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  1. Basic Details about Races

    Found site there a full elven name can be composed .. here is the adress: http://www.angelfire.com/rpg2/vortexshadow/names.html It even translates the meaning of the names And to demonstrate it .. I've disected Nuavaríon's name, hope you don't mind . It means something about Hopeful Father Lord, in that order (Nu-avar-íon) And to further demonstrate with what I meant that full elven names can be long .. I further fooled around with Nuavarion's name by adding a house name. ....... Nuavarion el'Melithmitore Try to type that 10 times quickly in a row without typos. el' you don't find on that page though, I think .. it means 'of' in elven. I leave the translation of the housename for you to try out. And here is another good resource site for you Elfplayers, The Cormathyr: http://myth-drannor.net/DlabraddathNet/z-C...home%20page.htm But remember that what definitions you find in the resourcesites, might not be the same as the definitions in EL. So I guess I've contributed enough help on naming characters .. knock yerself out.
  2. Basic Details about Races

    Cool being mentioned Howether .. I rhink it's Malin Bronzebringer .. unless he changed that
  3. Basic Details about Races

    Naming a character is upto anyone how they want .. but naming your character in some middleearth style helps alot then it comes to Roleplaying your characters. Here is some good resources on the Internet for naming your character: The everchanging book of names .. a very good shareware to generate about any kind of names. A very versatile tool indeed. Need to buy if want all features unlocked. A great resource and community site for you dwarfplayers out there. You'll find alot of inspiration about name generation and Roleplay there. My personal favorite. Use you own real name or any name (or just randomly scribble some letters after eachother) to seed a randomizer that comes up with names for several races from middleearth. I used it to generate my "Nalin Redhammer" ... And the fact that I used my own name to seed it, gives an acute sense that this is my character. Very easy to use .. just take advice, it's letter case sensitive.
  4. New server bug reports!

    My character got stuck on a tile in Isla Prima. The character is named Redhammer. .. The symptons are these: 1. Can't move from tile (neither by mousclick or [home]-button). But can sit-stand and turn around. 2. Every attempt to move out of the spot, I get the message: "You are attacked, you can't move 3. Can't beam away. Same reason as above, supposed to be under attacked. 4. I'm NOT under attack, the rabbit is dead for some time and nothing around to attack me 5. At several times, according to my client, the server resetted alot of times in a row. (My friend Fundin Thundertears, confirmed that according to his client, the server didn't) 6. After closing down the client, my character kept standing there. Yet again confirmed by my friend. Took a screenshot, but unless it's not asked for, I wont bother to apply it. --------------------------------------------------------------------- After that my friend Fundin told me that my character finally disappeared, I re-activated the client again. It seemed to solve the problem as I can move again. But this is still a bug to look into.
  5. Not much, Jimbob. Kinda like Strategi-genre games aswell. But it's the timeconsume in this case that can be costly. I guess you haven't played games like Archspace to know what I'm meaning. Lets see if I can make a good example. Your clan has fought a fierce battle against your rival guild, to gain control of a "powerpoint". You manages to drive them away, but not without loosing friends to the netherrealm, and good weapons the enemies took the opportunity to steal from your friends corpses. Howether, you drink you celebrate that you can have some extra perks in that map. You scatter to enjoy them, but as soon as you leave. A player from another guild moves in and claims the unguarded powerpoint. .. Back you have to rush again. And after some more annoying fighting, you decide to leave guards stationed .. hapless players that must stay put and a have a boring wait. .... And it doesn't end here: You go to sleep in RL. And login again the day after, just to find out that your rivals has reclaimed all powerpoints again, because during one or more periods every day, your guild is to week to defend your land. This concludes to ... What would the point with endlessly reclaiming lands be? ... And what would the privs be by owning a land here be? .. Taxes? Distributed where? .. Better prices at the NPC-stores? Well that could be doable, but would it be worth it? If you need to dominate a land, then just do it. You can always concentrate your members in the PK-maps you would like to inofficially claim as your turf. Like gangs claims the streets. It's really nothing that prevents you to do this already. .. So don't see why extra gamefeats must be brought in. .. Can't we players use what we got with some imagination? And about the share part .. Well it's just an idea I presented along with the renthouses. Several times a player in my presence comes up with this kind of idea, a shared guild-storage. .. About time someone brings it into the forums, so it can get a decent thought about.
  6. Ocle's Balancing Rants

    I also wants to object some ... Sorry Ocle No really, I do sincerely disagree on some points. Think about it .. is the ability to learn more in your real world constant? .. Well it ain't in my. The learning ability diminishes over the years, and even in the end you even have trouble keep what you have learned. And really, how much can you learn about how to drop a pickaxe on a stone? Repeated skills becomes so welltrained that they becomes a reflex, and at that point there is not much more to learn. .. And why should this game be so much different from the real world in these cases? Think about the gamebalance. What would the consequences of such change you ask for be? .. It will be practically impossible to catch up with those of higher levels. And what level are you really aiming at before you actually starts to play the game? How fun can it be to just walk around like a mindless robot, only collecting experience? What is the ultimate goal in this game, to be the dude that got higher stats? How boring. ... How about to start Roleplay a little and take the experience you learn over time you play. Duran and Lyanna has already given very good points about this.Some fantasyworlds it is like you want it .. magic without mass. But in this one they got mass. And for a very good reason, BALANCE. Think the essences like small pebbles, glassmarbles or that essence-charged characters gains temporarly weight in a magical way. Use your imagination here. ------------ But I can agree that the EM system could be a slight adjusted. Increase all EM relatively. I mean, An Ironsword that got the same mass as 2 leathergloves? Really? Is it very heavy leather we are using or is the iron surprisingly light? ... ehhm Well enough of my ranting :roll:
  7. Lunge-Knock/Push Feature

    I beg of Pardon if this idea already been brought up before .. but I can't seem find any topics containing this idea. A wellknown problem in this game, and most hated I too believe, is the friggin' pathway-blockers! .. Howether I know people already suggested wider planks on those ships (but what if we got 2 blockers?). Another idea is that we add a new action that allows players to knock eachother around, with a lunge and then push the other 1 square away. And this features comes with more good use too ... We could have BARFIGHTS too!!! But of course there is one badside of this .. ppl can knock others from their precious bags. But I guess they should pick a corner or somewhere they can't be knocked any direction. What do say people? .. I'm sure this function shouldn't be to hard to make. The [Home]-buttons one-step-forward could surely be used to make the coding less complicated. You know it's a great idea :wink:
  8. Lunge-Knock/Push Feature

    You were to quick for me Cicero .. posted while I wrote Well as long someone can toss the plankblockers into the sea
  9. Lunge-Knock/Push Feature

    A problem that could easely be worked around. Can't knock someone into an occupaid tile or a wall will make it easy for those who wishes to keep their goodies unstolen for themself. And a extra-rule could been added that people can't be knocked down from chairs, beds and so on.Or just do it like the PK-areas. Define which areas will allow push-arounds. But I really really like the idea of barfights that nessererly don't mean that someone has to die. And I think the Mods would love to not have to drop everything they do everytime a moron pulls a pathblock-trick. ... Or do they not? Can't speak for what they would like.
  10. I'm totally against the ideas taht guilds/clans can take lands from eachother .. the game would become more about war and tactics, and the Roleplay will suffer. AND the idea that your guild can loose influence and stuff while you are offline *shivers* .. reminds me of Archspace and the councilwars there. Sleepless nights I say!! Howether, guildhouses sounds very cool. How about this for an idea. A guild can RENT a house for a day. Can add a guild command like, #Rent_house (any house for rent). And this will cost alot of ingamecoins, but it will prevent outsiders to get inside this rent-house for a time. (And yes, you should need a high rank in your guild to do this command). Now you surely wonders .. if it's a guild-command .. who will pay? Here enters my next idea ... a shared guildstorage there members can donate resources, items or money if they wish. Example: Member A has mined alot of coal and iron, but got to low Alchemy. And instead of selling it, if wishes, donate it to the guildstorage instead. Because member B can make bars, but got bad harvest. Member A that also got high manufacture, later discovers that someone has made bars of his iron and coal .. overjoyed member A starts to make items for the guild. And another exmaple .. Guildleader sees that the guild has got rich, rents a house by the #rent_house command (money deducts from the guildstorage) , and then #gm all members "We are rich, good work lads. Party at that house!! You sure earned it!" Well enough talking. Anyone sees any flaws in these ideas?
  11. History of the lands: final edit

    I was reffering to the events at the valley of the dwarfs. You wrote that the dwarfs didn't participate in the war here ... but there they had no choice to fight. And that's at the beggining of the war. But maybe they took place on different times, like WW1 and WW2? ... Help me, I'm confused
  12. Weapons

    I see were FreeZy is headed at, and I can't agree more. As far as I know there is only 2 types of weapons (staffs excluded), hammer and sword. (if there is more; guess I have more to explore still) We should add axes, and 2-handed versions of the three types. And for god sake balance. There should not be 1 weapon to outmatch them all. I play a dwarf for an instance .. I shouldn't feel that I have to wield a sword, if I want the best weapon. I should be able to choose a serpent WarAxe and still feel that my weapon isn't worser than that serpent sword. And vice-versa .. the noble human shouldn't feel that his serpent sword is worse than the barbaric Serpent WarAxe. Even if their properties is slight different. ..... I DON'T FEEL THAT I HAVE ANY CHOICE OF MY OWN It's way to onesided as it is now .. please, more variety .. I'm sure there's many out there who shares the same thoughts as I. --- Edited some typos ----
  13. History of the lands: final edit

    Great Story!! .. But howether, this great War. Doesn't it come in conflict with Tumaros version? Or is this about some earlier great war?
  14. Guild for Dwarfs - Order of the OX

    Looks like there where already a thread for this: http://host115.ipowerweb.com/~eternal-/php...der=asc&start=0 I recommend this reading.
  15. Guild for Dwarfs - Order of the OX

    A new member of the OX-clan approached me with the question: Where from does the dwarfs comes from. It was then it suddenly hit me that, the dwarfhistory only reaches back to Mynadar. Where did the EL-dwarfs origin from. Did they evolve from some ancient elder race .. or did a godly entity craft them out of rock and Iron. Dwarfs is known for buildin' awsome halls within mountains in general. But Mynadar is just a Miners village out in the open land. It can't be the first city ever built by dwarfs. And since the OX clan so far is the only dwarfclan in EL, it would be fair to discuss it in here. ----------------------------------------------- The attack that crumbled the dwarfs precious Mynadar, also destroyed the many tomes where the dwarfs has been recording their history. Left is only the stories that the elder dwarfs passes on to the young dwarflings .. and as the years passes, this knowledge becomes more and more like tales and legends ... the legend of the dwarfland. Or as they call it among themself, Khazdûn.
  16. Dwarf Muskets

    The Cannons made debute in europe much earlier than you think. It wouldn't surprise me that they, at some point, were used by the crusaders in Israel. And a matter of fact, the "boltrifle" wasn't that farfetched. 1 of the first forms of cannons was a small one that shot away bolts like the crossbow. So I suggest that before bringing in RL-history in discussion like this, do a checkup before making statement (use something called Internet for an instance). It has been hard for simple cannons to make debute in RPG-Fantasy (Only seen them in WoW and Arcanum so far). I personally believe that it's the magickusers that keeps supressing it. Think about it .. by Gods, a non-magick user might actually get a better chance against their supremacy. :shock: I can understand that the cannons and firearms might never enter EL, but at least bows and crossbows. It exists in EL .. I have read the historical Epic stories about the numerous Wars of EL. There is bows in them. But it's all up to Enttropy, Roja and the others good programmers that I hasn't learned the names of yet, up to them if they will take the challenge of writing that extra code needed to make it work properly. ----- Adding ---- Oh yeah .. then I think of it now in second hand .. I think I saw some dwarven cannons in RS too. And the FF series, well the later ones at least, had some forms of firearms too, but don't know if we can classify them as medieval. that makes now at least 3 medieval RPG-Fantasy games that has introduced some forms of firearms. Actually .. the firearms is spreading more and more into the Fantasy-RPG games. ... Beware ---- fixed some nasty typos ----
  17. Compress the value of gold

    Here's an idea; Introduce coppercoins. 1 platina = 1 000 gold = 1 000 000 copper Replace all goldcoins in the game with coppercoins; be it so in the coins in players pockets or storage, and do the same thing to the prices of items in the NPC-stores. Do the same thing with the platinas, replace them with the goldcoins. It all would start to make sense then.
  18. Potions

    Looks like Scartissue was faster than me to bring that idea up .. but I confess that I'm a wee late .. right? Just like he said, a poison that could be smeared onto your weapon to add some nasty effect on the first 2-3 attacks (needs to put more poison after that). And there could be more than 1 poison. 1 poison that affects your ability to fend for your life, and 1 that slowly removes health, til either their death or til a certain amount has been deducted. But there is a potion Scar didn't mention .. THE ANTIDOTE If there is poisons .. there must be some sort of antidote. I believe that 1 of the snakes is poisonous. And yes .. if adding these poisons, do put the antidote on lower level than the poisons, please.