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  1. Rings

    Lets have rings. *Fight rings=They could have stats like +2 armor, +2 def, 2+ acc,+2 dmg *Regeneration rings=+1health every minute, +1mana every minute U could wear 2 rings, 1 at each hand that would mean there must be 10 instead of 8 equip slots.
  2. Where do you get your signature from?

    sunny_moon his english is hilarious when you're talking to him
  3. How many games do you play?

    On X-boX -------------- FIFA 2005 Tony Hawk UnderGround 2 Halo 2 Worms: Forts Under Siege GTA Vice City LOTR: The Third Age On PC -------------- Conquer online World Of Warcraft Age Of Mythology Rome: Total War Sacred Quake 3 arena
  4. Terri Schiavo

    i ment it like, this man paid hospitality costs for 15 years now, he practically has to work for the woman alone and all he gets is a dumb (no offence, its just like that) look back, for 15 years now. The man aint that rich, you know? And when they remove the feeding tube, she will die because she can't eat by herself... actually, she can't do anything by herself... whats the point of life if you can't do anything? Help the woman and get her out of her misery
  5. Terri Schiavo

    yes, she lives like a plant, and her husband pays hospitality costs for 15 years now, any idea how expensive?
  6. What song are you listening to?

    Sublime ~ Seed
  7. Simpsons

    http://www.i-am-bored.com/bored_link.cfm?link_id=8383 LOL sneezed lemonade all over my computer when i heard this
  8. Another try at getting the market right

    *sigh* why do you bump topics after 3 minutes, even if you did that in 3 days the topic would be on top of the list <_<
  9. 1337

    33p, 71m3 70 bump 7h15 70p1c, cuz 17 15 63771n6 0|d 4nd n00n3 w4n75 7h15 70p1c 70 b3 f0r60773n ...
  10. Eternal landish

    373rn4| |4nd15h 5p34k? n3v3r h34rd 0f 7h47
  11. =P CO Lair was Raided

    Aitrus you noob who gets .bmp files online :lol: save them as .jpg or so
  12. Great War Chapter III

    if theres room sign me up for blue
  13. Song game...

    Run to the hills - Iron maiden
  14. doom and masters capes

    Doom = black cloak master = grey cloak gone now
  15. Song game...

    UP and down - Vengaboys :lol:
  16. My gaming forum!

    And order of the ox moved to WoW :lol:
  17. Elise

    what SKA said
  18. Newbie

    Nope, unless you're in multiple PK area, then everyone can attack you.
  19. Signature length

    I want to reply to that, but i think it wouldn't be allowed cuz this isn't in flames
  20. Signature length

    Changed my sig too, it was way shorter than before, still doesnt work <_<
  21. I Will B Back!

    OMG Its Astonboy Welcome back
  22. Adios EL

  23. Just for fun......

    guess my name <_<