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  1. Hell o Ween Weekend Invasion Event!

    LE Team LE_mage: panzerfaust LE_engineer: Piiia LE_summoner: Elg3neral LE_ranger: Alpina LE_fighter: Samsemilia
  2. Hell o Ween Weekend Invasion Event!

    Prize Pool (updated) 10 Invasion Tokens 2 10% Shop Cupons 2 Horse Whistles 3 Binding Stones 1 Day of tailoring stone 1 Grape 1 RDHOLM 6 Ench Sun Meds 1 Ench Uni Med 1 Crown of Life 1 Red Royal Cape 2 MoL 5 Harv meds 40 ACP 6 Enriched Life Ess 5 Halberd 10K dung 1 Serp Stone 5 Scythe 2 Orange 1 Rostogol 1 Iron Broad Sword of Ice 1 EME 2 EFE 1 Enrichment stone 6 Gather Med 25 Spider Summon Stone 25 White Tiger Summon Stone 25 Armed Orc Summon Stone 5 Walock cape 5 Exe cape 3 Camo Cape 3 Fast Regen Cape 1 Radioactive Rapier 1 Staff of Protection 5 pear
  3. Are you up for a challenge????? To participate you will need to start a new character from scratch and include your team name in the naming of the character. (Example New_Wizard, or Sia_Fighter) You character can only trade with the members of your team. You are not allowed to trade with your alts, or main, you are not allowed to trade with bots, (including bag trades) However, you can trade with NPCs found in eternal lands. The player owned NPCs are also not allowed to be used. (I will ask Radu to monitor this. (Mod team will be checking logs and cheating will result in punishment to your whole team, so don't cheat!!) Edit: PK killing another player for their drops will be considered bag trading for this event. So you cant just pk your buddies alt for his stuff..........oki Shop Sales are permitted only for the following items 1) Vanity Clothing 2) P2P races 3) Rostogols, Bindings and Enriched Essences 4) Horse Whistles This is a team event and the rules (are not so simple) You will have to form teams of 5 people. Each team requires to have 1 person with each title 1) Fighter 2) Mage 3) Ranger 4) Summoner 5) Engineer It is also highly recommended that characters specialise in a skill as well, as there may be challenges of then just fighting such as 1) Manufacturing 2) Crafting 3) Potioning 4) etc Edit: Question from player "Can we pickup bags that spawn in maps, such as Merc in NCA" Yes you can. Question from player "Can we log in on each other characters" Yes, you can use each other characters to prepare for event if you choose. Question from player " Can we use an existing guild we own for the event" Yes you can Question from player " So for the halloween event, its allowed to help with your main for novac?" Yes, you can ask a friend to help you with Novac, or use your main. Question from player " Can we pick up death bags we find?" No, too easy to cheat, only your team mates death bags. RULE UPDATE!! An Outline of the event will be posted on Halloween Night! (October 31) Participant characters will be locked just before this happens and will stay locked until it is time for your team to do the event. This is to ensure Everyone is on the same footing and there will be no big advantage from going first or last in regards to your storage and preparation. You have until Halloween weekend to build your 5 person team, and your characters, and your storage's and we will have an invasion event where each team will have to complete a series of UNKNOWN challenges There will be prizes, glory and FAME for the wining team! (If you would like to donate items and gc's to the prize pool, contact me in game) Please post below your team name and names of those on your team. Thanks
  4. Update Proposal Eternal Lands 1) New NPC Quest Story of The Dragon Necromancer (quest reward could be a book of Obsidum Weapons Modification) 2) New Harvestable: Obsideum Book Obsideum Harvesting 250kgc Requirments harv 125 recommend Requires Little Blue Dragon Scale 10 ACP per harvest 3) New Weapon Obsideum Spear (use currect spear model_ Formula 10 Obsideum 2 Spear Binding stone 2 enriched energy essences Tools Saw, hammer Osdisrum Spear Building Book requred. 4) New Monster Necro Dragon Uses Grey Dragon Mesh Red/Black/Ice and Blue Dragon have a chance to respawn as a necro dragon Necro dragon Only takes damage from Obsideum weapons Not pinable Obsideum weapon uses acp / round 5) New Weapn Obsidum arrow PK arrow + Obsideum to make requires book to produce Uses acp when fired per round inflicts damage to necro dragon above. Necro dragon should be a team effort to kill and should perhaps have a random 1/50 spawn Drop 45% chance orange Drop 30% chance pear Drop 20% chance grape Drop 5% chance nexus removal That is our idea, Drop rates and formuales given are for example only..Best determined by DM Radu Wiz
  5. Looking to Join(Guild Found, ty)

    Hi Lexi NEW is recuiting and active. PM me in game!
  6. Mod can do what they want?

    Best go buy a ticket Yep there is no rule about attacking my summons, And thanks for ruining my morning with your bullshit.
  7. Mod can do what they want?

    I was only hunting lenny, strange we share the same lenny hunting path. Again, I don't know why you just couldn't leave me the fuck alone to enjoy an hour in the morning with my morning coffee, but here we are. And yes, you are acting like a child. Out of the 3000 spawns in game, you need to seek out my tank rabbits. And then run to radu or forums, oh the big bad wizzy removed his tank rabbits so I couldn't annoy the shit out him.. Maybe you just relish in annoying people? Are some kinda socialpath?
  8. Mod can do what they want?

    Hello, and thank you for posting on Eternal Lands forums I don't know why you can't leave my tank rabbits alone, I am just a simple wizard trying to make his way in this toppsie turvey world. The other day, when you came without a word to kill my summons, who I had employed in hunting trolls, I tele'd you to IP because you pissed me off. I then tele'd you back and summoned all the tank rabbits I had with me, and told you to go nuts. realising that the tele was an ..emotional reaction. Of course, you made it your business to run to radu like a 13 year old tween, and left me to explain my actions to Radu, whereas all I could muster was that I rectified the situation by immediately returning you to the spawn, and that you are a "little Bitch" oh, and I am not sorry if this offends you... I demie'd my tank rabbits so that you would not have the satasifaction of killing them, whereas I could have #left_guild and just harmed them, this saved me 30 keystrokes, and I do not regret my actions. as the same results would have occurred with just less keystokes. Now, I don't know why the hell you can't leave my bunnies alone. Had you asked me, I would have summoned for you, and remote healed them for as long as you needed to break your armour. All of that being said, Go fuck yourself..and have a nice day. Wiz
  9. Newbie Invasion April 30th

    Sorry, not this time. I want to start with the basics, and not confuse new invasioners with conflicting info. Not that anything you say would be wrong. But lets just say, somethings are easier with experience and practice. Walk before run... Etc
  10. Newbie Invasion April 30th

    There will be a newbie invasion at about 4pm EST Invasion will be live streamed, and participants will be invited to join my discord channel if desired to ask questions and receive advice in real time. This invasion is geared to New players, and players new to the ins and outs of invasion fighting. The monsters will be in easy waves (though I do not promise it will be easy) It will be highly instructional. Everything you wanted to know about surving an invasion but were too afraid to ask! PM me in game if you would like to participate. Best Wiz
  11. Live Stream Event

    Of course, Magic.. Hope you make it
  12. Live Stream Event

    Yes, but please take it a bit easy on the less leveld players. Lets make it fun to watch, not complete slaughter lol
  13. Live Stream Event

    Hi All Friday, April 19th at 11:30am-2pm EST there will be an Invasion in KF. This will be live streamed to https://dlive.tv/EternalStream Please, if you can, go make an account here and follow Eternalstream. One of the worlds top streamers (Pewdiepie) Will be doing a give away of $10,000 dollars to a number of streams, as a promotional event. There will be a lot of eyeballs on this, and it is a great way to show case Eternal Lands to many people that have never heard of it before. Possibly bringing new players to the game. If you can, please come out and participate in the event, and tune in on the live stream as well. The More people that watch, the higher EL stream with rank, and the more likely it will be to be noticed. Radu has offered up some prizes. Prizes will be drawn from Lottery of names of particpants, so everyone has a chance to win. There will be no bombs, no brod or gsm No Brownie tokens, ice / magic/fire arrow or bronze sword. It will be a no drop map. Lets show case some pk, some invasion fighting, ranging, and summoning skills So, the more eyeballs the better, tell your friends, sister, cat, and ficus to tune in to the channel to watch, and also throw on some leather armor and give it a go in KF. Thanks to you all in advance, lets show PeWdiEpIe why Eternal Lands is still awesome 16 years later. Time can be found here on world clock https://www.timeanddate.com/worldclock/fixedtime.html?msg=Invasion+KF+stream&iso=20190419T1230&p1=1147&ah=1&am=30 All the best Wizzy
  14. PK Contest Saturday April 20th

    There will be a pk contest Starting around Noon EST There will be 5 Contests Held 1) Noob 0-60a/d 2) Semi Noob 60-100a/d 3)Semi Pr0 100-130a/d 4)Pr0 130-160 a/d 5)OMFG 160+ Rules and such will be posted soon, but for now, I would like to gather a list of participants Please post you name and the range you fall under as above. There will be no Brod, and all the maps will be NO DROP Thanks! Wizzy
  15. EL live stream thread

    Wizzy: https://dlive.tv/EternalStream