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  1. Wanted!

    Is there a dwarven/RP dwarven guild still in existence, I would love to join and get my Khuzdul tongue back into practice! Baruk Khazâd! Khazâd ai-mênu!
  2. A nameless Dwarven poem

    The poem comes from Tolkien's chronicles of Arda. It's an unknown poem found in the citadel of Menegroth built by the dwarves for the king thingol(sic?). Hey ssj, could i get the link to that site again. I've forgotten it, even if I am the one that made it .
  3. Time To Show Of My..umm...your Desktops...

    It's actually that blurry?
  4. Is This Legal ?

    Ahhhaah...NO. British have no legal power in Australia, except for governer general, who has limited capabilities. Queen as head of state is siply sybloc of Austraila's colonial past.
  5. Time To Show Of My..umm...your Desktops...

    Ok then, revival time
  6. Bush Diss Song By Eminem

    Eminem is the greatest.
  7. Lvl 100 Reached!

    Nice, well done.
  8. Beer.

    ;-( + Beer = :-) + Wine =
  9. Mercury

    Exactly. If this game was a reality, we would all be picking up sand and looking for rumite for titanium. Realistically, titanium should have the lowest harvest level because it is suply a component of sand. All it would require is an immensly high achemley level.
  10. How can you say somethingawful is crap? Obviously you have neither the wit nor the understanding of language to appreciate their jokes. That is why you have to have in the face pictures and slapstick to help you. <_<
  11. Pickpoiiiint

    What about if it was: p..p...p....Pickpoiint
  12. El Movie

  13. Linux Flavour

    What is this Linux you speak of? O_o
  14. o_O Funnier than geeky cartoon. And I suppose you read the entire site in 3min?
  15. My Friend Is He Cool Or What ?

    You don't LOOK as stupid as your post lead you to seem. Take that as a compliment.