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  1. Euro 2004

    err, 2-2, after overtime 3-3, and penalties 10-9 for Portugal
  2. Euro 2004

    *cough* NOT *cough*
  3. oooh those last 2 ideas are the best in months! :wink:
  4. More weapons

    that would be evil
  5. AoE Recruiting

    NL is inactive.
  6. Great War Chapter II

    read his post shasso, ppl would cheat...
  7. mercury

    Yeah let's make sigils harvestable too anitsocial can buy sigils :wink:
  8. On the Euro, Bagers, and soccer

  9. Crafting...

    well, if ur going to trade sand papers,how do u notice how many times its used?
  10. Real Life Names...

    El Name: ___JenS___ Real Name: Jens (surprise ) Age: 14 Job: terrorising the teachers :wink: Status: single
  11. Mario Vs. Sonic

    Sonic till the end :lol:
  12. your mom is so fat when she wears a yellow dress, the children think the schoolbus is there
  13. Jens

  14. what are youll listening to right now?`

    Iron Maiden - The Number Of The Beast
  15. Am I banned or is the server down

    com'on ppl be nice, this isnt flame forum...

    rabbits drop leather? funny...
  17. Halo any1?

    i play halo a lot, but i need a second player, otherwise i cant play on legendary
  18. The SMEGS

    Krazy isnt a smegger anymore
  19. ban

    ban me for 2 days in the game plz, i would like to pass my tests :oops: name: ___JenS___
  20. Nederlander si teh banned

    maybe a solution for bridgeblockers in a nice way= if a person stands 3min on the same place near a bridge, tp him to beam
  21. Banned Michalek

    but i ask it with no flaming
  22. ban

    k that was me ofcourse :? srr for the typos