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  1. Dutch

  2. Www.corpus-opis.com

    Put Thorolas on the past members
  3. Thorolas

  4. Thorolas

    Jep Thori bori got more free time and gonna see what he can do in El greetz....
  5. War Against CO (read the great war in events)

    Can my old guildies handle the wars without me or do i need to join in the game again
  6. The Great Duels of EL

    i'll be boxer xD
  7. Selling 2 Tit serp Construction books and 1 tit chain construction book
  8. An game Idea..

    need to make aloooooot of new maps... but i like the idea a bit but then u cant train with people of ur own race?
  9. The Great Duels of EL

    i think il be dueler, still thinking bout it im not sure
  10. Sigil prices under the new system

    it is when u got all the sigils u need and u can make the essense/mind rests
  11. Last guild standing

    the Idea is genious i really hope it start soon
  12. AoE Recruiting

    half NL decided to make a new guild,Aoe some of them are leaders. Anyway i never scammed anyone lordmal... just wanted to show u male orc..,and i gave ur stuff back when u did died answer me in Flame forum plz this is a recruiting topic, Luca
  13. AoE Recruiting

    Allience of Europe is recruiting. Leave a msg here or pm me ingame
  14. war war war

    Fight for ur race and honour! :lol:
  15. HELP! i need HELP!

    if saw already some pk fights that takes longs cuz they attk/def is huge difference, like someone in my guild tjodde. He got 39 attack and 46 deffense i think and then if we keep dont hitting oppenent we just get again def exp :/