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  1. resyncs question

    I face same probs sometimes, but i always resync when getting out of EVTR Tavern.
  2. The Kilaran Field Clash 3

    Me join bro, dont forget
  3. Buying 10k HEs

    Got what I needed.
  4. Buying 10k HEs

    Still buying 10k HEs, offering a price of 8.5gcs each.
  5. Removal Stones - where did you find one?

    Magic Removal Stone at EVTR iron ore
  6. Buying 10k HEs

    Hi, I am buying 10k HEs, post with offer price. The best price gets my order.
  7. KF CLASH - II

    That's like 5am-ish for me, so don't really know if i can make it... but maybe. Come on Kor, u never sleep anyways
  8. PK arenas change

    Great idea indeed
  9. NMT idea

    If NMT has to be degradable (which is not a bad idea imo), and the drops are increased and price goes down as well, then I will also agree with the idea of having the Brod removed from EL, cause as others have already stated.
  10. BARD

    Great features error Good Luck on ur new bot o/
  11. More realism - rotting items

    Dont u have any other work to do? If u r too bored of the current system, go play other games, rather than making this game rot/rust/degrade. Thanks
  12. EdNovel and PrincssTitanium to Marry

    \o Congratz Buddy o/
  13. Auctioning 1 Vegetal nexus Removal stone

    Ah crap, i havnt noticed it ended, my bad :/
  14. Auctioning 1 Vegetal nexus Removal stone

  15. Exchanging Anti Removal with IEDP removal