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  1. Likely someone in the past had the same IP you have now, and did something abusive and got that IP banned. Will take a look to see if that address can be re-instated. Check back in an hour
  2. Rain in WTF dungeon map

    It is called WTF for a reason! Add Acid Snow!
  3. OMG again alts banned?

    I believe it was Radu that banned them, I do not know the reason. Suggest you send him a pm in game to this thread. Wiz
  4. All hydro route to be PK?

    I have been a moderator for over 10 years in this game. In all that time, I have tried to be fair, impartial, reasonable in every way dealing with the rules as they have been defined, and players, some of which make it very very difficult to be impartial. Let me make one thing perfectly clear. This is not about me. In fact, it is not about you either. This in fact, doesn't belong on a public forum. and should imho be a topic for game moderators, before being dragged into the communal channels. When rule 5 was abruptly removed, there were a lot of consequences that were not considered, Some of which you highlight above. However, there is a precedent set by Radu for alts to be "actively played". As I see it, and others, the use of alts to camp hydro route, or other maps do not fit the definition as "actively played" This has gone on for some time, and I am willing to bring reasonable arguments, and take reasonable measures to rectify what is believed by many, a serious flaw in game play that stems from the removal of rule #5. I am pressing the issue, because it has been ignored for far too long. I have thrown a lot of hours in the past 10 years as a patient moderator, a newbie helper, a rule enforce, an event planer, a contest maker, and invasion host, for the entertainment of all in game. Do you really think I don't care about Eternal Lands as a whole, and only care if I can get easy hydro? This is not about me. This is not about you. This is a topic of game rules and moderation of those rules.
  5. All hydro route to be PK?

    Radu You are avoiding the topic at hand. The topic is not about making hydro route easier, or harder, or adding some flowers to the caves.... It is not about pk, and it is not about map changes. It is not about bombs, or phoenix leveling, The topic is about using alts to camp 24/7 that are not actively played to benefit a main character. The topic should read "Should alts that are not actively played in game be allowed for camping purposes". I fail to see how using alts to safely spy on hydro route is any different then to use alts to safely camp Ivan spawns, Joker spawns, or used to pin mobs in a multi combat map for defense trainers. One is legal, the others are not. The underlying principles for each case are the same. Wiz
  6. Three alt questions

    So for example, The alt army of Stivy that just camps areas to spy on hydro harvesters is aginst the rules?
  7. The Fully Random Joker

    Why would you prefer this? The only reason that I can think of is that you know where those spots are. Truly random appearances of Joker levels the field for new and old players alike. Random spots makes joker hunting impossible, because he can hide behind every tree and rock on (nearly) every map. So all you must do, without any further hint of his location, is to run across the whole EL world, look behind every single bush, check every house or cave or secret place. Think about how many time that would take, that would take days or even weeks and it would be quite frustrating, when someone else finds joker before you, after you searched him for days and weeks. Or, you find him after searching for him for a week and all you get is a leather or a bread. Not really entertaining IMO. Piper Have you tried Joker hunting in OtherLife? The hints Joker gives certainly help narrow down the search. Worth checking out before you make your opinion certain.
  8. A suggestion by me & Aisy

    That is all fine and dandy! After the p2p Mermaid race that I can use to go fishing on horse back though.
  9. Repairing Dragon Armor

    With alt armies what does it matter the nexus cost?
  10. Handling 1 Sided Objects

    Read this book, then tell us.https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Flatland
  11. Novac Bug

    Are you on Novacs first quest? The one that you need to kill the brownie in IP?
  12. Money for invasions

    Aquila On more than one occasion people have begged me for invasions, and I agreed by accepting hydrobars for my time. You have done nothing wrong, and the ones that provided the hydro bars did it willingly and without coercion. Some people do not realize that invasions can take many hours of time and that you are not here to be their exclusive entertainment director. Cheers
  13. Breaking quest.

    SInce the quest is more about breaking shit, and consuming resources, let those that wish to consume do so. Allow BROD or Acid rain to count as item break for quest. What does it really matter if it takes someone a few minutes, or years to complete, as it seems to be about consuming resources anyhow. Let them consume.
  14. I am pretty sure the npcs already do report your progress, not sure about Buni, but the the other two do
  15. I suggest adding a global message when grapes are dropped from mobs, as some folks do hunt grapes, and it is not much fun no knowing if your efforts are futile or not. A global message, much like "player_x found a pear" would be very helpful. Radu has said he would consider adding this message if there is enough support, so please feel free to show your support below. Wizz