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  1. Should I Marry Japan?

    lol you are all nutz *thinking, "each and every one of yous " not including me
  2. Lvl 100 Reached!

    eh tropi pls edit that outa ur post
  3. Time To Show Of My..umm...your Desktops...

    hey guys, since this topic has been, "revisited", here's the site of a really cool program I used to use. Only problem last I used it is that it is killer on resources (depending which theme you use). Although if you have a descent computer and want to try a nice 3d desktop check it out. http://www.3dna.net/ i really think it's da bomb .. not really sure why i stoped using it ... maybe i wanted the paid version too much and didn't really want a cracked version as for my home desktop I'm not on my comp atm so I don't have a pic of it. I also have auston desktop installed too (i think it's still there). Maybe if I had more ppl around that house that cared, I would use it more to show off lol
  4. Lvl 100 Reached!

    Fresh air .. pishaaaa.... like who in this world really needs fresh air I could sit in front of my computer for days and days ... as long as it gives me an excuse to not do school work anyway I'm going outside
  5. Why banned?

    imagine if someone didn't know how to spell dictionary, then how in the world would they ever get to that site :edit: I have an idea, that book, you know the one with all the letters, the one that has been collecting dust in the attic for the past 10 years; I don't have an attic /: well not a finished one at least 'I guess the book was put up there by accident' :edit:
  6. Guest Accounts

    I really have to ask, how much does this forum really need guest accounts? I'm getting really tired of people showing up on the banned portion of this forum as 5+ different guest logins. Is there a problem in just allowing registered accounts to post and guest accounts to only read? and if someone is going to say there is no way to stop someone from making a million actual account, can't someone find a way to limit those, or a method to prevent someone from making too many accounts in one area at a time? hope that makes sence.. ciao!
  7. Medoulions

    haha i wasen't going to say anything but i guess lv descided too
  8. Medoulions

    i mostly use moon, i can really use the accuracy bonus it gives due to my low coord.
  9. Banned

    all faith in ember hehe, *reminds himself not to type it in* although you so know there will be a time when I will after a really long and fustrating school day. Actually i have one in 2 days, erm, and tomorrow is hell too, crap and my b-day is soon, doh and I have an assignment and test right after it too <_< am i wong in wishing that the next 2 weeks go away, even if it does involve me missing out on some gifts
  10. Lvl 100 Reached!

    lol satan ur so confusing oh and gratzy dully, although i said that in the guild forum heh
  11. Banned

    i tried the command a week ago when i was fustrated with scentri ... didn't exactly do anything. I could have misspelt it but if I did it was misspelt 5 different times all in different forms. ie. #kill_me yes #killme yes #kill me yes #killme #kill_me and heck maybe i even tried, #kill me
  12. Y Am I Banned Again! I Did Nothing!

    yo man other than the fact that it's not hard to keep yourself off a bridge, beam or watch were you are going or just close the game quick. alt + x is all it takes. Ent seems to be trying to take a break from this portion of the game for a while, so get used to dealing with the other bad ass mods/admins here. Seems learner says he already gave you a second chance, and maybe you are hoping the savior ent is going to come save you, I really don't know, but if you have done this multiple times it will be pure luck if you get unbanned again. sry for comming off harsh but it's the truth, I've dealt with enough people blocking bridges for money (not saying you are one of those) that I am at the point were I believe all players can avoid doing it; even by accident.
  13. Grrr I Hate Tankel!

    mind if i ask. This problem you found is it going to make it easier or harder to reapir these items once fixed?
  14. Haha, i should be working on an assignment and instead i'm sitting reading the el forum, haha , fun fun This is gonna kill me tomorrow as i'll be skipping my tutorials to finish it lol hey anyone else a big procrastinator like me :lol:
  15. Screw You Guys, I'm Going Home!

    Break down of el players: -All descent/ dedicated players are lazy and shy (which means commenting on the game is too much work for them unless it's really important to) -Newbs that have an account on the el forum bitch and whine because well ... that's what newbs do. -Descent people that either don't play the game as much or play it in the backgrounds make their voice heard only when they feel they have to (kinda like those lazy dedicated ones ) In general, you mostly hear from complainers because most people whose opinions matter don't think that you need compliments, although they do appreciate everything (maybe they think you are god,,, and well you don't want people to warship you,... or do you?) anyway, confused post, by a tired boy