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  1. For Your Information

    Well said Jebus. I will pm you in game when I see you Soldus. I will never forget he made 200 gold bars for me a long long time ago in the days we still had newbie island. We found out we are living quite close to eachother and he has always been nice and helpful to others.
  2. Rules For Bot Usage

    Cicero, there is nothing mentioned in the rules about using bots for fighting purposes. So is it allowed or is it not allowed? Closing the thread doesn't give an answer and the same discussions will start again when bots are used. I am just asking to get the rules straight about this because appearantly the rules are not clear. Making rules will prevent a repeat: not closing this thread. edit: I found this remark: "Enhanced" bots cannot be used for fighting. If you break the rules with a paid bot, you will lose it. Does this mean grum will loose its bot?
  3. Rules For Bot Usage

    I would like to start a discussion about using bots. Already 2 times it has happened that bots were used in order to kill some one in a pk area. I am not seeing anything about using bots for fighting purposes in the rules section. Does that mean if I pay 100$ for a bot I can kill every one in pk? Who is allowed to us a bot in pk and who is not? Personally I would rather not allow bots in pk areas not even to moderate events or using it to practise the rules in this game. Why? Because moderators are also players of the game and they should have the same rights as other players. Also there will always be questions whether a moderator used a bot rightfully. If moderators don't have other possibilities to solve a problem give them the proper tools. Like beaming people out of certain maps.
  4. Scarr Banned..

    You used a bot to kill him and left the stuff for the vultures. Not a good example for the community. There are no rules for bots. So it is ok if I pay 100$ for a bot and kill every one I don't like in a pk area?
  5. Scarr Banned..

    There are other ways to get rid of some one without abusing a bot. Like beaming them out of the map. lol, satan died because of a bot and other people picked up the stuff and gave it away. That is still bag stealing to me. Please note that bag stealing is allowed. We need rules for bot usage since this is already the second time a thing like this happened. And every time it happens we will have threads like this one.
  6. Scarr Banned..

    First of all let me state I am not a big fan of Satan. He probably deserved to get banned on the forums and maybe also in the game. I am sure Cicero made the right decision here. What worries me is that a moderator takes Nera into a pk area to kill some one that he doesn't like. On top of that he leaves the stuff for bag jumpers. Hiding behind an explanation of this is my event so I can use a bot to kill some one is not a good example for the rest of the el community. This simply doesn't seem fair in my view and stating a thing like: I am a moderator and I can do something like that seems like abusing mod powers to me. Why aren't there proper rules about using bots in pk areas? I think the admins of this game should give a priority of making decent rules for bots and not let any one abuse the power of having such a bot.
  7. Papabear Banned

    Who's your daddy? Papabear is! I wish you all the best of luck papa and I still hope to see you back one day.
  8. Nh And P2p

    I am playing this game for quite some time now and I wanna respond to this. When I was a newbie I spend most of my time in channel one until I was experienced enough when it cmes to playing the game. Some people helped me in those days and some did not. Most of the helpers in 'the old days' have unfortunately quit the game. After that starting period I switched to channel 3: the market channel in order to sell my stuff to other people. The channel is most of the time much too chaotic simply because some people had to share their thoughts in there. I have seen a lot of bullying taking place at that channel. Some time ago I decided to stay away from market channel simply because I prefer not to listen to the stuff that goes on in there. If I wanna have a chat with some one I can do that by talking to my guild members or chatting with some people on another channel. I only go to marketchannel to sell some stuff but I leave the channel after the bargain. Why? Because I have more fun this way. I don't feel like I have to listen to other people's stories when I don't want to. I have entered newbie channel in the last few weeks just to listen what is the talk there. I don't think it is as bad in there as it is on market but the same kind of behaviour takes place there. One of the things that bothered me the most is the behaviour of both newbie helpers and mods. Iso directing newbies to other channels (like newbie channel or general chat channels) they are told to shut up. The same mods/nh are talking off topic at the same time and this simply doesn't sound fair in my book. I mentioned this twice on the channel (of course in a polite way: I am not playing the game to offend some one) I was in and I got immediate threads about being kicked. I would have preferred an answer but I have the feeling the mods feel threatened and when they do they (ab)use their power to mute you. No no, you won't see me using mod/nh directed channels again unless I wanna sell some stuff. Note: Not all of the mods/nhs act like this. There are a few mods out there that are doing a very good job out there. I want to thank Lyanna for helping newbies out and doing a perfect job as a newbiehelper. I am pretty sure if all mods would be like her this game would be heaven.
  9. Post Your Mature Ideas About The Harvesting

    I just played for a short time to see those events and it is definately not improving gameplay. It would simply put an end to the harvester/alchemy characters which present about half of the el community. Let me first state I agree something has to be done against the macroers. However this is not the right way since the honoust people are the ones that are affected. Maybe limit harvesting based on your vitality and will. This will make the players choose these attributes before for example physique which seems to be the most popular attribute out there. Example: Player X has 10 will and 20 vitality He can harvest: 10x20x5= 1000 times an hour. This will still not be enough for the real alchemists out there. New players can harvest 4x4x5=80 times an hour. hmmm... maybe this suggestion ain't such a good idea. I only have 4 will and 4 vitality. :lol:
  10. Monsters Invasions

    I like this idea a lot. It will be very funny to see people get into the houses quickly when they see a chim wolf closing in. I will be the first to hide in the tavern. There is one problem that remains: will the animals also attack NPCs like Raven and Molgor? I could not imagine the game without a storage but it would be unrealistic if Molgor stays outside while he is surrounded by a bunch of fluffies. Maybe the storage NPCs can dissapear during these events? This will also give the players an indication they should be careful in this region.
  11. Buying Mod Powers

    Deal! PM me in game so I can give you my bank account number. I expect the money within a week.
  12. The Crusader's are rolling

    I am quite disturbed because of these last few posts. First of all let me tell you our guild is alive and kicking. Just check out our forums and you will see what I mean. Our forums is probably the most active forums of all guilds and we have quite a lot of active members. Secondly Jewbean was kicked by me personally from our guild because of his behaviour. He is the only member that has been kicked so I would advice other guild leaders to reconsider before accepting jewbean. If needed I can post the chatlog here.
  13. Missing Char Textures

    Maybe this is some help to find the problem. I was training on female orcs in the temple when the textures on my character turned white at the same moment my tit chain degraded to second hand tit chain. This happened during the fight and because I was kinda shocked to see myself this pale I forgot to take a screenie. :roll:
  14. The Crusaders are riding!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Pizza is always my first priority! You simply cannot do anything in thi game without some decent food.
  15. The Crusaders are riding!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Sorry I have not been on line lately. I am having some serious connection problems and el is unplayable for me right now. Thats why I am writing this from work. :lol: A forum for our guild would be nice. We are getting a lot of new members and it is tough to keep track especially when I cannot get on line. Ember, we may be interested in allience. Of course: welcome to all new members. The Crusaders are riding!