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    Um i would like to say C bob
  1. Too Many Bag Jumpers

    the thing about pking any where is pointless. U would have spme dickhead just pking a noob for no reason
  2. Too Many Bag Jumpers

    ok waht was the last post all about
  3. Too Many Bag Jumpers

    i may look dumb but aint i no its just beacuse i had 80emu 60 was took up & he was trading with me. So i droped my stuff to trade then el crashed on me
  4. Too Many Bag Jumpers

    well my game crashed stupid pc & when i logged on he was over my bag with no cape plus we were trading & i just reset & moonshadow naughty naughty
  5. Too Many Bag Jumpers

    zabber jsut bag jumped me with my 4500gc cape in my client crashed & when i loged back in he was on my bag. the cape was missing & he said some1 gave it to him right.
  6. Parting Is Such Sweet Sorrow...

    no lv who will up hold the law like a mad man that u r . At least we have a bit more offtopic in the newb channel
  7. Server Down?

    thanks for reminding me logging off now. But we just have to expect things like this its only beta after all
  8. Server Down?

    god damn it but we cant complain things liek this happen
  9. Server Down?

    god damn it i was making 520 fire essences lets up it gets up & running asap
  10. Enriched Essences Selling Price

    soz move this asap then plz soz about that again i wasnt too sure what to put it in. What about the other essences like life & magic
  11. Please Hurry

    can i add if u keep poasting u might never get unbanned so listen to music or something tv si laways good just dont spam our forums
  12. Enriched Essences Selling Price

    can some 1 tell me what r the selling prices for the enriched essences plz
  13. If You Want To Have A Bot

    it dont work!!!!!!!!!!!
  14. Please Can I Be Unbanned

    if they dont do it again then im fine with it & sya there sorry to the people they abuse(ddint know what word to use)