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  1. New Website testing

    It'd be really great if this could link to my deviant art page http://kseth.deviantart.com/ . Thanks!
  2. Face lifts :)

    Love those contrasts! Really helps those textures pop.
  3. Canadian election

    Well, it's not really that dramatic. Harper's party only hold's like 120 of a total of 300 something seats of the government. They still have to convince three other parties to pass their legislation. I love parliamentary democracy
  4. What race are you.

  5. Ok, should the cooldowns stay or not?

    I voted yes, I really wanted to see how cooldown and the new mini map features worked with pvp.
  6. pandora

    I'm sure everyone already knows about this site but I just had to throw up a link anyways. It's really the neatest thing since wiki http://www.pandora.com/
  7. My chemical romance

    god I loved Helena when I heard it for the first time, great build, so epic... This is definately at the top of my list right now: but 30 Seconds to Mar's Attack is another great song in the Helena vein http://www.ourmedia.org/node/58128
  8. World of Warcraft vs Guild Wars

    I like how Guild Wars is using instancing for it's areas and using a different business model from the standard monthly payments. Plus, from what I've read, it's taken steps to prevent serious grinding. I hope GW breaks some industry standards. WoW may just be doing the standard mmo thing, but it's doing it really really well. 2 million subscribers is like a record for a north american developer. Still looks like they have a few griefing bugs though.
  9. Superpower

    invisibility? *shudder* Would you really want to see how people behaved when they didn't think anyone was watching? That seem's like a Dante punishement or something I'd probably go with something like binocular vision or a photographic memory. Tons fun you can have with something 'simple' like that :lol:
  10. Cash Drain Ideas

    This idea was already brought up somewhere but I think it goes well with the 'service fee' ideas here: paying a daily maintence for a bank account. Everyone who registered would have expanded storage capacity, be able to carry more then 35 items, and the ability to transfer items to other account holders without phystically removing them from storage. It could even be tiered so that people who can afford to can get greater benefits. These aren't my ideas, just thought they tied into this and wouldn't disrupt the game mechanics too much.
  11. Monster Invasions

    I was somewhere underneath that ratpack of bears =( fun though :lol:
  12. morrowind

    hey I reconigize that moogle. Guy over at http://www.machall.com made that mod.
  13. Pattern Puzzle

    tnx for the tip arnieman, finally got it I just knew there had to be a skintone tutorial in there *hop hop hop* Dent: that's so wierd that you mention Neil Stephenson: I just listened to a podcast review of snow crash. The idea of a post apocalyptic pizza boy/warrior sounded hilarious. Definately something I gotta buy
  14. Pattern Puzzle

    Hey everyone, I have a little problem that all our geniuses around here can probably solve in a quick sec. oboe, fobo, ofob, cofo, ocof, ? Best I've come up with is eoco .Very amazing concept artist at http://www.itchstudios.com/psg/ uses this puzzle to censure his 18+ material.
  15. RESET get rid of it

    When you reset don't you lose those 3 or 5 pp you get at creation? If your character ever got to like +100 oa I think those extra pp are pretty important. Especially for serious pk'ers. I think that makes reset pretty balanced.