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  1. Selling 18 Hydro bars

    Selling 30 Hydro bars off Bot Rafiki. 12.5kgc each BiN.
  2. EL and rl $

    Maybe Radu should just start Selling Ready made characters then hed make HELLA bank...untill everyone had one then the game would be like WoW..everyone with the same stats and same Items Pking...Until it got boring..then no one would play anymore.
  3. Auction Off 32 Hydro Bars

    Want to Auction off 32 Hydro Bars. Starting price of 11.5k each or (368kgc) Or a BIN of 12.5keach or (400kgc) PM me ingame or Private Msg any anonymous Bids.
  4. Auction Off 32 Hydro Bars

    SOLD to anonymous BIN
  5. 250 Serp Stones will start at 8.7k Starting, 9.5k Buyout. Start the Bids.
  6. Hydro Bar Auction

    Auctioning off 50 hydro bars, starting price is 11k each bar (550kgc), increase in increments of 5-10k, or BIN 12.5kgc (625kgc)
  7. Hydro Bar Auction

    SOLD> ty for all offers n Bids.
  8. Auctioning off a Set of Titanium Cuisses of Cooldown Removal, PM me ingame or msg me here. No Bids under 275k Pls.
  9. Beware Terrance PKG

    I hope i catch you harvesting Wuffzel lmao...ima be lookin
  10. Beware Terrance PKG

    Why all you guys gotta be framing me with them Fabricated Screenshots?
  11. Beware Terrance PKG

    No way , Hes framing me Im Legit.
  12. Beware Terrance PKG

    That was my bag they was tryin to steal it.
  13. Frenchtoasthead is banned forever or what?
  14. Taking offers


    Selling NMT cloak, auction Ends Saturday January 5th at 10:00 PM STARTING BIDs AT 350k
  16. Auction Thermal Serp

    Auction thrmal serp . Start bid at 310k pm me ingame or here. 2k increments in bids only. ty. auction will end when i get what i thnk is fair.
  17. Selling BOD

    Selling Bod Auction starts at 150k Om me ingame or in forums.
  18. ALOA: A new family :)

    goodLuck inguild " hey cissy my hot mama ill be back tonight stiLl in sc atm on my psp. lol
  19. NMT cape breakable, part 2.

    FTW Down With Tiruncollimdus!
  20. NMT cape breakable, part 2.

    It seems the people who dont play that much anymore are worried someone is gonna pass em up in stats...hmm..
  21. NMT cape breakable, part 2.

    YEs exactly aphistolas -------------------------------> Am I an ill-mannered, ignorant oaf for thinking
  22. NMT cape breakable, part 2.

    I thnk we shud just make it maybe just 50 bones, I like that better Im a lazy SoB.
  23. NMT cape breakable, part 2.

    Ent thats the coolest thing ive ever heard u say I love you.
  24. NMT cape breakable, part 2.

    OK i meant WE as in the 50% of the people that voted NO....is that better Mr.Computer ?