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  1. One week holiday

    Have a great time. Maybe you can swing by Kentucky and say howdy Be safe and have fun.
  2. Artwork Updates

    The birds and hats look awesome! Great job, hope you're all doing well. Thought I'd drop in and see what's new in EL. As usual, it all looks wonderful! Can't wait to see some ravens... hintcoughhint
  3. Artwork Updates

    I really like the new wsc tiles Can't wait for more!
  4. Digging up old ghosts.

    Why am I the evil one again?
  5. feasting potion discussion

    I just had a thought, don't know how good it is though :-) What about just making vials not storable, and we get the vials from drinking potions again? That would solve both the vial flood and help reduce the price of FP wouldn't it?
  6. feasting potion discussion

    You can break down any game or any application on a computer or gaming console for that matter into clicks of a mouse and/or pressing buttons. What makes a good game/application is how long the person wants to sit there clicking that mouse or pressing those buttons. So the question then comes down to this: Is Eternal Lands a good game? That depends. How long have you (general you) spent playing it? ------------------------------------ But back to the feasting potions, I suggest this: Instead of - Wine, Raw Meat, Veggies, Fruit, Vial Change it to - 2 Cooked Meat, 2 Wine, vial Cooking the meat is adding a step to the raw meat, also making it not be able to be stored. But since there are no longer fruits or veggies, it wouldn't be that big of a deal. But to make the potions a bit more valuable (since we'd be taking away time spent harvesting the fruits and veggies), we make it require 2 wine. And the weight would still be high to keep exploitation low, as the wine would severely bog down players that are trying to carry too much. [100 FP = 200 wine (400emu) + 200 cooked meat (200emu) +100 vials (100emu) = 700emu Also this could be a possible supply of gold for newbies, as they can sit around IP campfire cooking the meat and selling it to players: As there would be an increase in its demand. Also it might add a dynamic to some players who are potioners/summoners. "Do I cook the meat for FP? Or save it for my animals?" ----- I suppose this would've been better in Suggestions, but I'm not going to create another topic that already exists.
  7. Magic Level Error

    TP to range is level 15 and the next spell is Harm, which is now 20. Then Restoration which is 21. TP to range and Harm both require essences that are made using mercury, making it extremely expensive to level up those 6 levels. I suggest a change is in order, and if I knew what that was then I would post in suggestions.
  8. Testing for the next update

    The encyclopedia says harm is a level 18 spell, but you actually need to be level 20 in the game. (found that out the hard way)
  9. An unhappy anniversary!

    People thought it was on purpose, because if I remember correctly, the devs were talking about resetting everyone (either all stats, or inventory-I don't remember exactly) and then the crash happened within a few weeks. It raised alot of suspicious eyebrows at the time. There was also...the nameless one...that I remember saying certain things that may have contributed to people thinking it was not an accident. *starts singing 'Memories'*
  10. do you often crash on #cls?

    I know you wanted only reports on any bugs for the client you listed above, but I was referring to the current game client. I should've clarified that in my original post, I thought I'd help pinpoint the problem by posting my experience. So sorry if I've confused you, just trying to help.
  11. do you often crash on #cls?

    I only crash using #cls when I'm in console mode. Hope that helps any.
  12. Stackable potions

    I like the zip idea too
  13. Day of Joule

    double ingredients for making stuff ..... That or everbody gets spontaneously named Entropy for the day. :-)
  14. A def file

    Also that explanation of a .def file is my own creation. Thanks woof for giving me credit
  15. lol *Darth Vader voice* Yes, my master.