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  1. The Enchanted Dragon - PK Contest!

    Count Erebos in! I will create the opposing guild and do my best to get everything together!
  2. Guild OWN! will use branch of destruction on you.

    ​The fact that you went into a PK map without protection is your own fault . ​It has never been a secret that 1) I do not like you AND 2) as your guildie has said, I have told your guild I will brod them for their comments to my guild calling names and acting childish. ​Now, With this being said, I don't pull brod on anyone who is in pk without cotu. I only brod enemies, you have on countless occasions attacked the casty that me and my team were fighting, turning it to other players, almost causing deaths, and then "LOLing" about it when told to stop. Don't be a child and bash the guild nor me for your mistakes. An honorable guild is a guild who, when states something, can be taken serious. This is just a case where you can learn just how honorable we are. Please feel free to hold me responsible, as for if you're caught by me in pk again without cotu, I will brod. ​Have a good day
  3. PK contest

    I'm wanting to get a PK contest started, I figured with the lack of PK come the lack of interest to go inside of and get slaughtered, so hear this. There will be several brackets, set up, each bracket will be depending on your levels or choice. The pro bracket needs to take over OWN!'S fort in full gear and kick all of the members out leaving your team only inside. (Better be quick - short walk from underworld). Once a contest official declares a win, the winning team will receive a prize. Only restriction in this contest is brod and alike. The almost pro bracket, own! Members will be in less than dragon armors, no holams, and allowed wearing cotu. We won't use any special weapons and we CANNOT SUMMON. Same rules, take over fort, no brods. And as for the "pros to be" bracket, Own! Members aren't allowed great weapons and must wear augmented leather armors or less, no summons and no specialized weapons. Now this contest isn't set in stone, still need to gather prizes, and ideas on how we can improve and make the contest better/happen. So what do you all think?
  4. Raising Attribute Cap to 60!

    I voted no, One of my reasons is we have much worse problems than attribute cap... Lower the prices of items in-game to where they can not be raised by individuals. - I.E. NPC merchants. Fix the game to allow it more feasible for all players. "Eternal Lands is a FREE 3D fantasy MMORPG (massively multiplayer online role playing game) that can be played on Windows, Linux and OSX. So why play Eternal Lands, when there are so many free MMORPGs out there? Well, there are many reasons why, but here are a few: Friendly community. Most of the people here are friendly, and they will try to help you if they can. There are 12 skills in the game: Attack, Defense, Harvest, Alchemy, Magic, Potion, Summoning, Manufacturing, Crafting, Engineering, Tailoring and Ranging. (You cannot be strong in everything unless you buy PPs) There are no fixed class restrictions, so you can develop your character in any way you wish. You, as a player, determine exactly how you develop your character. If you make mistakes, or decide to change or adjust your build, you can do so. (Seems your bank acct determines this) Eternal Lands is not just about combat. Many players focus on more peaceful activities such as collecting resources, creating items, summoning monsters and so on. But if you like combat, there is plenty of it as well, both PvP and PvE. (Plenty of both? I have not seen PK in forever) The game client is relatively small, the download being only 50MB. That's under a minute on a cable modem, and a few minutes on a DSL connection. Eternal Lands is a multiplatform game, running on Windows, Linux and OSX (Mac). The client is open source. (TRUE!) {C} Things to do: Fighting: You can fight monsters and other players, hunt animals, or join with a group of friends and take them on together! (Make sure you're a strong fighter aswell as being within the level for instances. Chances are unless you find a generous 160-170 tank *Like Caduceus/Brutus* you will not be attending) Harvest & Manufacture: Mine ores that you turn into bars of iron, steel, titanium and make various armor and weapons. Or pick flowers and herbs that you mix together to create potions or magical essences. (Depends if you want to make yourself a great fighter at your level or weaken yourself and cash your PP in for nexus to harv/manu - OR come up with some hydro bars/ nexus removals and BUY! ***EXPENSIVE***) Summoning & Magic: Summon an animal or monster to follow and fight for you! Or Become a Mage and cast deadly spells on opponents, or heal your companions. (Magic/alchemy/ranging - Made for everyone, no nexus recommended - perfect skill for a strong fighter)All remaining skills require you to trade in PP, Most people will NEVER be able to afford to get those back.) Roleplay with friends! There's always someone new to talk to, global or private channels, guilds to join, places to explore, all with an easy to use chat interface. Eternal Lands has no fixed classes or professions, so you can always do new things and develop new skills without having to create a new character! About: Eternal Lands first went online in February of 2003. At that time all you could do was sit down and walk around exploring maps. It wasn't until about 6 months later that fighting and some more skills were implemented. Since then the project has grown a lot and has been lucky enough to find some great volunteers to help us out in many areas. MMORPG's are never truly complete, so there will always be new things added for as long as the game is online! The game will always be free to play. (Free to an extent) If you have any questions, please visit the Forums page, and post your questions in the appropriate category. If you want to start playing, just go to the Download page, and follow the instructions. The download is about 50 MB, which is relatively small, even for the Dial Up people." Make items/tasks in game more reachable for the people that cannot spend hundreds/thousands on this game. Everyone curses at GC sellers - Make the game playable without USD. Rostogols are outrageous. Inflation has touched every aspect of the game. It starts from updates like these. Bought PPs should not be that expensive, GC should not be that cheap (USD), and rostogols should not be that untouchable by many. Like I've stated, fix the problems at hand, then PLAN a big game update such as this. It will effect more than some may know. I've watched this game form over the years, from iron armors to titanium, from c1 to c2. I've lost tons of friends due to updates being implementing completely screwing their ways of playing.
  5. searching for wtf instance tank + rangers

    I think that you are well under estimating the toughness of the WTF instance with your low leveled team
  6. **Generation X**Harvesting** - the 3rd Degree

    5K gypsum please:) (50000 gc) Thanks, Sneaky in-game
  7. CalsoniC

    To be complete honest, this stuff with PkG will all go back to how it was in a couple of months. PkG is dead, Will be dead, atleast until quim comes back. Mufossa or Luci can't bring PkG back. What they have is a bunch of people who PK. They don't do anything wrong. But not because of a tag, are attempting to. I feel sorry for calsonic, once he understands that PkG won't last long, he will soon be screwed. I also liked the comment of "I have guildies I can get what I need" by calsonic. Must mean Jade has her hands full making all the stuff the guild needs. Enough said. I denied krazykiller to participate in instance last night, told him why. - He wasn't happy. Soon when you all deny them an instance spot, even though you have known them a while, it will actually bother them into changing. I was in PkG a long long long time ago. And as I told krazykiller, Characters ingame may just seem like characters, people you talk to, but when they turn your back on you, the game turns into something not worth putting time into. They will miss having their EL buddies. Plus BORDEM is a bitch -ent
  8. 100-120 instance drops

    Drops are sometimes good sometimes bad. barely ever make what you spend if you use token or what not.
  9. Right now we have a FAR unballanced amount of perks, and even worse PP. Positive perks are to help you do what you want. but who would want a perk that keeps from attribs/nexus usage. ATM we have 21 positive perks and 9 (not counting skeptic) negative perks. the PP count in them are- all positive = 112 All negative = 56 Thats 50% of the pp you can get. Even adding negatives that dont allow you to take others (sort of system with the gods, take one, eliminates the others able to get) Once higher level cant do much other than remove pp outa attribs. unless buy your PP and remove with stone out of Nexus. Which 90% of EL cant afford to do ~5 times just to get a positive perk. which only leaves to remove from attribs or reset. Some negative perks are too harsh to take for some, and others take it all. Do not see any wrong in getting more pp from negatives. and Saxum had a good idea in my opinion. (other than not able to eat bones) Or something like carnavor - only able to eat meats/FPs/shrooms/bones. no vege/fruits. Any negatives will be good for the EL community. im just posting to see what you all think. Just a idea. Am not bitching Thanks
  10. Who is the funniest guy in EL

  11. Stivy teh Scammer

    So what should i call a scammer ? So u admit u scammed me and thats all i care ..lol, and dont roll your eyes too much it might pop out ..haha Concerning this post. Stivy, you and I have been friends. and i have known of you as a scammer for a long time. But. in reality concept, you shouldnt do that, considering without vio, you wouldn't of even made it that far in instance with only 3 ppl, let alone yourself. Give him the share, and then try to 'really scam' him, instead of doing this. this isn't a scam, its just not right. and shouldn't be tolerated. it will be people like you, who cause enough grief that Radu, would want to take instances out of the game, and ruin the fun for everyone. Atleast when you scam, do it to where the person who is getting scammed, is being a idiot about it... like "lemme use your thermal" or something, you don't go on a instance, depend on your fellow team mates to keep you alive, and then at the end, say "fuck you vio, you hurted my feelings." TBH i think this is bullshit, and again, it will be people like you who ruin it for everyone. You were a fun guy to talk with, and mess around, not to mention that tag games ETC, was all fun in games, but this is just not right. -Thats my 2 cents in the situation, you do as you please, but just remember what i said. -Have a good day, and Merry Christmas to all Entreri
  12. Selling storage: AALIYAA

    price on os please -Entreri
  13. Harvester of sorrow removal Auction Starting NOW Bid starts at: 100K Increments: 5k We reserve the right to not sell if we dont feel the price is right BIN: 250k Contact Here or Entreri ingame for BIN offers
  14. The Kilaran Field Clash 3

    Count me in - Entreri