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  1. Bot Hosting

    Send a forum pm to Sir_odie
  2. Hero Points

    Sure, Like I said, this isnt really the place for suggestions, just possible examples above, to get the idea.
  3. More and more players are starting to reach the overall 179 mark, and I have a suggestion to propose that I believe can solve the cap limitation, and that is once a player has reached overall 179, any experience gained, which can not go on overall, would go to a new counter called Hero Points (the name can be changed) I am thinking for every 10million experince over level 179, a player will gain 1 hero point. These will work like action points, can be consumed through redeemer, or in game items to produce a one time Heroic event, much like action points are consumed. As one example, Potion of Hero points could be made by high level potioner using set formula and consume 1 hero point., this could be drank by players less then 179 o/a to gain 1 hero point. As another example, ring of massive damage, on use consumes 2 Hero point, deals 1000 damage to monster (not player) (serpers dream) A new counter would require a client update, however I believe hero points could be added server side and viewed with the #ach command for now There could be many more suggestions on ways to consume hero points, but by implementing a system like this, I believe will give players on or close to the 179 cap incentive to keep leveling, and not feeling like their efforts are wasted. It also opens the door for new epic cool expensive items for mixers, fighters and Wizards Please post thoughts below, please keep comments about a Hero point system in this thread only, this thread is not for suggestions on how to use the hero points. We can start other threads for this. Cheers Wiz \
  4. Vial mold and EFE-prices

    Prices are realative to supply and demand. Tatu daily rewards vial molds as well, Rule 5 has been lifted and most people have specialized mule alts to haul vials. I have done things in my life that has made less sense Wiz
  5. Make Alchemy Great Again! ;-)

    Saxum is correct, not that Radu is a communist, but price fixing is a communist style control, that always fails, and produces shortages, etc. However, the most significant difference is that the supply of essences from npc are endless. There are no shortages.... You can buy 1 or a billion billion of them.... or whatever number it may be that doesn't cause C programs to crash... which maybe something like 18,446,744,073,709,551,616..or something to this effect. I argued years ago to remove all items from npcs and let the free market prevail, along with shortages, savings, hording, market production shifts, but everyone just OMFG fr33 markets r scary and we love price fixing..until price fixing created the omfg no one buys my essess/pots or whatever.. A good example of this was removing c2 rings from npcs, prices seem to have stabilized and ebul crafters r getting rich buying ess from npc to make c2 rings.. which Barnes seems to use a lot.. I wouldnt remove serp stones from the bars for example, I would remove items that use wolf bars from npcs and remove wolf bars from npc and let the prices float, dont worry, they will stabilize, might make every thing a cost a little more, but price is relative to supply and demand. So be it. Might even see steel long production and iron sword for tin/bronze again. Remove hydro bars from npc too, good gold sink as is, but prices will go up on hydro, and guilds will find ways to get it, it would at least be more interesting then buying from npc. Likely less hydro coming in, but I bet removal stones drop in price, as people cant use 1-20 of them every recon day without the hydro to back it up. But I bet if a nexus removal cost 250k, you wouldnt mind risking a rosto for hydro then... The same with potions, summon stones, etc, Raising prices of essences at npc will just cause price increase of all items, and there will soon become less items that makes sense for mixing, and just buy from npc instead.... Please see bronze armor and rapier for examples... So in short, remove all items that can be made from players from npc sales. Let the free market work, supply and demand and price will sort itself out. When fire essences hits 100gc each, the alt armies (Bring back rule 5 too) will jump into gear and the flood the market quickly, driving down prices of efe and fe at the same time.. that is when I corner the death essence market :DDDD Wiz
  6. Portals of the dark Lord forum contest

    Ok, lets try this. 1) 2) 3)
  7. Banned

    PM me your IP adress Wiz
  8. Likely someone in the past had the same IP you have now, and did something abusive and got that IP banned. Will take a look to see if that address can be re-instated. Check back in an hour
  9. Rain in WTF dungeon map

    It is called WTF for a reason! Add Acid Snow!
  10. OMG again alts banned?

    I believe it was Radu that banned them, I do not know the reason. Suggest you send him a pm in game to this thread. Wiz
  11. All hydro route to be PK?

    I have been a moderator for over 10 years in this game. In all that time, I have tried to be fair, impartial, reasonable in every way dealing with the rules as they have been defined, and players, some of which make it very very difficult to be impartial. Let me make one thing perfectly clear. This is not about me. In fact, it is not about you either. This in fact, doesn't belong on a public forum. and should imho be a topic for game moderators, before being dragged into the communal channels. When rule 5 was abruptly removed, there were a lot of consequences that were not considered, Some of which you highlight above. However, there is a precedent set by Radu for alts to be "actively played". As I see it, and others, the use of alts to camp hydro route, or other maps do not fit the definition as "actively played" This has gone on for some time, and I am willing to bring reasonable arguments, and take reasonable measures to rectify what is believed by many, a serious flaw in game play that stems from the removal of rule #5. I am pressing the issue, because it has been ignored for far too long. I have thrown a lot of hours in the past 10 years as a patient moderator, a newbie helper, a rule enforce, an event planer, a contest maker, and invasion host, for the entertainment of all in game. Do you really think I don't care about Eternal Lands as a whole, and only care if I can get easy hydro? This is not about me. This is not about you. This is a topic of game rules and moderation of those rules.
  12. All hydro route to be PK?

    Radu You are avoiding the topic at hand. The topic is not about making hydro route easier, or harder, or adding some flowers to the caves.... It is not about pk, and it is not about map changes. It is not about bombs, or phoenix leveling, The topic is about using alts to camp 24/7 that are not actively played to benefit a main character. The topic should read "Should alts that are not actively played in game be allowed for camping purposes". I fail to see how using alts to safely spy on hydro route is any different then to use alts to safely camp Ivan spawns, Joker spawns, or used to pin mobs in a multi combat map for defense trainers. One is legal, the others are not. The underlying principles for each case are the same. Wiz
  13. Three alt questions

    So for example, The alt army of Stivy that just camps areas to spy on hydro harvesters is aginst the rules?