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  1. =HC= V. *CO*

    Rofl, I think thats the onyl thing i can do.
  2. =HC= V. *CO*

    If WE want war? I have done nothing but try to make peace with you guys, but i see that that season has ended. War? we're ready for war!
  3. =HC= V. *CO*

    Ok, well =hc='s excuse for war with us is that mcmantis and I (banazir) killed enyo. True. We did kill enyo. Enyo was cursing and screaming at *co* for no apparent reason. Shortly after emon and enyo cam over and tried to kill us. we defeted them, and apparently they are too much of hipocrates to accept the fact that they were the ones who made the mistake... Feel free to read this. Enyo: i would never buy anything from co since i HATE co McMantis: rofl McMantis: why? Banazir: Lol Enyo: because co sucks Ok, you are disengaged from combat, now run (err, walk away)!!! emon2: lol Enyo: and corpus too McMantis: don't attack bana though or I have to help him Enyo: i don't care emon2: corpus is noob Enyo: lol emon2: yup Enyo: i am stronger than you noob Ok, you are disengaged from combat, now run (err, walk away)!!! Your enemy used the ring of disengagement, so he fled, and you can't move for ~5 seconds. Enyo fertilizes the ground. You recovered 53 material points You recovered 57 material points Your material points are already at their max. But you did lose the reagents and ethereal points for this spell Your enemy used the ring of disengagement, so he fled, and you can't move for ~5 seconds. [PM to Enyo: im sorry] [PM to Enyo: i didint want to have to kill you] [PM to Enyo: i killed you because we were all fighting...] [PM from Enyo: i dissed and i don't care.. time to get more drunk.. BYE] [PM to Enyo: i didint get ur serp by the way] McMantis: enyo why did you att? Enyo: fuck you Banazir: dont use that kind of language Banazir: it is offensive McMantis: I thought me and you had peace Enyo: i will use any language that i want McMantis: do we have peace right now? emon2: dunno Banazir: i dont want to fight Banazir: i just am in self defense Banazir: please understand that emon2: no we not in peace Banazir: ok.. emon2: enyo dont have serp Banazir: i didint take it emon2: mcm does McMantis: I will only return when I know she isn't hostile McMantis: it's dangerous Banazir: [shenriss]: i see the guild at least, need i put it in my pk list (LLL guild) Banazir: so sweetthang Banazir: enjoying the show? Banazir: xD emon2: where is she going Banazir: i dunno McMantis: good night I dont care, neither i nor mantis have done anything wrong. Bring it! I could use a good war!
  4. Bookstore Prices

    I think they are good the way they are. Without there being level caps on skills anymore, It is nescisary to have rare books actually be RARE. If everyone has them, they arwent rare anymore than are they? I think it is an awesome way of attempting to fix the economy! Good idea ent and roja! Keep up the awesome work
  5. armor

    I was just thinking, Dont you think it is about time we incorperate steel and titaniam helmets, and titanium shields? I get tired of only seeing iron helms and steel shields. I think it would be really cool to be able to have a titanium shield of fire protection, and a titanium shield of cold protection! That would make an awesome addition! Consider it xD
  6. Vials and perks

    eh, i didint know all that was expencive... i dunno, i am mainly thinking i just want to be able to untake perks someday. . . Ps awesome signature Ailenya!
  7. Vials and perks

    no untaking the perk would be because u decided it wasnt worth it, and ud like to go back to being without it again... if u kept ur PP after u untook it, that is just a way for rich people to get all perks and untake them all?? no way, terrible idea... learner might have a better idea, but i think it still would be good to get them all back, after all you ARE paying, maybe there could be a second offer to get 6/8 back with out paying...
  8. I think it would be really cool if it were possible to craft vials! As it is now, there is no way to get them but to be grossly overcharged by harvy, or to exploit the low price of mana pots at mira! I think it would be cool to give crafters the ability to make vials. 10 quartz + chisel+sand paper mayby? I think it would be a good idea. I also think there should be a way to "untake" perks without resetting. for example for neg perks... Godless give -8 PP well, if you were to untake it it would cost 8 pp and 10k maybe. This also adds a way to remove money from circulation, and gives players the chance to redeem themselves from stupid mistakes. Heck it could cost even more than 10k. I am just suggesting
  9. flower-monster?:P

    I like it... It adds variety, and it is an interesting way to incoorperate "stationary weapons" (previous post) as well as add more variety to the game! (good artwork too xD)
  10. #joining

    I personally think it is a terrible idea to have a queue when someon types #join_guild just think of how annoying it would be in the future whn the game grows, to have hundreds of noobs trying to join every guild that they see walk by them.
  11. Commands

    oo oo oo, and there could also be a "quick command tab" where you ould use a command quickly with out typing it everytime... Exp. #gm
  12. Commands

    I personally think it would be a good idea to have commands written and classified in an icon during game play. I think that as more and more things are added to the game, it becomes tougher and tougher for everyone to remember what the actual commands are... It could be set up like... you click on an icon of something, then you click a topic.. General Guild Chat Whatever else you see fit, and then when you click on the link it would show all of the commands, along with a short description, and when clicked, it would do the command. I think this would not only help noobs to not have to be so lost in the game, but it would also help everyone else have a fast accurate source of commands.
  13. I do agree with Hap on this one, I was trying to figure out what was wrong too, but you nailed it..
  14. I know i said this before, but i believe it is nescisary to have an awesome weapon in each weapon catagory, so that serps arent the only things that anyone ever kills you with. Honestly i need some variety. I wanna see a man with a mace, or a staff, or a hammer, that ACTUALLY has a chance against a same lvl person with a serp... I think this would take the monotony out of pking, and allow people to express themselves more freely! How about a a titanium fire flair or thermal flair! how awesome would this be!