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  1. Why was i banned?

    Thanks Ent
  2. Why was i banned?

    i had the same story as the guy that posted above me. About the IP. Could you give me permission to be whitelisted? I have done nothing wrong and if i have please explain...i am confused
  3. Buying and selling

    Buying: 12 matter conglomerates(750gcs each) 1 hydrogenium bar(9.5kgcs) 200 silver rings(70gcs each) 10 enriched death essences(1kgcs each) 150 white tiger fur(70gcs each) 790 spirit restoration potions(14gcs each) 9 serpent stones(1.5kgcs each) 570 death essences(8.5gcs each) 250 silver bars(35gcs each) 30 tiger summoning stones(330gcs each) 1 mirror cloak(4k) 850 energy essences(7.5gcs each) 570 matter essences(7.5gcs each) 2k earth essences(6.5gcs each) 380 gold bars(35gcs each) 1k saltpeter(25gcs each) 130 silver medallions(all for 14k) 260 gem sanding papers(9gcs each) 2 binding stones(6.3kgcs each) 830+ beaver fur(3.5gcs each) 2.2k bones powder(2.5gcs each) 150 bear fur(12gcs each) any amount of attack potions(20gcs each) 3 enriched magic essences(4kgcs each) any amount of physique potions(15gcs each) 14 skeleton keys(150gcs each) 10 skull keys(150gcs each) 3 enriched fire essences(4.5kgcs each) 4 enriched life essences(3.3kgcs each) 4 enrichment stones(4kgcs each) 1k feran horns(10gcs each) 500 racoon fur(all for 4kgcs) 1 red dragon scales(10kgcs) 500 skunk fur(all for 4kgcs each) 2.6k water essences(5.5gcs each) Selling: 1 iron plate mail(9kgcs) 300 ashes(5gcs each) 1k fire essence(4gcs each) 148 titanium bars(45gcs each) 3 titanium short swords(550gcs each) 5 fluffy summoning stones(3kgcs each) 16 leather pants(55gcs each) 72 glacmor rings(250gcs each) 69 Hurquin rings(260gcs each) 28 Idaloran rings(350gcs each) 48 Palon Vertes rings(350gcs each) 4 sslessar summoning stones(3.5kgcs each) 500 raw meat(5gcs each) 181 Portland rings(90gcs each) 170 disengagement rings(all for 15.5k) 5 iron broad swords(350gcs each) 20 iron bars(38gcs each) 106 desert pines rings(90gcs each) 1 harvester medallion)7k) 2 heavenspawn medallion(7k) 2 rings of mana destr.(2kgcs each) 500 air essences(8gcs each) 20 Trassian rings(350gcs each) 920 magic essences(8gcs each) 18 armed orc summoning stones(350gcs each) 1 iron chain mail(200gcs) 1 iron cuissses(4.7k) 1 iron greaves(4.5k) 6 steel chain mail(750gcs each) 170 harvesting potions(23gcs each) 38 naralik rings(85gcs each) 5 iron helms(220gcs each) 6 augmented leather torso(190gcs) 28 sedicolis rings(280gcs each) 90 bear summoning stones(150gcs each) 9 tin bars(2kgcs each) 44 giant spider summoning stones(350gcs each) 8 body piercing cloaks(2kgcs each) 2 enriched water essences(3.6kgcs each) 780 health essences(7gcs each) 1.8k sulfur(2gcs each) 1k titanium ore(2gcs each) 4 accuracy potions(100gcs each) 1 evasion potion(100gcs) 7 egratia rings(320gcs each) 65 emerald valley rings(270gcs each) 3 irinverin rings(320gcs each) 1 steel helm(15kgcs) 1 titanium chain mail(4.5kgcs) 1 powersaving cloak(3.5kgcs) 36 white tiger summoning stone(430gcs each)
  4. Storage sale

    Hey I'll buy 72 feran horns 2 leather boots 2 moon medallions 1160gcs?
  5. Storage Sale with some cool stuff :)

    I'll buy: 2 steel axes(2k) 4 iron axes(1k) quarterstaff(200) ring of power(5k) 4 unicorn meds(400) 4 star meds(400) 1 iron cuisses(4k) 1 wood shield(50g) 20 orc stones(6k) 1 excavator cape(2.5k) total=21550
  6. Buying and selling

    Hey Benfish Sorry i only have 88 wolf fur left. Would you still be interested in buying this?
  7. Buying and Selling

    Hey knuckles this is all I still have of what you wanted: 2 steel shields(820) 38 Naralik rings(3.2k) 2 wooden staffs(460) 3 iron helms(660) 2 steel chains(1.6k) 2 iron broad swords(660) 2.5k life essences(12.5k) all up = 19.9k would you be fine with this?
  8. Buying/Selling - See description

    i will buy the feran horns(all for 1.5k) and up to 10 ede's(1k each)
  9. Come And See One Last Time.

    1 iron axe 12 wooden staffs 3 iron shields 1 iron greaves 6 enchanted wood shields 1 iron cuisses 2 steel shields 6 uni meds 23 diss rings 21 star meds 160 sr's i think this totals 16.5k pm me if all this is fine.
  10. Starting bid: 25k
  11. Buying and Selling

    Buying: 140 bear summoning stones(all for 19.5k) 280 silver rings(all for 19.5kgcs) 140 white tiger fur(all for 9.5k) 300 spirit restoration potions(14gcs each) 2k air essences(7gcs each) 13 serpent stones(1.5kgcs each) 2 wolfram bar(7.7kgcs) 2k brown rabbit furs(2.5gcs each) 260 white rabbit furs(7.5gcs each) 5 accuracy potions(55gcs each) 5 evasion potions(55gcs each) 600 energy essences(7.5gcs each) 950 matter essences(7.5gcs each) 2 augmented leather torsos(150gcs each) 190 gold bars(35gcs each) 170 silver medallions(all for 18.5k) 6 tiger summoning stones(330gcs each) 4.8k fire essences(3gcs each) 900+ beaver fur(3.5gcs each) 2.7k bones powder(2.5gcs each) 1 titanium serpent sword(4.5kgcs) 1 binding stones(6.3kgc) 4 enriched fire essences(4.5kgcs each) 200 bear fur(12gcs each) 80 puma fur(8gcs each) any amount of attack potions(20gcs each) a reasoning removal stones(15kgcs) 13 skeleton keys(150gcs) 9 skull keys(120gcs) 1 vitality removal stones(15kgcs) 5 enrichment stones(4kgcs each) 1k feran horns(10gcs each) 500 racoon furs(9gcs each) 500 skunk furs(9gcs each) 5k thread(1.5gcs each) 200 water essences(5.5gcs each) Selling: 1 coordination removal stones(25kgcs) 3 invisibility potions(150gcs each) 2 manufacturing potions(80gcs each) 3 great healing potions(only 500gcs each) 78 glacmor rings(250gcs each) 75 hurquin rings(260gcs each) 4 fluffy summoning stones(3.5kgcs each) 4 sslessar summoning stones(3.2kgcs each) 20 alchemy potions(170gcs each) 2 harvester medallions(7kgcs each) 2 heavenspawn medallion(6.7kgcs) 2 rings of massive mana destr.(2.4kgcs each) 40 extra mana potions(400gcs each) 2 steel shields(410gcs each) 100 damage rings(90gcs each) 100 disengagement rings(90gcs each) 3.4k magic essences(8gcs each) 2k earth essences(8gcs each) 1k life essences(5gcs each) 24 emerald valley rings(280gcs each) 480 gem sanding papers(13gcs each) 100 coordination potions(23gcs each) 196 harvesting potions(23gcs each) 880 physique potions(33gcs each) 480 potions of will(25gcs each) 5 enriched water essences(4kgcs each) 38 naralik rings(85gcs each) 12 Idaloran rings(340gcs each) 1 iron battle hammer(250gcs) 2 wooden staffs(230gcs each) titanium chain torso(4.9kgcs) 3 iron helms(220gcs each) 2 steel chain mails(800gcs each) 30 sedicolis rings(290gcs each) 10 tin bars(2kgcs each) 46 giant spider summoning stones(320gcs each) 2 iron broad swords(330gcs each) 31 leopard fur(5gcs each) 14 rings of Egratia(320gcs each) 4 body piercing cloaks(1.5kgcs each) 53 white tiger summoning stones(400gcs each) I hope none of these prices are incorrect. If they are please tell me and i'll correct as soon as possible.
  12. Buying and selling

    Sorry about that Jammie, my bad
  13. Buying and selling

    sorry knuckles i would prefer the price that i write up there and Jammie i am buying efe's
  14. garage sale

    I'll buy the 2 bp cloaks is 2.4k fine?
  15. Garage SALE!

    31 feran horns 3 augmented leather armours 5 leather boots 1 body piercing cloak all this for 2.5kgcs?