on private property.
  3. New charging for bots clarification.

    I am thoroughly disgusted with particular regard to guildmap guardbots. $200 for a guild map, $100x2 for guardbots, all as one off payments, and than having additional fees introduced at a later date. In the case of guardbots I just see this as a surprise tax. We can call it privacy tax.
  4. New charging for bots clarification.

    re http://www.eternal-lands.com/forum/index.p...&st=0 Is this change going to affect existing PAID bots? By this I mean $20 and $100 tradebots and $100 guardbots. Where I can accept this change on new bots I would see it as highly unfair to the owners who have paid for bots with the former single payment system, particularly on $100 bots (doubly so on guardbots as they are only bought after having made a substantial donation for having a guildmap i.e. ~$200)
  5. Kill LuciferX contest

    Would you and Luci consider a re-match if the ingreds required could be donated? If so, I would quite happily embark on some Alch levelling to try to make some enriched essies for you. Failing that, I might even sponsor one giant or another monster of your choice if the idea is acceptable. EP With ingrieds supplied, i'd be more than happy. Pretty sure LuciferX would be also, though ultimatly thats his choice. Just remember though, 2 eme and 5 ele per giant.....
  6. server down?

    How would we know what 1 day without EL is like? WE dont have your experience of bans
  7. server down?

    realy hopes that this is the case The system still responds to pings which rules out hardware issue (such as ACPI BIOS seeing CPU fan at 0rpm and telling ACPI enabled OS to shutdown (still controlled))... indicating (but certainly not confirming) a problem with the EL server software, which i find scarier than any problem originating outside the EL software itself... also possibly explaining the lack of official word; if a CPU fan or HDD dies, or some library the EL server software relies on has problems, it is presumably easier to fix than some "shouldn't be happening" problem with EL iself. But dont worry, i'm just trying to occupy my brain by considering all these little scenarios in an attempt to stop the twitching and jerking... Then think nice thoughts, its just as likly the system had to reboot, and the el servers startup script was not set to autorun. There is no point in scaremongering. We have regular backups, and a controlled shutdown. Now give me a uncontrolled shutdown and then Ill worry.
  8. server down?

    I very much doubt that, given the server had time to see that something bad happened and was able to execute a controlled shutdown.
  9. server down?

    Maby the company that hosts the server implemented cooldown on server restarts
  10. Kill LuciferX contest

    I think something that is also missed is that myself and Lucifer were doing this primarially for fun and curiosity. Beforehand neither of us would have wanted to place any bets. Lucifer did ask for more space, and I followed suit, unfortunatly we only got a tiny amount of extra face. This did really disadvantage Lucifer. We know for future to make such things more private events, a few watchers and a filming man. If it were not for the sheer cost of summoning giants, Id offer a fun match like this but taking him last time cost me ~75k in essence at friendly prices! (ok, I did oversummon, was too busy clicking to see his death message) Back to point 1 though, this was a bit of fun and entertainment for me and Lucifer. I only regret that the lag made it so short.
  11. Antiroot vs LuciferX

    the giants are strong but that was not the reason luci died that fast... as you migth know there were a lot of ppl and a lot of ppl = lagg, this is what got luci killed... I am for a rematch. meaning luci vs anti with only 1 mod and hellraizer there to videotape this event. this would save luci the lagg and would give us a way better fight to watch. thats just my opinion tho. Hyperion again my opinion. And I presume in this case you'll be supplying the 2 EME and 5 ELE per giant I summon..... Rematches are kinda expensive...... at friendly prices thats ~15k per giant. Now Im pretty sure LuciferX will agree that a rematch may need more giants to take him down, but that the result would be the same due to the sheer number of giant components I have at my disposal. (I had been collecting them like crazy for ents hold the forts event, but couldnt summon them in that compo due to a knowledge bug) Kudos to LuciferX, I dont see him whining here.
  12. am i banned?

    I can only reply in an unoficial capacity. I would think that there would be a reluctance to whitelist you because your husbands troublemaking has been deviousness based. Where you can swear you will keep your password from him, it would appear to be in his nature to use a keylogger or similair on your computer to steal your password and use your character. You truly have my sympathy, but when one character has caused so much dammage to the game and its players, I think the protection of the masses has to be the number one priority. Unfair on you? Yes. But i think the powers that be most likly see it as a "the good of the majority" situation/
  13. Antiroot vs LuciferX

    Very much fun. I cant thank LuciferX enough for being such a good sport. Before hand we were chatting, and neither of us could predict the outcome. Ty also to sheesh and molime for modding it, and also wehn the giants got Lucifer on his return, thanks to those who returned his bag. This was a lot of fun, and it would have sucked big time if the bag had not been returned. Fun Fun Fun
  14. ctrl click

    I uese ctrl+click to drop a great deal, plus I use ctrl+# for my wuickslots and have never had any problem.
  15. Antiroot vs LuciferX

    When that happens, you'll get owned. And its rUle, not rOle. -Blee get a life. Its only fair that if my summons fail, I sacrafice myself to his kills counter. your point?