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  1. Run Bot Program From A Webserver

    I've written my bot in java, so running on linux shouldn't be a problem, but it is still a work in progress.... So far it functions as a guildbot, keeping track of members online and highest skilled members like that. So i could pass the compiled version to my guildmates so they can run the bot whenever they need it. But i'm working on the trade functions right now, and when that's done it would be better if it runs 24/7 so any player can use her functionality. btw i'm having some problems with the implementation of the trade actions. Does any1 has a efficient way to find out which item an other player puts on trade. The thing i've tried was simulating a right click on every item a player puts in the trade window, and catching the return packet with the specified item text. But this generates some dirty code in java..isn't there a better way to find which items are on trade. For example isn't there a list which image_id belongs to which item. So i could just handle the first packet send and then decide how to handle? I've tried to look in the c source, but i can't find where the image_id's are linked to actual images or something like paint (draw) functions? Thx already!
  2. So You Want To Make A Bot?....

    Yes, i've written a bot in java... If you wanna try one use the java.net package for your socket, and remember that the EL Client uses unsigned bytes. Unfortunatly java doesn't know any unsigned bytes, so you have to make sure you remove the sign bit, when sending data or reading it. There are some downfalls though, java is kinda slow compared to C at runtime, so make sure you write efficient algoritmes or you will have problems with the number of incomming packets and the time you take to procces them.
  3. Hi, I was wondering if it is possible to run an Elbot from a webserver instead of from a home pc. But i have no idea how this should be done. What changes should i make to my program so that it can run from a server, and where can i find a cheap hosting company. Any1 has some suggestions...let me know! Greetz, DaVinci
  4. Send_me_my_actors

    I don't know if this helps you much but this is my java code, which does the same thing, Except i do get all add_actor messages: public void getMessage() { String message = null; try { if(input.available() >0) //check if there are bytes to read { int code = input.read(); //reads the "protocol" int b2 = input.read(); int b3 = input.read(); int length = (b3 << 8) + b2; //shift cuz of unsigned bytes //System.out.println("Server_Code: "+code); //System.out.println("Server_Length: "+length); byte [] buf = new byte [length]; for(int i=0;i<length-1;i++) { buf[i]=(byte)input.read(); } handler.read(code, length, buf); } catch(IOException e){log.severe(e.getMessage())} } good luck
  5. If You Want To Have A Bot

    Hi, I also started to work on a java based bot under the account cinderella. It's far from finished but in the future will be used as a guild bot for Brotherhood of Benelux (BoB) We have the idea of making her official when i've tested the program. I have some nice ideas about features i'd like to implement. But still have to figure out if they are managable in java.. I'll keep you posted. Greets, DaVinci
  6. Huge Race event in Eternal Lands! *CO*

    Count me in..should be fun