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  1. How were your first days of EL ?

    My first day was at EL's birthday, i got lost and wandered to FOTF and found a nice titanium chainmail in a bag
  2. Hawking

    like in Wow...
  3. *snivel* I want to harvest cactus like the old times :'(
  4. Back to the old days! Bakart and ebul grandma who made u slaughter bunnys etc. And potion maker cloak *sigh i miss it and i refuse to wear MM*, and fighter cloak, harvester cloak, etc etc...
  5. Word association

  6. 1000 Threads!

    *grabs the bottle champagne and celebrates*
  7. Roja

  8. Hoaxer is quiting

    will miss ya kingmichael
  9. Wacky racers!

    *thinks Hazor wins*
  10. Platyna

    plat will you just stfu and leave like you told a hundred times
  11. Wacky racers!

    Oow yeah carnival time :lol:
  12. EL: An economy of Inflation

    i want nen duvel too <_<
  13. Wacky racers!

    http://www.photobucket.com get a free account and upload any pictures u want
  14. Wacky racers!

    [ i m g ] link here [ /i m g ] without spaces
  15. The delay sucks ass back to the days where u couldnt fail
  16. Better fighting exp

    Fighting in el simply sucks, in every other game fighting with a sword is much better, so i suggest to get xp for a kill, not for the hits u avoid or land on the target
  17. Shadowfax and Bipolar

    Hey i was a smeg once i didnt see bipolar for a very long time (not after big crash actually) shadowfax is on now and then
  18. Wacky racers!

    photobucket is down
  19. Hattrick

    I play, 'De Stekskes' in belgium
  20. Wacky racers!

    Lmao great idea satan (dont laugh with my car, i never worked with mapeditor :lol: )
  21. Word association

  22. Platyna

    Eep this all sounds like a cheap soap :lol:
  23. Word association