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  1. Using same IP address

    My sister and I played on the same IP for years. Just make sure to talk to a mod ingame first.
  2. Various suggestions

    How about, every so many that you break, you can cash in for a small bonus? Like the armor breaking quest, but re-doable. So, every 50 picks/gloves/saws you break, you can go to the NPC and they'll give you x amount of exp and a piddly amount of gc?
  3. very old players

    Hello all, I doubt anyone would remember me as I wasn't a well known name. I started EL sometime during college ('05-'06). I remember selling my first EFEs for ~2500-3000 each. I think EL was version 3 back then. *shrugs*. Hard to remember the details. Anyway, I've been wandering in and out of the game ever since. I take long breaks as my attention span wears thin, then get sucked back into playing yet again. I don't think EL will let me quit. Too much fun. =D So, old-timer? Pft. Not really. Been playing this long and I'm just NOW training on Male Orcs. lol Play Well, Jayim
  4. Various suggestions

    I whole heartedly agree with an achievement for pickaxe breaking. =) 50, 100, 200? Or, how about a quest for breaking so many pickaxes, gloves, and harvest medaliions? Like the armor breaking quest, but for harvesting.
  5. EL and rl $

    He could do an auction every month for a few permanent banned accounts. That might be fun Piper Heh, that actually sounds kind-of fun. No reason to have perma-ban characters hanging around the server... might as well raise some capital for the game. =)
  6. new quest idea

    Hello all, First thing, godless perk means no gods for you. Period. You got your 8 pickpoints, be happy with it. =) Personally, I love this idea. I don't think increasing the exp bonus or allowing simultaneous worship of enemy gods would be good. Those gods are all super persnickety as it is... I don't see them changing. I like the idea of a very difficult quest. Maybe expensive items, perhaps just very, very risky. Something that can be done by fighters OR pacifists, but takes a lot of work or danger. "Pious perk: Can choose a fourth god - Not removed by reset". If perhaps this is seen as too big of an advantage without enough drawbacks, whenever you pick a fourth god, he/she could be hesitant to take you on as a worshiper since you're already serving three others and will require you to get double or triple everything for his/her quests. This seems really balanced, in my opinion. There is a lot of hassle involved, so it's not just something that everyone will go get, or use if they have it. You have to go on an adventure to get it. Your choice for your fourth god is EXTREMELY limited because of all the divine infighting. You can't just drop and pick up gods willy nilly, because your fourth will always be a lot of work. However, you get that sweet, sweet %20 extra exp on something. Your thoughts, radu? =) Jayim_Duinara [Edit: notice that I said 'takes a lot of work' not 'takes a lot of luck, or chance'. I don't mind slaving away for an obscene amounts of hours to reach a definite and absolutely certain goal, but I hate doing ANYTHING that's results are randomly generated; there isn't anyway to gauge your progress on something random, and you might NEVER get the right result]
  7. Problem with Gossip and email.

    I know that it used to work, because she used to send them to me before I quit the game last time. Just before I left, I told her to quit sending me email. Now I can't seem to get her to enable the notifications again. I've tried two different email addresses. Nothing.
  8. Problem with Gossip and email.

    Hello, For some reason, Gossip will not send any email to me. She won't notify me of special days, invasions, or any other options that she claims she can do. I've checked all of my spam filtering stuff, and nothing is getting filtered out. I've told her my email address and selected what I wanted her to send me. Nothing. Can anyone tell me what's wrong? I REALLY want to be notified of special days... Thank you, Jayim_Duinara
  9. EL Monopoly - The Bored game

    Heh, my sisters are always begging me to play monopoly with them. If there was an EL monopoly, I definitely would buy it (provided it was done well). I want to know radu's opinion of this. =)
  10. Testing maps for 1.90 update

    Okey dokey, I've updated my first post with coords!
  11. Testing maps for 1.90 update

    Jayim_Duinara, can you please post coordinates for the Tirnym past bugs? I really need coordinates to be able to fix stuff..the maps are huge so it will take me a very long time to try and fix bugs without coordinates Gah! I can't believe that I forgot you can get coords from the compass! How embarrassing.... When I get home from work, I'll update my findings... Sorry about that.
  12. Testing maps for 1.90 update

    Hello all, I've finished Group 4. Tirnym Naralik Grubani Tirnym The Tirnym/Whiteston entrance/exit is not working; you can exit Tirnym, but you cannot enter. Inside the Tirnym crypt, the 'magic fountain' visual effect is missing from the time portal. However, the portal still works. Everything else in Tirnym's present is working correctly. Tirnym's Past - there isn't any map for this area, so I'll have to give descriptions. You can enter and exit the cave temple of Aluwen in the past correctly (in modern Tirnym, it's the crypt). Except, when you click on the door to go back inside, you walk halfway around the building before the map changes. {the entrance is at 102,61 but your character walks until about 95,53} There is a cave in the middle of Tirnym that will let you back into the room you first appear in when you travel to the past. That cave works correctly, but the house right behind the cave will not let you enter. {94,122} The house directly across from the 'Hydra house' (a house with a statue of a Hydra inside) has a malfunctioning door inside. However, you can exit by rotating the camera so you can click on the 'back' of the door. {the exterior door is 58,139. The inside door, which is the one with the problem, is 474,558 on whatever map the insides are} The Tirnym Depository has the same problem. {56,171 exterior, 425,558 interior} There are three mountains 'floating' in the sky above the blocked path. (Seriously, please remove these. They've been there for the past several updates. They look really silly on an otherwise BEAUTIFULLY crafted map...) {60,177} The entrance/exit to the Isles of the Forgotten works correctly. You can enter the 'castle', but you cannot exit. {33,91 entrance -works fine-. 443,663 exit - doesn't work} The 'magic fountain' visual effect is missing from inside the castle. Without it, you don't know that there is a portal in the room and you'll think that you are trapped. However, the portal is still there and it does work. {451, 664 aprox.} Everything else in Tirnym's past works correctly. Naralik It appears that everything in Naralik is working correctly. Grubani The Grubani/Whitestone entrance/exit is not working. You can exit Grubani, but you cannot enter it. The Grubani/Portland boat works correctly. You cannot enter any buildings in Ywarstav. I don't know if this is normal or not. You can enter all of the huts in Omlinor, except the one at 289,98. I don't know if this is normal or not. Hope this helps. By the way, the new graphics are TOTALLY AWESOME!!! Jayim_Duinara Member of HOLY
  13. Pin Poll

    Hello all, I'm not really a ranger (despite the fact that I always wear an arrow for looks). I'm at ranging level 20 at the moment from quest experience. However, I really like the skill and when I have the time and gc, I plan on using it. Just for the logic of ranging (I know that real life logic doesn't usually fly ingame), have you ever heard of a deer stand for hunting? It makes sense that archers should find a spot where they are safe while their 'prey' isn't. Bethel Cliffs, some walls that you can climb, standing on a separate ice floe... they sound like good ideas. Now as to whether or not some specific animal should be vulnerable to this (dragons?) I have no comment. I trust the good judgment of the devs to do what is best for the game. Jayim_Duinara
  14. NPCs

    Please don't get discouraged from making quests and NPCs. =( You can see from the poll that most people really like the NPCs and I've heard almost nothing but good things about the quests (I've been working on doing them myself). Like I said in my last post, the depth that they add to the world is fantastic. Both my sister and I greatly appreciate the thought that has gone into the story they present. As for the quests... yes, I'd like a more organized quest log. I'd also like 15,000,000gc deposited straight into my storage. =D If anyone has the skill and the time to design a new one, I'd be dancing jigs of joy. If we get more NPCs and quests and have to live with the old quest log, I'd still be doing jigs of joy. You're doing a great job! I think people were just tossing out a suggestion (which should have been under the suggestion forum). If anyone WAS complaining, they need to remember that there wouldn't BE an Eternal Lands without the dedication and hard work that you and the other devs put into it. =D Thanks for the game! Jayim_Duinara EDIT: I see in the programming forum, that someone has already added something to separate questlogs for different characters.
  15. NPCs

    Hello all, I LOVE the new depth that has been added to Draia by way of inhabitants. Everytime I stumble across a new NPC, I'm like a kid who's been handed a bowl of candy. I selected the first option, because my sister has told me where a few NPCs are, so I went and hunted them down. Great work! Jayim_Duinara